Jonesport Pizza Shop

187 Main St, Jonesport
(207) 497-2187

Recent Reviews

Richard Nowak

READ THIS BEFORE YOU ORDERon 14 Jan 2023, I went to their website and using the prices listed I ordered two large cheese pizzas and two orders of breadsticks. When I picked up the order I was shocked that I was "overcharged" by more than $20. Since the owner was not on site, I waited until 15 Jan to discuss this with the owner. When I started listing the prices shown in website I was told that they had increased their prices by more than 50% and did not know how to change the website prices.THE OWNER WOULD NOT HONOR THE PRICES LISTED IN THEIR WEBSITE.To make matters worse, the pizzas were cold and the rest of the products tasted terrible.Do not waste your money!DO NOT BUY ANY OF THESE OVERPRICED PRODUCTS.I received a reply from Jonesport Pizza Shop owner.They only RAISED THEIR PRICE BY 45+% ON THEIR LARGE PIZZA !!!!Consider going to Stewart's in Jonesport. Stewarts charges $8.99 for a 16 inch pizza ---- not $13.

Adele L.

Not bad at all considering the it's not a full service restaurant. The pizza is fairly good too crispy and fresh ingredients. It's mostly a takeaway location but there are a couple of tables one as a booth and the other as a community share for maybe 5 people. Not as big as stewards but opened more often than not and on a more regular schedule. This is not the same place as a few years ago. The new management has improved greatly on quality so if you haven't been there in awhile try it again.

Danny R

Nice little joint. Really great food and huge portions. Will always stop by.Food: 5/5


When visiting Beals Island at the end of Sept. 2022, we were excited to find this little store. We were not sure what to expect as far as food, but we were all pleasantly surprised. While we were vacationing, we ordered food from here twice. Each time we were all very pleased with the quality of the food. The first time we ate in the shop and the second time we took our food to go. I would highly recommend the burger and the taco pizza!

Taylor Pettit

We ordered a pizza and crab cakes to go. If you’re in the area, you know there aren’t many options. The food did the job and we thought the tarter sauce was really good (no idea if it’s homemade or not - but it was yummy) everyone was very friendly.

Beth Nedley

Stopped on the way to Beale. Very good pizza. Recommend.

Hayley Jean Proctor

Food was delicious! I recommend the Fried Green Beans, Fried Haddock & Jalapeno Popper's! Absolutely delicious! Would Recommend if you're going to be in the area!Parking: There's very little parking at the restaurant/convenient store.Wheelchair accessibility: There's a wheel chair ramp into the building.

Ian Proctor

Friendly staff and absolutely delicious food! I'd come here in a heartbeat when I'm in the area again. This restaurant is also a convenience store. While we were waiting on our food, several locals came in and out to pick up food. We came here on our way to a nearby hiking trail, as there wasn't much in the area, plus the reviews were excellent.If you happen to be nearby, even in Machias, it's worth the trip down!

Steven Sieracki

My grandson loves your pizza

Judi Carter

Great people, including the customers. You talk in line if there is one. The food is typical fast food.

Natalie S.

A great spot to stop for pizza. They have a large menu but we chose two pizzas and they were delicious. The shop has a few tables, lots of beverages, snacks, homemade pies and cheesecake and candy of every kids dreams. You don't often get shops like this anymore.

Christine Bas

If you ever go to Jonesport, stop at the Pizza Shop, and order the Haddock Finger Basket. Holy Snap Busters!!!!! Soooooo good, and the price is awesome.

Ronnie Bas

An absolute great place to eat,haddock fingers were the bomb.nice friendly atmosphere, outdoor or indoor eating.A MUST TRY!!!!

Diane Beal

Hot delicious food with friendly service.

Allen Briggs

Small Town Pizza shop.... charming and neighborly.

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