22630 Three Notch Rd, California
(301) 863-6876

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Bk Thornwell

Great shop, quick service, fresh foodParking: Ample parking

Brandi Corbridge

The service was fast and good at the store but when I got home there was so much salt on my sandwich I couldn't eat it. Called to complain and Zach simply told he likes salt so he didn't think it was a problem. Ask to speak to the manager and he said he wasn't available. So disrespectful no one cared that I paid for a sandwich I couldn't eat! I won't be going back!

Zac Meier

Good service great food

Jeannette Bennaugh

I'm pretty happy with this location some of them are not to my liking need some training on cleanliness for instance don't pull trash or mop the floor an put on gloves an not wash your hands I have had to leave because of that an the employee will ask can I help u an I say u not going to wash your hands an there reply is I have on gloves my hands not touching your bread OMG


First time a subway worker asked me for a tip, to make my sandwich in store.We at the point where grocery baggers, are about to ask for tips. I'm like "tip? Umm extra cheese please?" USA tip culture getting crazy. Tips is for great service, Subway making a sandwich is a base function.What kind of tip should you give to someone just making a sandwich? Should I have asked to walk behind the counter and make it myself? Feels like panhandling.

Julia Bulia

Woman who waited on me was extremely rude. She yelled at me because I said I didn’t want my bread toasted. She actually made me cry in the car on the way home! Never going back to that location.

Chris McKay

Incredibly rude staff. We were the only customers in the store and the staff seemed annoyed that we even came in. While making the sandwiches the two staff members were asking what toppings we wanted on the sandwiches at the same time. When we asked to do one sandwich at a time so they didn't get confused, one of the staff members snorted and walked away to the back and turned her obnoxious music up really loud. Sure enough, our order consisting of three sandwiches and one protein bowl was in fact wrong when we started to eat. I don't know how this location stays in business. We won't be going there again. Skip them and go to another location.


Staff is rude! I’ve called management in regards to the concerns and nothing has changed. The alleged manager that works in the store is the worst of them all. She is very unprofessional, rude, doesn’t seem to understand the concept of customer service. It seems like staffing needs to be retrained or there needs to be some rearranging with staffing.

Yaoi is Life

The ladies working were extremely rude. And I got to the store a little early for my curbside pick up and the lady had the audacity to yell at me that I needed to wait if I had a curbside.. like the sandwich was done and everything sitting on the counter and she still yelled at me about it.

Chris Parris

So-So. Good for a quick lunch. I usually get salad. I like they will chop it up for you. They forget my salad dressing on the side, but that is my fault for not checking the bag.

Eugene Parker

Food stays fresh and delicious and great fast service hands down!

Maura Maund

Have come here a few times now and the building is always clean, the staff is always cheerful and courteous, and it's been a pleasant encounter each time.

Cleona Stevenson

Subway is very good. Love their sub's.

Jinxey Royal

Love their tuna

James Fox

Its subway. If you like it you already know what you're in for.not trying to sound negative. Their food is good. It's just subway. Nothing special about it.

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