Das Bierhalle

9527 Harford Rd, Parkville
(410) 668-1011

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J. Manes

Very busy, we were caught off guard by the waitress telling us to find your own seat only to find out from the bartender there was a wait list. The bartender came out and within minutes we had a table to sit at and they were taking our order. The food was great the drinks were good and the staff was kind.Parking: Extra spaces in rear across the street on a hill. You might have to park around the corner and walk to restaurant.

Hannah E.

My boyfriend and I went here on a Saturday night. There were open spots to sit and no wait. It was extremely loud in the upper stairs seating area where the bar is. The downstairs seating area is much more quiet and the place to sit if you want a quieter environment while you eat. We got a cinnamon sugar pretzel for an appetizer, we got nutella and sweet cream cheese for our dipping sauces. It was so good, I already want to go back for another. Our main entrees were great! I got the braut grilled cheese. My boyfriend got a Weisswurst. The fries that came with our food were so salty and delicious. For dessert we got German apple cake, it was so warm and yummy. I'm sure we'll be back!

Brad M.

Service was good, place was very busy, beer was great, ambiance was cool. Food coulda used a little more flavor/ seasoning for my taste but, to each is own. I would go back.

Heidi F.

I absolutely love Das Bierhalle but this visit was not my favorite. We sat outside because we could not find staff for indoor seating. The service outside was great but I felt like the server didn't know the menu very well. Our food was just okay. It was a little cold and very small portions. The cheese steak had a tiny amount of meat and barely any cheese. The chicken and crab dish was very over done. We wanted dessert but decided against it because the experience was lacking tonight.

Beth K.

This was a very nice place. A lot of people so the noise level was high. The atmosphere was fun. The waiters were very friendly and the food was excellent. Only issue was getting our beef goulash at the same time as our entrees.

Tonya Blakemore-Swift

Nice place with an large beer selection. They blast the music incredibly loud inside but have two small outside patios. Service was great and everyone was friendly. The food was good. Burger and fries were delicious, wings weren't extremely flavorful but were nice and crispy. As for the meatloaf sandwich, it was not good at all. It had an odd combination of flavors that did not compliment each other. Very strange. The Bloody Mary's were great! Large portion without being over done with bells and whistles. Give this place a try!

Karley B.

Celebrating the beginning of Oktoberfest with ALL THAT CABBAGE!! Or at least that's how it seemed with my plate - no regerts ;) Parking is a bit strange here. The lot is across the street. There's a tiny amount of parking near the building - accessible spots mostly, but the entrance by these spots has steps. The accessible entrance is around front. When facing the building, go to the right, through the outdoor seating. The door was being held open by some beer boxes, which were awkward to drive around, but I made it. All the tables seem like high tops, but go up the ramp, toward the bathrooms, and there's a whole space of lower tables. However, if you are a wheelchair user, you're going to have to park yourself at the end of the table, because they're like huge picnic tables - the kind with the attached benches. The waiters wear adorable German outfits, so there's that... We had pretzel bites as an appetizer. Did not like the beer cheese. Maybe if you like beer... but my boyfriend LOVES those beer cheese sandwiches on pretzel buns from Wendy's so he insisted on the beer cheese dipping sauce. The sriracha honey old bay dip was the better of the two. They offer like 20 different sauces, so I'm definitely going to have to try other flavors next time we're there.... if we return. I had stuffed cabbage rolls (not as good as my grandmother's - but it's hard to find anything better than those childhood memories), red cabbage, and warm potato salad. Take note that it does NOT say "German potato salad." It was delicious, but without the heavy bacon and vinegar flavors I thought would be present. My boyfriend had a wretched brisket open-faced sandwich, covered with french fries and gravy. He couldn't bite the meat, and he said the gravy was horrible. He threw it out. But, on the other hand, the French Dip was a winner. He thoroughly enjoyed that, and I dare say he would order it again. My mom had a sausage and sauerkraut grilled cheese, which she seemed to enjoy, but her favorite item of the entire meal was the creamed spinach. I usually find cooked spinach to taste like a swamp, but this was SO creamy and delicious. I'D order it - heck, get it instead of the red cabbage (which you can get in a jar at any decent grocery store). I had a great time and would like to try about 20 other items from the menu, but my mother (who pays) said that she wouldn't come back until next year. I don't know if that's because she wasn't as impressed, or because we had to take the highway to get to Parkville, and she has a nervous breakdown if we travel over 45mph.... eh, what can you do? I don't have any tranquilizers... Looking forward to my leftovers.

Elizabeth K.

I have been to the Bavarian region of Germany and this food is the closet I have found stateside! All of their German dishes, sausages. Pretzels, schnitzels etc are great! The beer selection is top notch. My favorite is the hot German potato salad which takes me back to my grandmothers kitchen! Service is always great, the atmosphere is fun, although not quiet. Terrific place to go with a group of friends!


I love German food and was very excited to try out Das Bierhalle. Upon reflection, however, I was left with the impression that this establishment cares more about quantity and less about quality of their food. To note, we started with the soft pretzel as an appetizer. The pretzel was stellar and the dipping sauces, especially the mustards, were spot on. This left me with high hopes for the main course. I ordered the jagerschnitzel, with german potato salad red cabbage and was thoroughly disappointed with every part of the main entree. The jagerschnitzel was burned on the bottom. I could only eat a portion of it before it just tasted like black char. Perhaps even more unfortunate was the mushroom gravy. All fans of German food know the pride German chefs take in their gravy. This gravy had all the trappings of a packaged, powdered product. Mushrooms? Maybe in theory but not in practice. This gravy was bland, and nary a mushroom to be found. The gravy did nothing to cover up the burned schnitzel underneath. The sides both tasted old, like they had been stored in the refrigerator for quite some time. The cabbage tasted ok but the consistency and look was old...not fermented old, like stale, sitting in the back of your fridge for a bit too long old. I got the same feeling from the german potato salad. In summary, I was quite disappointed because I really wanted to like this place. I love German food and seek out German restaurants all the time at home and when traveling. This was one of the more disappointing experiences I've had. I hope they do better, but it really seems that this establishment values quanity over quality.

Dave N.

Truly the greatest value'd bar I've been to since joining the DMV area, and everything is objectively good. Good beer at a cheap, gargantuan price, plus some kickass German food with amazing daily specials. Literally anyone over 21 can find a home at Das Bierhalle. All my lady friends are fans of the crushes. 32 ounces of flavored drinks with vodka, or turn it into a marg with tequila, for just $6 is insane. Hell, even I'm a fan of some of theirs like Prickly Pear. They're even crazy enough to have new flavors like Pickle. I'm dead serious, they shove a pickle and lemonade with some vodka and it's somehow not terrible. But if you want beer, they got beer. Super generous happy hours even on the weekend means $5 pints, but $8 is still a steal. Convince one of your friends to get the Das Boot, I dare you. Hope you really like what you order if you get the 1L, but otherwise they go amazing with the rest of the food. Sausages, kickass pretzels with sauces, even schnitzels - they got something for everyone. Hell, they even have a couple days of AYCE crab that seems like a good time with the boys. It's such a fun vibe I make it a point to come every time I'm back in the area.


We've had a couple of meals at Das Beirhalle. The lower area was closed for a private party both times. The bar was crowded and extremely noisy, as in hard to hear another person across the table loud. The beer was good though not frosty cold. The schnitzel was excellent. We tried two kinds. The sides were generally solid, but the lemon caper sauce for the spaetzle was way too salty. I'm guessing the cook was heavy handed with the brine from the capers. To the restaurant's credit, they took back the spaetzle and brought another order with the sauce on the side. Service was slow and confused. Prices were very reasonable.


Delicious food, amazing drinks and great service. Loud atmosphere but we liked it. You definitely need to order the pickles fries…best I’ve ever had and I’ve had a lot. The crushes are delicious and you can’t beat the happy hour (Sat & Sun too) prices. We’ll definitely be back…soon.

Karl G.

Meh. Not a great selection of beer. Not a great selection of food. It might deserve another star because it has a better selection of German beer than you can expect anywhere else in the area, but even then, you aren't gonna see anything here that isn't at the local beer store. The food menu has the typical stuff you can expect at a German themed restaurant, but nothing that reflects an actual German background to their food. It is clear that their food is more of an exercise in imitation.

Laura D.

First impression was getting noticed as soon as you walk in the door. I love there menu. So many Yummy yummy choices. It took me forever to pick what I wanted. And my Son Jakob was up here from N.C and our whole family Loved it. There was one employee that really went above and beyond for all the customers. Constantly moving and caring about the customers. Grateful to see there's people who are still kind and considerate and truly cares! I believe his name was

Jennifer B.

Parking is complicated as you are kind of on your own to make something work. Then it's confusing to walk in to what appears to be the back and not know really what to do. But once you get in and situated it's a fun place. We took out 14 year old and he didn't really feel comfortable because there were no other kids. We all enjoyed our food. I would say mine was a bit saltier than I prefer. But it was heaven for my husband.

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