Taco Bell

3105 Commerce Lane, Ionia
(616) 523-1231

Recent Reviews

Jim Charles

Couldn't order what I wanted. Was told they were out of chunk chicken and out of beef. I found out that they had the product to make my order but just didn't want to go to the cooler to make it because they had a busy night. What I able to order was cold and tasted nasty

Carlie Cahill

This is my second home, love this place

Pam Thomson

Loved getting there at 7:15AM and no one was there even though they’re supposed to be open at 7AM, so I messed around just thinking eh maybe something happened but still at 8AM no one was there. Super irritating, if your hours are different NOTIFY PEOPLE. That’s what signs on the doors are for, and your damn website. I thought my ex’s were the biggest waste of my time, this has changed things.

cathy washburn

Very poor service threw the drive threw. They got the order all wrong and when I went back threw the drive threw they were very rude and said that we didnt say it right well you had asked four different times on the first round and said he got it. But when got to the windwon just shoveled it out the window and the girl there said have a nice day very loud and rude. This is Tuesday at 7:30 pm at night bunch of kids working there very disrespectful at that tocobell.

Kathy Krause

Lobby closed to take out.....I drive semi truck I can't go thru drive thru???!!!!

Jessica Sower

Since the website wont work I'll share it here... Managers should probably wash their hands before putting on gloves and making food. And they should probably know how to serve chicken that isnt rock hard and know how to fold a burrito

Marla Mckendry

Food was good, service was not so great. You can stand at the counter for 5 minutes making eye contact with employees while they just ignore you.

Anthony Newton

I have been here a few times in the last week I can get ice when I go throw the drive up however inside nope there ice machine does not have any ice!!!

Samantha Hyde

Well, the food came out fast, which is a shocker because the employees working were too busy chatting with employees off the clock coming in to get their paychecks at 1pm. The off the clock employees crowded the entire area. The chalupa shells were not fresh at all. My son had a hair in his taco. Overall not impressed one bit.

Jessica Flores

Had fast great service from from a guy named Eugene. He was awesome and friendly. I left taco bell with a smile because of him! Thank you again Eugene for pleasant experience of being served by you! See you again!

shorty g

The best experience I've ever had , this guy named eugene, came out and did a bunch of magic card tricks for me and my friends, its was the best! This guy should not be at taco bell he needs to be in Las Vegas, I told him that, bottom line his customer service is off the charts,and taco bell is so lucky to have a great person like eugene!

Bobbie Brown

Giod valve, the food is slways hot and out quickly.

Donald Brown

This taco bell is always out of something. everytime I go past 8pm they are out of beef or chicken or beans or tortillas. how does a taco bell run out of any of those items?! Worst taco bell on the planet!

holli Bartaway

Gotta get a taco...and they still have Pepsi!

Jerilee Dwyer

There was 6 of us for dinner. They were not busy when we ordered 2 party packs of tacos and a couple other items. We waited a good 10-15 minutes for our order, which came after a couple other customers had come in and got served their food. Our food was barely warm, the cheese in a cheesy rollup was not even melted. We had a few things remade and still not warm/hot. Not impressed with this visit!

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