Pauly's NY Pizza & Ice Cream

9400 Harford Rd A, Parkville
(410) 663-3393

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I saw this restaurant a few weeks ago while driving by and decided to go for lunch today. First off Pauly's has a cool decor ,reminds me of a 50's diner. I came in around noon and was immediately welcomed by a very nice young lady. Pauly's has an extensive menu but on this day I was feeling a meatball parm sandwich and fries. I grabbed a booth, not very long after I was delivered a great looking platter. Sandwich was perfectly buttered toasted ( not just heated bread) 6 large meatballs, sauce and a lot of cheese. I've had a lot of meatball parm sandwiches in New York, Philly but this was the best by far. You could see the various Italian seasoning that gave it such good flavor. Sandwich was very large enough for two but I managed to eat it all because it was that good. The boardwalk fries were perfectly seasoned and also very good. Pauly's is a great find and I can't wait to sample other dishes. I highly recommend.

Liz J.

I have tried this place several times now and they never deliver on time! Firatvtime took almost 2 hours and today over an hour and a half! I ordered my pizza to be well done and the crust was barely cooked! I believe in giving places a second chance but they just can't seem to get it right! They are the most expensive pizza in this area! I even tried defending them in the past but I have finally had it! NEVER AGAIN! I will stick with the DeNiros and Dominicks who NEVER disappoint!

B T.

Had the philly cheesesteak tacos. They were outstanding. They even gave me a taco tray to go. So good. Menu is huge. A lot of items. Nice people.

Elizabeth K.

They have great pizza and food but their boardwalk style fries are AMAZING! They are an unusual combo of sweet and salty and while they are a bit pricey they are a huge portion and more then enough to share!

kittykat torres

I can not even give this restaurant 1/2 star. But I have to give a rating in order to let people know what they may expect from the owner. I was really surprised by the owner.WOWI ordered a veggie omelette and was delivered an omelette with bacon. I called to complain about the order and was told that cooks are careful not to mix food. They offered to make another omelet but my husband was worried about the eggs being cooked with the meat. He did not want anything else from the restaurant when it was implied that we were lying. We should have been offered a refund for the wrong omelet.I ordered food for myself that included pancakes which were greasy and nasty. We spent over $40 on our breakfast and the food was awful. Later I called back to speak with the owner and it was very bad. He told me that I dumped the bacon in the veggie omelet when I got home. However the bacon was already there when it was delivered. He was yelling that I made his employee cry by asking if she was the real manager. That was a honest question.This was ridiculous. Bottom line the delivery was terrible. I know that the customer is not always right, but in this case I only wanted what I ordered because my husband is a vegetarian. The owner makes excuses for mistakes that are made and than try to force you to except a replacement. If you do not except a replacement than the owner will yell at you and hang up the phone. The owner was rude, load and unprofessional. He was talking to me as a if I was a child. I will never eat at this restaurant again.

Alan S.

This was my wife and my first visit to Pauly's, and we loved it. We ordered a baked ziti pizza pie, and it was delicious pizza, combined with a generous amount of great tasting Italian pasta. We topped it off with a wonderfully thick vanilla shake, and we had a wonderful, filling meal. The wait staff was friendly and accommodating and we left very satisfied customers with plenty left to bring back home. We'll definitely be back!

Angela Buerhaus

This was our first time ordering here. We got 3 Meatball subs and the Jersey fries. Everything was absolutely delicious! Biggest meatballs I've ever had on a perfectly toasted sub roll. They were juicy and hot and the sauce was very good as well. Also the subs can feed 2 people. The fries were very unique in taste and the seasoning they used on the fries was excellent. I look forward to ordering other foods there, and I hope Pauly's becomes our new place to get subs, etc. 10/10

S. Lucas

The food here is delicious and fresh. First timer and they did not disappoint. The staff was great and friendly. Pizza delicious, cheesesteak subs delicious, fries with cheese and gravy delicious. Not skimpy on the portions either. My family and I could not eat all of our food and had plenty of leftovers. Oh and we did desserts of cookie dough, ice cream sandwiches and banana pudding which were all great too. We will be back!!!

Thomas Mendez

As someone who used to live in North Jersey and frequently went into the city for work, I can say that Pauly's really does bring the NY taste to our area. I've been looking for a long time for a local replacement and have finally found a place that lives up to the reputation. From their subs to their pizza's, everything I've tried has been delicious.To Pauly's Staff, keep doing what you're doing, it's much appreciated!

Jazmine S.

I stumbled across this place while getting an oil change and went back the next day. The food is amazing! It's a cute little diner style restaurant located in Parkville. It's super clean and kid friendly as well. I will be going back to try the brunch. I love their fries. The pasta taste like it was made from scratch (not sure if it is). The kids meals came with drinks as well. The hostesses were also super friendly.

Mike Joseph

Hands down my new favorite pizza. More peperonis than anywhere else & cooked perfectly. My favorite part...the sauce! Incredible! I've also had the Greek salad & "Not Your Mamas Banana Pudding" & omg, amazing!!! My highest recommendation. Well done Pauly's!

Tracy Ann

One of the most delicious pizzas I have ever had! We will be back!

Kevin R.

I'm a local who had watched with great expectation for something, anything to take over the shuttered Parkville Pat's Pizza Location. Sadly Pauly's has managed to alienate almost anyone who has given this Pizza operation a chance. One enters only to be greeted not with New York Style anything, except New York PRICES. Simply completely out of touch. There's a local BUSY PIZZA place that has extra large cheese pizza for $5 each Wednesday. You simply can not compete with NYC Pricing in a place like Parkville, this is Carney not New York City.

Nathan Heselbach

WOW!!!!!!! Hands down one of the best places to get food in the Carney,Parkville area! The cheese steak was amazing! huge portions with fresh ingredients and high quality! Also highly recommend getting the gravy fries another very large portion. This place is no regular carry out pizza joint give them a try and I promise you the will not disappointed! 100% recommend, and I will definitely be back!

Sarah Lucas

The Ratatouille Pizza is everything. This is my 3rd time having it, so it deserves a review. Chocked full of veggies and optional cheese (we do get cheese on half of it), I freaking love this pizza option. The crust and sauce are delicious and it's the perfect balance of flavor for veggie lovers and those who don't want a stomach ache from massive amounts of cheese. It was ready on time for an easy online carry out process and the young ladies were pleasant up front.

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