Taco Bell

3105 Commerce Lane, Ionia
(616) 523-1231

Recent Reviews

Jeffery Wilkinson

Love the chicken shredded burritos. My wife likes the cinnamon sticks. Prices are a bit high.

Rusty S.

Bought 12 soft taco supreme and got 10 taco supreme and 2 soft taco regular...WTF??? Idiot management that had garbage all over the floor behind the counter and waited 15 minutes for my order which was incorrect. Will NEVER use this business again!!!


Never had a bad experience here. Staff is very nice, service is usually quick, and the food is always good.

Rouzbeh Oskui

Ok I get it taco bell isn't fine dining, but there wasn't 1 order, out of 9 or ten that they didn't mess up, mine was a simple mistake they forgot the drinks, but no plastic ware to be found, multiple people received the wrong food. The only person that had a clue was the poor drive through girl, she was barking orders to the people making the food, taking orders from her headset, and fixing counter orders, what a multitasker.

Linda Mitchell

Do to my allergy to corn im unable to have corn shells. At my visit my food was adjusted so it didn't contain any corn. I got the double crunch wrap. Great service.

brian Phillips

Drive through was a little slow, however service made up for it.. really nice people working there

Roy Fowler

They are supposed to be open till 1am, me and my fiance go there at around 11:50ish. We pull up to place our order and she says that we are out of beef, we only have chicken and a little bit of steak. For one, you pretty much tell me what I'm going to eat, then you charge me full price for something that I dont even want. Then to top it all off, when I pull to the second window to pay for the meal the music is playing so loud that I cant even hear what she is trying to say.

Jim Goben

Pulled into the drive thru. Waited on truck in front of me for a minute. Truck pulls off. I ease up lookin at the screen. Notice truck keeps going past the window. Waited for a minute to see if someone would take my order. Nope. That's why the truck kept going. Went inside. They acted like it was the first time they heard it but the lady from the truck had just told them. Wow. The redhead kid wrapping tacos was incredibly helpful though. Watched him help a few people. Great customer service skills. Kudos to that guy.

kaddybird kaddybird

Didnt go so have no damn idea! But thanks google for saying i was somewhere when i wasn't. Keep up the good work!!

Alex Peabody

Love it good food fast service and always so friendly

Geno & Andie

A bunch of kids slap tacos together, little ingredients. My kid likes it. I make them better at home

dale harris

New ghost fries steak burrito was not spicy but it was good get some fire sauce if you want spice with it

Joshua Coker

Best taco bell I've been to in a long time. Took my wife 4 kids and my niece and all 7 of us were feed in just a couple of minutes. Great job.

Deborah Cummings

We love their beef burrito supremes. Employees have always been courteous and happy. Good place to go when need something to eat. Will go again

Jeremiad Kain

Literally every time I go through the drive through here they get my order wrong, no matter how careful I try to be. Food still ends up being pretty good though, so I don't mind too much.

Steven Lindgren

Really? It's Taco Bell, $5 box once a week and you can't go wrong.

jessica weeks

I went through the drive-thru late last night and just wanted to say they did a good job. I ordered a lot and they got the order right and it was good, hot, and fresh. These types of restaurants can have the quality of their food and service change drastically depending on what employees are working, so this review is only based only on last night (June 4, 2019 around 11:15pm) and does not mean I would review the same way tomorrow.

Cassi Keller

The staff is always super nice and they make everything fresh when you order.

Mark C.

Terrible service! There was no one in line when we walked in and it took 3 try's and 25 minutes to get our order correct.


Great food and service. I had a big order and Trey helped me take it to my car. Very cool!ð???


Trevone was extremely polite and helpful when placing our order. However, I was very disappointed with the speed of our service. When we walked in we were the only customers that hadn't already received their food. After placing our order we waited 10-12 minutes to get our food. The reason being the manager was too busy on his cellphone to focus on completing our order and a majority of it sat there for most of the time. A man that walked in 3-4minutes after us received his order a few minutes before us. The manager still on his phone dropped our food off at the counter barely acknowledging us. He then walked into a now busy dining area talking loudly on his phone like it was his living room. Ultimately, it was a very unprofessional appearance.

Charles Pierpont

This taco Bell is nice and clean. The employees were all very friendly. Especially the guy named Abe.

Volley Holbrook

They didn't put cheddar cheese sauce on my beefy 5 layer burritos. And it took 10 minutes to make 2 of them.

richard mexico

Drive thru server was not very friendly, they forgot our sauce, our napkins, and our fork for our nachos.

Steve S

Great tacos and other mexican food there

ed h

Did not have a good experience at this location. Ordered a burrito supreme fresco black beans and refried beans that was served ridiculously small. The reason most likely was I also had asked for an enchirito fresco black beans instead of meat and they proceeded to tell me that Taco Bell doesn't make those anymore. I explained that I had one recently but that was enough to trigger not only the counter help but the shift manager. It was never an argument, they just were arrogant and they stated they were not making it. It was too easy to find another Taco Bell a few miles up there road and get want I usually do.

Susan Thomasson

Friendly service. Food tastes like it's supposed to! Well filled tortillas.

Sylvia Warner

Every one is always nice here. I never have to wait long and the food is always good.

Aaron Meehan

Great place for a quick bite

Eddie S.

Typical Taco Bell menu. The restaurant itself is nice and customer service was good. I ordered a veggie Power Bowl. The cashier did not know how to ring it up so she asked someone to help her, but no big deal. The food came out very quickly but they were not busy so not too surprised. The bowl itself was just okay. I'm assuming because they put it together so quickly that it was lacking something but I couldn't put my finger on it. I've have better.

Michael T.

Frank W was awesome. Fixed our tacos for us. From chunk to shredded chicken. Explained everything for us.


I've only been here twice and both times the place was a mess with food all over in the kitchen and dining area. Service was also slow. Average Taco Bell food.

barb bennett

Yum, good price, should stay open later.

Chastity Williamson

Very polite at the drive thru and my food was ready as soon as i went to the window and she gave me a lot of sauce just like i asked! I had a grilled chicken crunch wrap supreme with extra sour cream and it was delicious!

Kathryn Black

Crew members were patient while I figured out exactly what I was picking up for a friend. My only trouble was my cup lid didn't want to lock on right, lol!

Judd Pendred

This Taco bell is a little higher priced compared to others, however it was clean and fast! Plus good customer service!

Mandy England

Went here for my daughter 20 minutes before they closed to get a simple been and cheese burrito. Upon returning home for her to eat, it had onions in it. She gets sick with onion. Simple order especially before closing. Tried calling the store as,I knew I wouldn't get back up their in time and go figure....NO ANSWER...None of the 4 times calling! So my daughter couldn't eat the only thing that sounded good to her in a few days. Not a happy customer or mother!

Cas Alexander

I know its bad for me.. but sooo yummy