2053 E Joppa Rd, Parkville
(410) 882-4440

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Terrible donuts wasn’t made right the new drinks wasn’t made right terrible customer service and the bacon wasn’t even snacking bacon it was just regular bacon

Angie Nasuta

I visited this location to have some breakfast and do some work on my laptop while my car was in the nearby repair shop. I was there for about an hour, and during that time I observed the entire staff being incredibly friendly to all customers - including regular customers who they obviously have friendly banter with on every visit. If this location was closer to my home or work, I would surely want to be a regular here. What a great crew!

Gabby Molinolo

It’s almost funny. Does this look like a latte to you? Got an entirely wrong drink. Delivered… great. The label on it is correct…. Wrong cup, wrong drink.

O'Dell Williams

Fast and efficient service! The current seating arrangement is too close to customers in line; I think that this store should update their seating area from tables to counter style seating along the window for more floor space.

Jojo Harris

Customer Service was great! The food was even better.Also I didn't have a long wait before I ate that delicious sandwich and the best Coffee Ever?

Tesha Stokes

The staff here is amazing i live in Pikesville but i stop at this location before i drop my son off to daycare. The staff really helps to start the morning off in smiles. But today i stopped at a location closer to my house but they didn’t have mocha. I got caramel instead and it was just nasty. So i stopped here and they made me a new drink and perfect as always. Thank you for always putting a smile on mine and my sons face :)

Skylar McLamb

This staff here ESPECIALLY DAN go above and beyond, so kind and hard working. THANK YOU DAN. The best Dunkin ever. I am now a loyal customer

Kathleen Filipiak-Millbrook

Great coffee, fresh donuts, and the nicest employees.

Ahra J.

This has to be the worst DD experience I have ever had... I asked if I can reload my Dunkin app- he then took my card out of my hand ( I did not hand it over at this point) then he said sure.. then asked me what did I want him to do? When I repeated myself the guy looked at me like I was asking for something so bizarre.. he said here? In-person?... when I replied yes, I do it in store all the time he then asked me how ? .. I don't know I don't work for Dunkin ! Then I tried to order a cold brew that was advertised as $3 and he said no it's not $3. He kept saying the ads lying, it's more expensive... ok so I asked then how much? He said idk but it's not $3... ITS LYING.. overall BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I proceeded to order via the app and said nvm I did it on the app, no acknowledgement just brushed me off. The poor ladies that have to work with him. The girl who made my drink was great! When I asked her a question later she was friendly and answered to the point

Jan Chandler

Stopped in this morning to grab a few dozen for my employees. The team working was wonderful, greeted with a good morning and what can I get you. The older lady is always there-super friendly and accommodating but today, a younger thin guy-probably late teens-early 20’s…WOW-super friendly. He said so sorry but we only have 1/2 dozen boxes, I said no worries and he immediately made up the boxes with my selection. Since I also got a tea, no more lemons?? Huge bummer, I said I’ll be back, let me put the drink in the car. Ran out, dropped off the drink and grabbed some cash for the tip. I turned around and there on the curb was the young guy, with my bagged donuts. I thanked him for the delivery, handed him the tip and told him he made my day. Hopefully I will see these folks on my next trip in.

Lucas True

I worked for this dunkin for a long time ,almost 7 years and I caught covid along with some other mental health problems not only would they not pay my covid pay they claimed I didn't work there and took me off the schedule replacing me as if I never worked there. I've always had a lot of respect for the owner Mr jack, he is a great guy but his general manager does not deserve that position.

Rachel Davies

This dunkin makes good coffee, espresso drinks & food. Their speed is hit or miss in the mornings.

Angel Rodriguez

Give this man Daniel a raise please he kept his composure at the counter after I was kind of difficult to work with, by himself rocked a whole room of 8 people +, and that was the best frozen pumpkin coffee I've ever had. Didn't have change on me at the time to tip him, but best believe ill be back.

V. N.

Great customer service. Like this.

Deloris Gordon

Coffee was great Customer service was not too bad

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