Barney's Cove Lobster Co

7 Wharf Rd, Beals
(207) 497-2244

Recent Reviews

Tim Alley

Excellent place to get your lobsters or crabs. Great few, great service! Highly recommended!

Dave Peltier

Excellent place to get fresh lobster. Very helpful.

Marcia Myers

Outdoors..great food...great service....and the view!!!


Awesome wharf love the people too!

Deek & Leisa DeBlieux

Outstanding place to get your lobster on Beals island. We bought a load two nights in a row and just loved the experience. Wonderful family business and a great way to get to know where the lobsters come from. Easy to do business with them, wished they shipped to Louisiana!

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Barney's Cove Lobster Co

7 Wharf Rd, Beals, ME 04611
(207) 497-2244