Happy Hour Panaderia

6400 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville
(443) 955-4415

Recent Reviews

Ireen Aktar

Their tres leches cake was incredibly delicious, we got it for my daugter's birthday. The staffs are friendly and helpful.

laiba hamayun

The bread and the cake taste amazing there i used be a regular customer there but after this horrific experience with their staff I'm never going back there. The staff is just so rude and as for their manager i suggest you don't talk to him cuz he will simply yell at you. I hate this place because of their staff.

Ruth Fernandez

I like some of the breads. No mush the Spanish bread. I hope they improve thsi area. But the 3 leches, Tiramisu, The Asian bread ? are excellent. Really yummy. That's my favorite.All the staff was really friendly and the place is always clean.

Avinash Bridglal

So 1st i do not post reviews barely at all unless a place truly is worth a bad review or good review, this place is overpriced as you can see on receipt, $5 for a slice of cake and the tres leches was clearly made previous days or badly made, it was dry and barely moist like a good tres leches would be, i bought a tiramisu slice and the mascapone or whatever they used was clearly going old and was also dry and could barely taste any coffee in the cake just on the top where it was dusted, also if you aren't spanish you get ignored for a good 2 minutes now i get i am a indian guy who speaks english but atleast acknowledge me when i enter or something, there were 2 people at the counter one on the phone thats ok but the other young girl walked away ignored me, anyway the free market will take care of this place either it will sink or you guys read this and improve or a future customer reads this and avoids this place and make your own tres leches probably gonna be better anyways even if its your 1st time baking, Have a great day.

Farwa Murtaza

I ordered a cake on phone and send the lady a picture of what I want in writing she was very patient that she attended every time I called as i’m a mother of two little kiddos just too much going on with a Birthday surprise for my husband . Cake was very soft & tasty 12 inches size was very good in campare to what they charged everybody loved it esp my Husband ??

Meem Patwary

I always buy cakes from them but today i got hair and don’t understand the other small white stuff… very disappointing

Minhaj Tahir

Very happy with their customer service! Was able to get last minute custom birthday cake!

yani pagan

This place was a little unexpected surprise. I stop at this place to give it a try after I dropped off a package near by. Arrived a little late in the afternoon, grabbed three items to taste. It appears the bakery is directed toward the Latin American bakery products. I tried the French bread, it was warm, soft and fresh… very similar to the bread that you can find in Puerto Rico that is a plus for me. So this is the spot if you want a nice piece of bread for breakfast or your “cafe de las 3:00pm”. Just the bread has 5 stars. I tried the conchas for the first time and it was delicious. I don’t have anything to compare or I can’t say it is the real Mexican deal because again, it was my first time. The tres leches cake was a trip to the moon and back AMAZING! No too sweet, very moist at the same consistency throughout all the cake.I did not see much variety but it was the end of the day. Highly recommended place for you bakery needs. The cashiers or owners were very nice. They thank me with a big smile!!

Beni Davis

I love it here. This is my go-to place to buy my favorite cakes.

Jeanette Williams

My absolute favorite bakery. The rolls are extra delicious, soft inside and crusty outside. Try the sweets, tasty without being super sweet. Just right for a treat.

Charlie Jalima

They sell nice breads but I saw guy working On the back using his hairy bare hand all the way to shoulder to mix the ingredients without gloves and most of the employ handle bread and cake without gloves

Bharath Reddy

The Front desk person is very very rude.He need to change his way of talking to customers,Never ever to this store, Just because of him.

LuCkY PaNdIt

Awesome cakes

Maria Lozano

Mexican Sweet bread , fresh out of the oven.

Jared S.

Best bakery in town! Got some baguettes to make banh mi and they were super fresh and tasty. I'll be back soon!

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