313 E Potomac St, Williamsport
(301) 223-9011

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Adam Noll

Food was cold and lady at drive thru wasn't very friendly I understand it was an hour before closing but she wasn't friendly at all and fries were cold like they had been sitting for a very long time. It's a hit or miss with thus locationFood: 1/5

Ashley Gilles

This is a busier location as it's one of the few fast food places in town and directly off the highway. If you're stopping through it's definitely the easiest place to get off and back on the road. Not quite made for trucks but there is a spot of road that is regularly used. Because it's busier it also regularly takes longer to order and get your food. It's hot when you get it, but not always accurate. Staff is kind and never had any issues with them.

cassie vaughn

This is the worst McDonald’s ever. They can’t even get a simple order right. Every single time I go to this McDonald’s they miss over half of the order. How!!! Do they not know how to read a screen??? Ridiculous. Get new employees or something.

Esteban Perez

Worst McDonald's ever. Drive through is an easy 20 minute wait all the time and they still get the order wrong almost every time

Lynn Timmons

Fountain area was sticky and messy. Almost didn’t even wanna get a drink. Person up front was kinda crass, but my food was hot and prepared just the way I wanted


Just waited 20 minutes for cold and spongey chicken that was probably done 20 minutes ago. Don't worry though, I also got a complimentary small and medium fry, also cold.I've gotten good food here before but this location loves to let food sit out. I've watched food get wrapped and sit waiting to be bagged for 10+ minutes before someone actually carried it out to the customer.

Taylynn H.

Terrible. Everytime my fiancé and I come here we wait 30 mins in the drive thru. If we don't wait in the drive thru and decide to go inside to order ( because the drive thru is way to backed up) no one is at the register to take our order or the self serve is out of service. Today we went in because the drive thru was backed up. We were standing inside for about 10-15 minutes without being helped. There were other people there getting fed up too. We ended up leaving. I don't know if the managers know or even care..? It's ridiculous. It's supposed to be FAST Food. Not NO Food.

Katie Sue Kirk

They were out of mustard. They were out of sweet tea. They were out of unsweetened tea. They were rude. The fries were old and the chicken nuggets were cold. And I sat in the drive through for over 15 minutes, and I was the 3rd car in line. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't waste your time or money at this McDonald's.

Sun Raven

Drive through speaker started to place order, in the middle of my order a different person greeted me and I had to start my order over again. Aside from everything I ordered, I ordered 2 fresh large fries. Noticed girl didn’t put fresh on the order screen as other McDonald’s do. I repeated I wanted fresh fries and she said don’t worry they are fresh. Got to window asked if fries were fresh again she said they were. I ate one at the window and told her they were not fresh. She said yes they are I just watched her pull them up. Well they were cold and stale and tasted weird, which means NOT FRESH. I am absolutely sick of this McDonald’s with the high employees, bad stale food and lying about fresh fries. That will be the last time you get my money. I can drive down the street a little bit further and go to Wendy’s or Burger King, but you will NEVER GET MY MONEY AGAIN. THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST MCDONALDS I HAVE EVER BEEN TOO. The picture shows where those cold fries belong.

Karen Peiker

Went to the drive through today ordered a fillet of fish with extra tartar sauce. Got home and received a fillet of fish that was over cooked, no tartar sauce, no cheese. I guess I’ll be holding up the McDonald’s drive through to check my food before I move. Please retrain your back area!

Tim Federline

Slowest service of ANY McDonald's in the area! They see you standing there waiting to give your order, and it's like they look right through you. And boy, did those Sausage burritos SHRINK! NOT worth the price from this restaurant. Not happy!

Kimberly Mattingly

First off waiting 40 minutes in the store for a chicken sandwich meal and 4 pieces nuggets is ridiculous ;Not just me but every customer in the lobby was complaining of a 30+minute wait for food with 7 people in the back there is zero excuse for it. Secondly your manager was extremely rude and has no clue how to speak to customers who are complaining about waiting for food that long in a fast food restaurant. Ridiculousness doesn't even begin to cover the service in this place.

Roland Xiom

Old management = Perfect and quick. New management = orders wrong, food old and cold, half an order missing, loooooooong wait times, flat drinks, and NO STRAWS. I just spent over $40+ on dinner for my family, and they couldn't even be bothered to add the four orders of large fries. Cokes are flat, and again NO STRAWS. Who ever the new owner is must have previously owned a Burger King... avoid this place at all costs...

Kelly Clawson

There are more workers in this restaurant than customers and they have screwed up every order in line. We order two kids meals and are still waiting 20 minutes later. So much for fast food.

C. Smith

I gave this McDonald's a 4 out of 5 stars because it's a hit or miss. The older staff that work the shifts are great, sometimes a little slower but I don't mind because my food is correct, hot and they are friendly. However when I have come on other times when there's a younger staff, not all but a few select ones don't greet you, they don't make eye contact when handing you your food and don't thank you afterwards. I had to repeat myself a few times to a younger staff member, and I told her I don't know what her day has been like but I hope it gets better because she should be more friendly. Not every customer is there to nag or bother your existence. I went because we had come from church and it was a little too late for me to go home and prepare a meal and all the while get myself together for my overnight shift at work. I do appreciate the hard work it takes to work fastfood, because I've done it. Other than that it's still a good place to eat, just some have to work on public skills.

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