8858 Waltham Woods Rd, Parkville
(410) 882-8822

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Danielle Caulk

I'm afraid I didn't catch the employee's name but the young dark haired woman working at 5:50PM this evening (9/18/22) went above and beyond for me and made great conversation with all of the customers around me. Thanks so much!

janie glanzer

Needs some ice for sugar free soda I purchased in Safeway , shopping trip. Sold it to me. Wonder smiling face ,said no problem.


Horrible experience and the person working the counter was rude. Older gentlemen and absolutely horrible! I will never vist there again

john robinson


S.J. R.

Very pleasant employees. I'd just recommend asking them how many shots of espresso go into your drinks. A venti americano gets 4 shots. I noticed a few weeks ago the manager was telling a trainee it gets 3 espresso shots, which is incorrect. Prior to ordering I asked the barista how many espresso shots go into an americano and she told me two. I asked her if she was sure because two shots goes into a grande. Well, she told me a grande and venti both get two shots. I told her it was four shots and informed her the app even says four shots. In any event, I just got 4 shots of espresso and will add my own water. If you're an espresso enthusiast I recommend asking them how many shots they're putting into your drink.

Beautiful Morning

I love starbucks.. this location has cute cups and good baristas

Vanillaelk 13

Barista Joey was polite and helpful

Bionca Brown

So I told the barrista that her sandwich is molded on display. She checks it and puts it right back on display mold and all. No sense of cleanliness at this location.

Diego A Perez

Good atención muy buena parece bien

Lindsey Szczybor

It's definitely off putting to watch fruit flies swarm around the brewers as you order your drink at this kiosk. To me, this is a sign that they aren't keeping this location as clean as possible (not cleaning up spilled drink components, unclean floor drains).Service here was just okay, nothing that went above and beyond but nothing that rubbed me the wrong way either. My drink was good and came out quickly. The employees seemed overwhelmed, but that's probably from gaining a lot of customers from the temporarily closed Bel Loc store.

Ashley Williams

If I could rate zero stars I would. The blonde girl working here has the worst attitude, and should not be in the customer service field. I’ve come to this location twice, and both times she’s nasty and ill mannered. I get your job can be stressful at times, but in the case of a grocery store Starbucks and there never being a line… take a step back and evaluate whether or not this is the right job for you. Didn’t even end up placing an order because of the bad taste left in my mouth. Absolutely terrible.

Jennifer B.

When we first moved to the area I was a little worried because I didn't recognize any of the grocery store names. I will admit, I didn't try this one at first because of the shopping center it's in and the surrounding stores in the center. But as I started to realize that I pass it literally 4 times a day or more, I caved and gave it a try. Compared to one of the competitors I will say the prices here are reasonable. We're not talking Aldi cheap but for the things I can't get there, I am willing to pay a little more. For the most part, they have everything I need and in good quantity. I will say I have on two occasions been disappointed that they did not have items in stock. Both items were either a freebie or had an ecoupon and I didn't run right in when I got the promotion. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised. But outside of that I've loved random $5 off $5 ecoupons and a few random freebies I've been able to take advantage of. I think the only huge disappointment (most people won't even deal with this) is the bathroom. I know it's not an area that they really care about, but it does still reflect on management for the way it is kept. I don't honestly even know if it's dirty or not because I can't get past the paint on the stahls. It's like someone put paint thinner on it and just walked away. It just doesn't set well with me.


Young lady at the register had bad energy and act like she doesn’t went to be there , it’s shows in the quality of the drink never coming back

Nicky Nguyen

Feel bad for Starbucks! Getting one star because of this blond girl's attitude. If you are not happy working here, you can leave. Don't ruin our drinks.


I really like this location. I've been here three times so far and each time it's been nothing short of pleasant. The baristas I have encountered are so nice. The drinks are hot and yummy. This is my number one Starbucks in Baltimore.

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