Toots Bar

23971 Mervell Dean Rd, Hollywood
(301) 373-2955

Recent Reviews

Mark Leishear

Standing there showed an ID. They wanted my driver's license instead! They knew me and Mrs Claus were generations old enough to drink. My bald head a 7 inch white beard wasn't good enough. No beef, we left. But every person deserves respect and dignity. Engaging in bullying and harassment violates fundamental human rights. How does me showing an ID hinder underage drinking/purchasing? Flashing it is one thing! But walking off with it, so much information besides my birthday is on that card. I'm not comfortable sharing with some of my own family. Much less a place that reminds me of Rosey's. Good luck!

John Falconer

Awesome bar, we totally enjoyed our time there!

Service: 5

William Brower

Went to see Twist of Fate. Was a good time.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 4

Service: 4

Andrew Johnston

Been here 4 times (for now). Always amazing music on Fridays. I'll be going here for a while!

Rob C.

Always a good time, cheap drinks and down to earth people. No food, but accepts deliveries and plenty of table to enjoy on a weekday night. Weekends pretty packed so dine beforehand.

Frank Overby

Such a fun atmosphere! Love when the outside is open

Patrick Young

Came here and enjoyed it, but felt slightly out of my element as a non-biker.

Timothy Haut

A redneck biker bar, my kind of place.

Tim Madison

Motorcycle friendly will have bands from time to time cool place to hang our for a cold adult beverage

Kathy Stone

Michelle is the best bartender and awesome with customer service ☺️

Korey Hunter

This is a nice drinking establishment. Cool outdoor bar area plus, live music. What else do you need?

Chaz Pugliese

Cold beer and chill atmosphere

Aubeck Productions

Great music, good drinks. Great service and friendly helpful staff

Fred Nehring

I have stop in whenever I am in town. Great place to unwind with some live music and a lively crowd.

Vickie Spaulding

Always a blast when with Dezi & Josh.

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