Wildewood Pastry Shop

23415 Three Notch Rd #2031, California
(301) 862-4177

Recent Reviews

Vincent Kurc

Love the cannoli cake. They have tons of stuff there, but I ordered cherry pie, apple pie, and a cannoli cake. Pies were good everything they should be, but the cannoli cake was the best. Pictures of cannoli cake and cherry pie.

Virginia Wallace

Thanks so much for making our first visit to the shop absolutely delightful! So far, we have enjoyed the breads and all he scrumptious sweet treats. We look forward to visiting again sometime soon!


Do NOT get the Cannolis, because they are NOT Cannolis. Got a 1/2 dozen very small (2 bites) sized "Cannolis" at $2.95 each. They were not filled with Cannoli cream. Enough said - you can't sell a Cannoli shell, and fill it with butter cream icing and call it a Cannoli. I pretty much never write these reviews, but I'm really ticked off - very expensive for the size and not even a Cannoli - flat out rip off. Bought these for guests since they'd never had before - had to explain how they were not right. There are several other reviews with similar complaints - who would expect this? Premium priced shop that seems to be resting on their laurels and going downhill - won't be back...

Mariah DCafe

Lovely pastry shop that had exactly what I needed for a big birthday party. The cakes were absolutely delicious! We got a chocolate mousse and a strawberry mousse cake. Everyone loved them. They were delicious. Very helpful staff. We will be back.

Daniel Motamed

If you are looking for tasty European pastries, look no further. This place is a hidden gem in SoMD. Tiramisu, wow! Opera cake, yumm. Pies, as fresh and delicious as they come. Buttery shortbread cookie varieties,... bring that tea please. Since 1993 I have been a customer and I am happy we still have them operating in our area.

Nina Mastro

Had a special cake made for a milestone birthday and it was delicious and absolutely gorgeous they did an excellent job. And because it was on the weekend we had horrible weather they were very understanding about the need to change our pickup time.

M.N. A.

Hours of operation limited so you can't go in before or after normal working hours. Cookies were good but brownie stale as cardboard. Definitely not worth the hassle. Would not recommend this place at all.

Lauren Figueredo

We love Wildewood Pastry Shop. We ordered a custom cake for my son’s birthday party in December of last year and it was absolutely perfect. It turned out amazing and tasted great. I felt the price was really fair and it was a huge hit with our guests. Everything we’ve purchased (from cookies to pastries to cakes) has been absolutely delicious. The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is that the hours are slightly inconvenient. 4pm closing time is just a bit difficult because you have to go in person to order custom cakes which requires taking off work a few hours early to get there to order it. Otherwise, this place is phenomenal!

Amy Lawlor

Such a cute bakery with friendly, helpful employees! I got a caramel surprise (I think that’s what it was called), an Oreo cupcake, a no bake cheesecake, a dark chocolate caramel seasalt truffle and the white wedding truffle. The caramel cake was the most delicious, decadent dessert I’ve every had, absolutely incredible and I HIGHLY recommend! My son loved his cupcake and truffle and my partner loved the cheesecake. This bakery is about 45 minutes away from my house, I will definitely be making the trip to come here again!

Marge Thornton

Where to begin ? !!!Wonderful pastries. Beautifully finished and presented. So delicious!Definitely great quality.Highly recommend!!!

Jala Kidd

Nice selection of goods and staff was very friendly. The cookies are good but nothing exceptional, same with the strawberry cheesecake. The eclair was our favorite!

tanya s

We bought strawberry rhubarb pie, since we loved the shop last yr. Utterly disappointing. It was 95% jam, with almost no fruit (even though its in season) with very little flavor. We'll probably end up throwing over half of it away. For the price we paid I would expect at least DC B worthy pie, and this failed even that. Next yr we will be skipping it.

Felicia Drury

In September 2020 I tried to place a cake order for my daughter's 16th birthday. From September 8th to the 20th I communicated with them just to be ignored and, I'm starting to think, lied to.I emailed several times. The first email I sent was Sept. 8th which was a Tuesday. I didn't receive a response until 3 days later on Friday Sept. 11th. My communication via email and phone continued with them until September 20th when I gave up. I was told to call to place my order after receiving a quote through email. Nobody answered several times. I then emailed again letting them know this. They responded stating they only had 1 phone line and that they were super busy. They said that they would call me the next day to take my order. They did not. I never heard from them.Days later I eventually got lucky and somebody answered. I tried to place my order but the person who answered said they didn't think they were doing what they called "3D cakes" (a cake with elaborate decorations which I described in detail) anymore so they would have to call me back once they confirmed this. What a surprise, they did not call me back. I eventually found somebody else to do the cake. (Which wasn't hard to find as this was not anything unusual, as far as cakes go, that I was asking for)I'm not as upset about the bad communication and disappointment of them possibly not being able to do the cake as I am about the many cakes that I've seen them post on Facebook since that day that are clearly 3D cakes. So, not only did I not get a call back (twice!), but I was clearly misinformed.I should have written this review a lot sooner, however, I tried to let it go as I had never had a bad experience with them prior to this. Each time I see another "3D cake" in my Facebook feed, I am reminded of this experience and just can't let it go.

Theresa Alvarez

My first Cannoli Cake from Wildewood Pastry Shop didnt disappoint! Looks so fancy and taste oh so yummy! Made my friends day with this fabulous cake. thank you

DS Houtz

Hit or miss place.Been going there for close to two decades. They do a quite a number of things well, some even excellently, but I've been disappointed regularly by their inability to show even a modicum of lateral thinking ability and recently its even turned to me feeling like I should feel privileged to be permitted to make purchase there. This mindset is especially troubling since they've typically had great and friendly staff.Guess not so much so recently.

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