40824 Merchants Ln, Leonardtown
(301) 997-1052

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Sauceking Robert

Beef an Cheddar could be better!! But still dripping on the fatboys sweater!! Wash it down with a coke man this place makes mcdonalds look like a joke!Food: 4/5

Michael Barnes

Got two of the new hamburgers and both were so dry we couldn't them

Johnny Kenney

Food was good. Fries were hot. The way I like em. Workers were nice.

Ginny Lyon

Arby's food is pretty good. But the prices for their chicken salad sandwich and the Reuben sandwich are ridiculously priced they should not be that high.They do need to make sure they put enough fries in their containers. Nothing worse than ordering a medium fry and they bring it over to you and it's not even full I'm paying extra money for a medium so give me what I'm supposed to have.There is one thing about the Arby's in Leonardtown, MD when you walk in there you feel like the floor has been covered in syrup and your shoes stick to it as you walk I don't know what's on that floor but it needs a good cleaning. Management needs to get on the ball. Other than that it's fairly clean.

Indrid Cold

I am usually very pleased with my service at this Arbys. However, I pulled up half hour before closing last night after got off work for dinner, and was ignored. Nobody came to take my order at drive thru. And I knew people were there because cars were outside and store was lit up. Yeah. Just ignored.

Miriam Boles

Got the new Wagyu steakburger. Dry and tasteless. The cheese didn't even melt on it. Way over cooked. It was not the least bit juicy. My son took his back twice. The first time, they made him another one. The second one was just as bad. The lady said it wasn't burned but deep fried because they don't have a grill. The crinkle fries were good.

Joseph K

It's an Arby's. It was. mobbed so we went inside. Tables needed some attention but the food was quick to get done and was hot and fresh.

Bruce Banner

Food was great, workers are always nice.I wish there were more Arby's in different locations


Why everytime I come here (too often I admit) do I get sent to the parking lot to wait for my order to be brought out to me?It happens literally every time along with several others. Doesn't matter what I order...3 stars because the employees are always friendly and they get the food right.

Christina LaRoche

Car meet every Wednesday <3 I usually attend with my camera. you should come !

Susan Mcv

Good service. My complaint is their shake machine was broken & in addition to the food I purchased, I was to get my 87 yr old sister who has dementia & one of the only things she will "eat" is a chocolate milkshake from Arby's. Since their machine was broken I had to go somewhere else to get her shake. I am not familiar with the area but I did find a McDonald's & she could definitely tell the difference.

Jimmy Kesecker

It's Arby's. Everything was delicious and woman who waited on us in the drive through was real nice

Olivia Goslee

Wrong order was given after multiple exchanges at drive thru verifying what i ordered, i look in the bag and they gave me wrong sandwich and they forgot our drinks and then when we asked them, they said the drinks we ordered were out of stock. I have had multiple issues with this arbys with wrong orders and nothing being in stock.

Greg Entwhistle

They seem to be training a LOT of new employees at the moment and the service is REALLY slow, even for Arby's standards. I like to go in and order my food, but the wait is SOOO long I think I'm going to have to just use the drive-thru from now on, especially at this location.

Isabella LaScala

Super kind staff. Food was piping hot and everything was cooked perfectly and done correctly with the changes made to items like a plain sandwich and sides.

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