Ledo Pizza

25460 Point Lookout Rd, Leonardtown
(301) 475-9280

Recent Reviews

Jeff C.

The pizza was absolutely good. I have no complaints on it. The location was in a great spot and looking forward to coming back to this place!!!

Yahaya A Umar

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I think it’s run by high schoolers. I’m allergic to dairy and asked about the spaghetti sauce and meatballs. I aged a year waiting for someone to come back with an answer.(-1*) THERE IS CHEESE IN THEIR SAUCE AND MEATBALLS. The service is extremely slow. (-1*). They closed off the back portion of the place and I can understand- staff can only cover so many tables per. But omg. So disorganized. Tables not bussed. Servers standing talking. (-1*). I’m not going back. Not able to accommodate my allergy and they seemed to not want my business. It felt like they didn’t care if I was there or satisfied. My family enjoyed the pizza. (Sauce is “sweeter”) and it came out hot - eventually. Good luck!

Ray Belcher

Local favorite for special occasions. Sports special is amazing and one of the best deals. Online order system was outstanding for customizing order. Food was ready when promised.

christina deener

This location has good food! Except gyros none of the correct flavors r there. They bake it which it should be fresh soft pita not toasted. They also severely overcooked the meat. When I placed the order @ 330 they told me 20mins welll I didn't walk out of there till 415 w food. N I got there at 354 n my fries and mozzarella stills sat on that counter getting cold while the rest of my food was being made. The manager went off outside n didn't tell his staff cause I asked to speak to him n the waitress/ hostess dissappear for literally 5 mins I found him outside doing nothing put leaning on a car talking. There staff is aweful they rude n loud and tend to forget customers r listening. It's a restaurant not Wal-Mart people want a quiet dinner not kids.....n a Manger that dissappears

Cedar Lane Senior Living Community

Cedar Lane Senior Living Community is grateful for the support we receive from Ledo Pizza in Leonardtown. Please support this restuarant that gives back to the community in meaningful ways.

Gabriel Barghachie

The pizza crust was different but it seems like it is "their thing". The young lady that took our order was very helpful and very nice. I am sure the owners will be happy to know that they made it very clear that orders are taken until the posted closing time, which was nice as we got there 10 minutes before close. Thank you again for your help

David B

Very pleasant service, limited adult beverage menu, very wide choices on the food menu.Clean, somewhat quiet, simple.

Glenn A.

I'm in Leonardtown quite a bit in the summer months boating and fishing. Usually this is my spot for pizza, the one in Lexington Park really sucks. Now I am not so sure about this one either. The service here is hit or miss, some waitstaff friendly and efficient, others act like the "C" word. This time I ordered a spinach salad with the pizza and it was old and had decayed green slime in it, being a real trouper I just picked out the rotten leaves and worked around it, my friend will eat anything so we shared the good leaves. I told the waitstaff person to tell the cook to throw out the rest of the spinach they have left in the kitchen and she said she would. I know better than send anything back in restaurants, well you should know why. I think I will cross this one off my list of stops from now on as I see a new Italian restaurant in town that looks good, called Noli's...

Steve S.

I really appreciate a restaurant that cares about conscientious food service. Ledos used to be that place. A great place for a business lunch or a family dinner. Now, I'm not so sure the owners care. Been in SOMD going on 40 years. I used to get happy about dinner at Ledos, but the last trip there was even more disappointing than the one two months before. I doubt I will do it again. My wife finally came out the door shaking her head. Thanks a lot Ledos for the lack luster service and all-bacon grease soaked deluxe pizza. According to my wife, the two adolescents at the register did nothing to assist and one of the waitresses eventually realized her situation and asked if she could help. Regardless the thing called a pizza still was not ready, but the waitress ended up getting the pizza thing to her just before my wife was going to ask one of the two girls hanging out at the register to grab it for her. We will not be back. It's a shame and don't blame COVID for this systemic issue. Management needs to wake-up before they go under. It's too bad. It used to be the best pizza in our area. Now it's just another SOS dispenser and it takes forever to get your order. I highly recommend not paying for it before you receive it and that's if you eat there-good luck. BTW: I've never posted my opinion about a restaurant before now and I would not have if I did not have to pay for it in spades

Robert Spruill

Very nice customer service food was excellent hope to go back soon


Food is great, wait staff could improve skills. They often do not follow request for things like "no tomatoes" on salads and unsweetened ice tea is disgusting and undrinkable probably because they do not clean the container or change it frequently as it is always sour. Coffee and tea pots should be cleaned regularly due to build up. Suggestions to owner would be retrain staff, provide some recognition for those who do well to promote a positive work environment to keep staff out of the mundane. Your staff looks and acts bored.

Vicki E.

Love their pizza! We were in the area for a visit and my sister was able to round up 20 members of our family to meet us for pizza. Our waitress was so patient and kind. The pizza and salads were delicious.

Patricia L.

This place is so hit or miss. I spent $17.00 plus tip on a pizza that never should have left the kitchen. Disgusting and disappointing!

Justin Campbell

The worse service I've ever had!!! The young lady was scared to even speak to us. I had to chase her down to get anything and the manager "Joe" was clueless. This server only service the skin tones she felt comfortable with.

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