Bob Evans

32701 Concord Dr, Madison Heights
(248) 588-0770

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Wayne B

Fresh and hot. But they don't offer sugar free drinks

Pure Money


Kevin F

Arrived at 12 Noon for dine in, and stood behind another couple for 15 mins before I got seated. While waiting, I watched a worker package food for pickup, watched another woman walk back and forth dumping a small container of ice into a larger container, another woman talking and having a good time with a seated couple, and two others wandering aimlessly while people waited to be seated. I was able to place my order 5 mins later, and I also started the timer on my phone.When the time reached 30 minutes, I took it to the counter and showed Joseph, who said he was the manager. He offered to have my meal (3 meat & cheese omelette) cooked and then packaged to go. I told him NO, I have to go back to work. 50 Mins and no lunch? I went to the FF place down the road and was through the drive thru line in less than 5 mins. I will Not be visiting this place again.

chrissy lawson

Love the food! Got family style carry out for my birthday dinner. Only to show up and was given an individual meal. When I asked about my order being wrong was told I never asked for a family meal on the phone. So I asked if I could place an order for a family meal and was told no the kitchen is closed. According to hours posted on the door and internet they should have been still open. Sadly I will not use this bob Evans ever again. Thanks for the great customer service on my birthday.

kim owens

They were honest about being short staffed and how long food would take. I appreciated that. Service was impeccable!

Jerry Lee

Nice. Good food poison like the masks...but everything worked out

Mel Daniels

Hard the Farmers Breakfast and Everything was Cooked to Perfection,


We come here a lot and today came back for the first time since COVID-19. The service and food are normally good, however today we received both AWFUL service and food. Staff were rude and heard complaining to coworkers about having to be there. The food was either incorrect or sloppily prepared. I’m sorry you guys have to actually WORK now instead of getting that free $900/week. Not sure if we’ll be back.

Liz P.

So I had been craving ham lately, and I placed an online order with Bob Evans this past Friday for a ham 3-course dinner, to be picked up Sunday, for Easter. On Saturday, I got a phone call from the restaurant saying they were out of apple pie, and giving me a choice of cherry or mixed berry pie; I called them back and they (accidentally?) hung up on me. I called them back yet again and ordered cherry pie. My pick-up time was supposed to be at 5:30pm today. At 5pm, I received an automated email saying that my order HAD NEVER BEEN SENT to the restaurant, and that I should call them to see if they got it; pretty interesting, considering they had just called me yesterday about it ... I called them and lo and behold, they had no order for me. They let me place an order over the phone and quoted me 25 minutes for pickup. When I arrived, the staff was very disorganized; there is a max of 5 customers allowed in the building right now, because of quarantine, and there were 5 of us waiting. The manager asked that we all stand on X's on the floor so that we weren't too close to each other; meanwhile, no one was cashing anyone out so we were all just waiting. I also noticed 3 of the 4 employees were not wearing gloves, which worries me a bit. I *finally* got my food and they let me use the 15% off coupon I had used on Friday, too, even though it had expired on Friday (hence, why I had placed the online order on Friday). So I would say the customer service was like ... 1/5 stars. However, the food was about what I expected, 3/5 stars, so I am giving them two stars: -Salad: Kind of a small, sad, side salad, though the Italian dressing was good and was on the side as I had requested. -Biscuits: Decent. I received two, am saving one for tomorrow's breakfast. -Ham, mashed potatoes, corn: All were pretty good, but my meal was lukewarm by the time I got home so I had to microwave it. -Cherry pie: Pretty tasty. Probably the best part of my meal. I hadn't eaten at a Bob Evans in about 4-5 years and I'm guessing it will be another 4-5 years until I return, based on this experience. Overall, pretty disappointing even though the food was decent.

mojo 2428

Good down home food at a really good price point. Service is always fast and friendly, and they also have a gluten free menu for my son.

Jenna Cantu

My Grandma and I love Bob Evans! It's the best. Their biscuits are to die for. Their chicken noodle soup is also amazing. We'll definitely be adding it to our dinner rotation.

Sean Paul Anthony

Very good as usual...very nice service!

Aaron Carr

Subpar dining experience. Terrible service. Stared at my food sitting in the window for 25 minutes. When I finally got my food, it was barely warm. Half a dozen waitresses standing around talking and maybe 3-4 tables with customers so it's not like it was busy. Bob Evans used to be good. Won't be back.

Aaron Carr

Came in on a Sunday about 4pm. 3, maybe 4 tables with customers, yet a half dozen waitresses standing around talking, so it wasn't busy. Was seated immediately. Hostess took our drink order but never returned. After 15 minutes our waitress arrived and took our drink order, again. 10 minutes later we get our drinks and waitress takes our food order. 20-30 minutes later we finally get our food after staring at it sitting in the window for 15 minutes. Food was barely warm yet plate was hot from sitting under a heat lamp. Portions way smaller than I remember. Carrots with pot roast severely undercooked. Subpar food and terrible service. Waitress never came back and checked on us until she brought our bill. Used to love Bob Evans, what happened? Won't be back.

sissie l

the waitress was so kind and literally the best—she knew what I needed before I even asked for it!

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