The Early Bird Eatery

117 E Wayne St, South Bend
(574) 208-3806

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Monique C.

I had a winter mimosa and a hot toddy both delicious. For my meal, the corn beef hash and peaches French toast was so tasty. Food tastes like it was from the farm to the table, it was seasoned to perfection, not too heavy and the serving size was just right! I recommend using the Yelp waitlist option as it made our experience that much more easier and efficient. Grits great balance of cheese and party in my mouth! The poblano sauce on the shrimp and grits was amazing!

George G.

Nice atmosphere with great food. Drinks are always very good. Golden milk late is great. Sandwiches, Benedict, and pretty much anything I've had has been great. If you haven't been, give it a try. Everyone working here has also been very friendly and polite. I've been several times and it's always been on par.

Kat H.

Great food and excellent service. Locally sourced ingredients. I've been here twice and really enjoyed it both times. Portions are generous and both times I had leftovers. Excellent vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free options! Not always easy to find, but the taste doesn't suffer from it here. As a vegetarian, I've never had biscuits and gravy before, and it was a pretty exciting experience, really! I'm starting to see what all the fuss is about. (Also, that was A LOT of gravy!! No skimping on the sauce here!) The golden milk latte is really nice, and they said they have decaf espresso ( I don't quite understand how that works, but it's good news if you're not supposed to have caffeine and you miss coffee other than just decaf Americano). If it's the weekend and a home game, be prepared for a potential wait.

Emmy D.

Everything I've tried on their menu has been phenomenal. The ribeye sandwich is always perfectly toasted and tasty. Everyone I've brought with me to try their menu has been pleased with the menu and service. All of the staff are very nice and great to work with, and I highly recommend asking them what they'd get, as that's gotten me my favorite dishes. Their coffees are also lovely. The bee's knees latte is fantastic.

Melody DuVal

Completely delicious.I had the strawberry shortcake french toast. You probably don't need me to tell you that's amazing, but it's even better than I imagined.My husband had the spicy pork sausage biscuits & gravy. I don't like biscuits & gravy as a rule, but these were phenomenal. Not your typical flavorless country gravy.We split a side of bacon. It was cooked to the perfect crispness.You may want a reservation on a weekend morning. The place was PACKED and it looked like they barely squeezed us in.But the service was still quick, the server was friendly, and it has a nice atmosphere. It is slightly loud for chatting.The restrooms are clean, but look like they're in a warehouse somewhere. It's honestly a bit jarring. But, that barely matters, because the beautiful human beings who chose the doors decided to make the locks the vacant/occupied sort. No knocking & trying to decipher if someone has replied over the din of the dining room. So much less stressful.

Dessi G.

This cute brunch place opened up halfway through my college time at Notre Dame! I love the coffee and their creative recipes like the mushroom biscuits and gravy (pictured). I've heard they are trying night hours too so I can only imagine what dinner options they've dreamed up! Super cute place too (aesthetically) and nearby downtown South Bend to explore:)

Kyalah J.

I have been trying to support local businesses lately and this is one that did not disappoint! The staff here is wonderful and attentive and the food is delicious!

Dunkin W.

Horrible-Horrible coffee...oh my God..:but who cares!!! The food??? Wow....well worth the wait. Flew into town for my nephew's wedding this was our after wedding/next day brunch. Not only did they accommodate 25 of us but the food came out fast and stupid-delicious. I'm so sorry America for the absence of'll just have to lean on my review with trust and faith. We had the pancakes, apple-crips French toast, early bird special with a side of biscuits and gravy....which by the way...the gravy up-staged everything...and "everything" was not exactly an easy task for mr. gravy to do so!!

Sandie B.

Not a huge place but perfect for what we needed this morning. We all got different things but they were all very tasty! The staff were friendly and very attentive. We will definitely be returning!

Steve C.

This place is located downtown South Bend, some street parking and a nearby parking garage are available. The place is very minimalistic toward their interior design. We were seated at a round table top for our party of four. The tables are very small; even though there were four chairs seated at the table it was really only enough room for typical two person dining. There are not a lot of menu items to choose from, however, their focus is on quality, homemade ingredients and good execution. They have a few lunch items and both the breakfast and lunch items are available any time. I had the corned beef hash, it was definitely a full & hearty platter with chunks of potato sautéed with a little bit of onion and green pepper (would've like more of this) and prime chunks of corned beef. Two eggs, served any style, crown the dish. Their toast was two small slices of fresh sourdough from a baguette served with homemade apricot vanilla marmalade which was excellent. Overall, I thought the place was a three star. For me, the cons were that the interior of the restaurant was a bit stark and not the comfortable atmosphere I prefer, the tables were crazy small, and the prices too high (over $100 for a party of four Inc t+t). The pros were that the service was good, the food is very fresh and you get plenty of it, however, for me the food overall was average.

Courtney E.

This was such a nice unexpected brunch. Something for everyone, which is saying a lot when I was dining with two kids and my partner who wanted breakfast and I wanted lunch. The shrimp and grits were flavorful and very good. Everyone in my party enjoyed their food, and we tried items from grilled cheese to French toast to lunch sandwiches. An unexpected surprise was the chai latte with almond milk. This was a very spicy and flavorful chai, and I would get this regularly if I lived nearby.

Carinah A.

My friend recommended this place to me and I'm so glad she did! I'm a huge brunch person and I've been looking for a good brunch place. The lemon blueberry pancakes are so good! I loved the lemon curd it came with. I also got the loaded fries and the potatoes are cooked in such an insanely good way. I'll definitely be coming back to try more!

Ian M.

The Early Bird Eatery in South Bend, Indiana. The deliciousness overload. Strawberry Shortcake French Toast: Pullman Cinnamon Bread, Anglaise, Macerated Strawberries, Whipped Cream & Shortcake Crumble. Best french toast ever! It goes without saying my little mini me is always along for the ride.‍ This place rocks. A must go if you are in the area!!

Michael Y.

The hash is some of the best I've had in my life. The cheesy grits are out of this world. Get them. Don't think about it, just do it.


A no- brained for a great breakfast in South Bend. Eggs Benedict with ham were outstanding! Service was excellent. Made resvs on their website the night before for 9:15 am…. Was seated immediately. Can’t go wrong here!

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