Tap House 1637

23418 Three Notch Rd, California
(301) 862-3166

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Peggy Wunderly

We needed a place to have my son's rehearsal dinner. There were not a lot of options available in the timeframe we needed, and the budget we had decided on. I had never been to the Taphouse (I live in CA), but my son had, and thought that it might work. We are so thankful that we landed here. The private room was the perfect size for our group of 42, and lent itself to the atmosphere we wanted to have for our guests, who ranged from 1 - 88 years old! Our server was fantastic (I wish I can remember her name), and the owner, Sunny, and his crew kept the buffet full! The whole experience put a smile on all our faces. Thank you Sunny, for letting us set-up early, and for giving our event everything we needed to be successful!

Thomas Kerrick

I've been to the Tap House twice and am super impressed. Service is good, food is great and the beer selection big. The Chicken Makhni Naan Pizza is very good and the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza is one of the best by that name I've ever had. The Crab Dip Appetizer is addictive. I will definitely be back to try more of the menu.Food: 5/5


What a great venue to host a rehearsal dinner. The staff helping us were so friendly and accommodating. Thank you Tap House for allowing us to host our event. Your food and drinks were top notch

Brandon Cabbell

Great place. I went at night and didn't get food but I did see those wings and wow they looked and smelled amazing. What was a pleasure was the atmosphere. We went and saw a local band play. We gor there and it was packed. But the seating and spacing was good enough to accommodate. My ONLY issue. Was they really need more bar tenders on heavy nights. Now on to the couple bar tenders they had. They were like chick fil a drive thru. The line could be long but it moves faster than a ln empty McDonald's line. These bar tenders knocked it out of the park. And they had someone assist taking orders on a handheld in the bar proximity and would bring your drinks shortly after. This made up for the number of staff behind the bar. However. The bar seats full. There's no real spot to go to walk up and order. At the same time. That small space there was. Didn't get too crowded because of the great bar tenders and the assist from the foot soldier taking orders.Outside is a nice sitting area with some heaters and fire pits.I like nice bars. I'm picky. Some people like hole in the walls. I don't. This place rocked.

Christopher Alion

If you like beer and especially IPAs you'll enjoy this place. Went there on Tuesday Taco Night and tacos were excellent. Highly recommend!

Karen Garner

Gathered with friends after a movie. Knowledgeable server made great suggestions. Wonderful cocktails. The only drawback were two flickering ceiling lights - very distracting and headache inducing.

Lacey Jones

Great place! We went here for comedy night a week ago and it was a good time! It was packed but staff and servers were friendly and on point with bringing drinks/food. Also very accommodating when needing a few extra chairs at our table! Show was great too! Will definitely be back!

Gary Wilson

If you visit this place make sure you pay in cash. Their is system messed up in their card transaction process. Paid my bill on Sunday with my debt card, Tuesday it cleared the pending status and was paid, and Wednesday I was charged again. This happened to a couple of people in the group I was with. They claim that this only happens with Navy Fed and PNC and they work normally 99.9% of the time. and it just a hold the bank puts on the card like at a car rental place. Never had happen to anywhere else, just seems scamming to me. The food not bad and the drinks aren’t bad either just bring cash so you don’t become the 0.01%, because I will not be going back and neither will my group.

Nicholas Cahill

Best buffalo wings in southern Maryland. Best bets on tap and in can in southern Maryland. Highly recommend. Sonny and his staff are friendly and accommodating.Vegetarian options: Great vegetarian options like Indian fare and bar food like pretzels.

Barry B

The beer was good and the food was excellent. The service was also on point. Recommend the Taphouse burger. We will definitely be back!

Rocky McCumbee

They recently added a game room with two pinball machines to the great delight of the local pinball club. Games are in great shape and set up correctly. The game room has serious potential to continue to grow moving forward.

Deanna Duffy

Pretty amazing beer and food. Their nachos are definitely enough for 3 people and their beer is always on rotation.

Daniel Trejo

Largest discriminator here is they serve tap beer in glasses that are not refrigerated. So, if you're one of those that likes their beer to be served at much cooler temperatures this is not the place to visit.

Audrey B.

The most horrendous parking lot negates almost everything except the bathrooms. Most doors don't lock, either because lock is missing or just doesn't align. #awful. Many toilets run non stop. In one evening I personally fixed 3 either running nonstop or stuck and needed chain reconnected. Sad state of affairs, fix it!!!

Mike Ehrenstrom

Great beer selection and food was fantastic. Curry fries were awesome as well! Must try them!

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