Panda Express

7699 Harford Rd, Parkville
(410) 665-1982

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Ryan Wesley

I waited patiently for them to open for 10 min, when the woman finally decided to open the door 5 min late, she said, "they had a problem won't be open for another ten minutes' I started to respond but she slammed the door in my face and walked away laughing shaking her head... Wow. So needless to say I ordered from another restaurant for myself and family, it doesn't cost anything to be polite but you'd of thought I was asking for her last remaining tooth, crazy world we live, but steer clear from the panda unless you feel like being treated like a scumball


Subpar service in this Panda Express location! Servings are small unlike other branches. AND no freaking fortune cookie was given!!!

Tristen 711

My experience at the parkville location in Maryland was terrible The customer service was terrible i needed a glass of water to take my meds and eat my food i purchased and they told me they can not give me any water that I had to pay for a soda cup. They were laughing and the person in charge could barely speak English and could not give an explanation as to why I could not have a glass of water. If this is a policy for Panda Express I’m very disappointed! They make no attempt to please or appreciate the customers who make pay days possible. This is not what customer service is about. They lost a valued customer. The corporate office stands behind this terrible service. When speaking to them they told me there was nothing they could do and hung up on me. The worst! Not to mention that the quality of the food was terrible looking. They don’t care about their customers they just want money. Then on top of everything the person in charge told me that I could bring my cup in from out side to get water which puts everyone’s health at risk due to Covid-19. How backwards is that?! The whole crew should be fired. Worst I’ve ever encountered at a fast food restaurant

Fat B.

Extremely small portions. This panda has the worst and smallest portions in the Maryland region! My 4 and 5 year old daughter love it so much. I have no choice but to still go here.

Sean B

This was my first and last time going to this location. Every other location I've experienced served decent or large portions. Basically, they served me a kids meal. One small scoop of beef and broccoli and teriyaki chicken. Other than that, the customer service was good.

Daniel Dioguardi

Would give higher rating cause i love the food but this the smallest portions o ever got on 16 years going to them.always great tasting an exceptional service.

Lauren S.

All of the staff I interacted with were friendly and happy but there is a man who works here and was scooping meats. He was purposely giving smaller than normal scoops and arguing with people when they asked for more. I just let it go, but the person behind me argued with him for 3 minutes with a long line building all because the server wouldn't give a normal amount of food. I've never had this problem at other Panda locations.

Teagan Scott

Their grid rice is brarely fried. Just white rice. Their noodles are undercooked and still pale. And their portion sizes have gottebln really small. You can for all the food in the plate in the size of a McDonald's Cup. Not worth the price for delivery. $17 and less food than $10 Chinese from the mall with real fried rice and noodles


I go to this place even though I have another branch near my place. Since they usually have many customers, their food are fresher than other branches. They deal with online orders well too. I think they can improve their customer facing service, but I'm satisfied in general.

Denee Pettis

Terrible experience. I had a $50 bill and my total was 20.99 and they claimed they didn’t have enough change for it because they just opened. I’ve worked in food service for a while and even if she didn’t have money in her register there was for sure money in the back but she refused to go get it. And when I asked for a water cup she said I had to pay for the cup?? For water ???. The customer service was terrible. It wasn’t like my total was $5 and I was trying to pay with a 50!

Robert Ann McCormick

TERRIBLE! This was my second and last time supporting this chain. I was not satisfied or liked the food at the Reisterstown Rd store also..The food is presented in a very appealing and appetizing fashion. Can anyone cook rice. When eating rice..It should not be hard. People you need to put some heat to soften it. The vegetable mixture same thing. You can't just dip it in water as if it was a baptism. It needs to be steamed or sauted for some tenderness. Ah, the vegetablestook 1st place for being bland. The string beans with shrimp on a scale 1-10. I give a 2. Pepper chicken, rated 0. Keep the pepper shaker on when making this dish. All I tasted was pepper in the weird brown sauce. I have more to say however I will end it here because I won't t be patronizing any of these establishments again. I tried to post without a rating, however it would not accept the comment. You didn't deserve the rating of 1.This is pathetic.

srilaxmi pooja

It’s not a Panda Express anymore it’s a Panda over price.. the portion size cut off and charged full price

Imani Rain

1. We ordered our food for delivery on the Panda app. 2. They gave our doordash order to a random stranger without verifying the order 3. Our dasher (bless his soul) had them remake our order. 4. Before then I was trying to call them and doordash was trying to call them and no one was answering. 5. We got the remade food and it tastes DISGUSTING I love honey walnut shrimp but it was so BAD that i don't think I could eat it again, I wish I wasn't joking.

Disappointed C.

If you're considering ordering from this place DON'T!!! THE FOOD WAS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. The steak was practically poop covered in sauce. The rice was dryer than your mom's hoohah. The chow mein tasted like old dirty mop water. If hell on earth had a location, this would be the place. I've had better Chinese food in the slums of Haiti!!! After I passed the food it looked more edible than before. If you want your mouth and stomach to feel violated then I would recommend eating from this port-a potty masquerading was a Chinese restaurant.

Bill Hugo

Great location. Hot tasty food. Just the smallest portions I've ever gotten from a panda express.

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