Bread Basket Deli

29151 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 439-3354

Recent Reviews

Ashley Long

Good food, but the prices were way higher than what they had on the menu, and service was a little rude.

Darryl Lewis

Terrible corned beef egg roles but great service

Jimmie Jefferson

The sandwiches were delicious and customer service was excellent.

Will P

Corned beef sandwiches are always good. I just need a regular to be satisfied. Service was good. Order was waiting for me when l got there.

Neil Gottlieb

The best corned beef sandwich in town! Great combos and sides. Fast friendly service. You'll be glad you came.

Nichole Blake

Food is awesome. Huge portions. Friendly fast service.

Sherry Stillman

I should have walked out. All of the customers were wearing masks., however none of the staff were. They have taken 0 steps to ensure their customers safety other than not leave the dining area open. The only reason why we didnt leave without picking up the order was because it was a big order. I felt bad for the store for loosing food if I would have walked out and not paid. The sandwiches we bought were not the 9 oz we ordered. We found out when we got home. The matzo ball soup tasted like it was canned broth. The deep friend mushrooms were soaked in grease and dripped grease when you bit into them. The onion rings were greasy and tasteless.

Andrew McCarroll

Gave one star because food is really good, but way too pricey. Not good value. Also, alarmingly, none of the three staff were wearing masks!!

Steve Bertalan

First time eating here and it was very good, a fellow employee and myself got a meats united sandwich and a corned beef sandwich. Both were hot and fresh, meats were sliced on the spot and piled with quality meat. On a side note from someone that loves pickles... Those are some damn good pickles as well. Will be back for sure 100% Wish I would have taken a pic of the food but it only lasted about 5 minutes.

Eddie Thornton

Friendly and engaging staff. Respectful and safe conscious. Offered hand sanitizer after I paid. I will be back! Order was ready when I arrived.

Tarea Payton

Service is always slow...Even if you call order in ahead of time...

Monique F

I called my order in and asked for a corned beef combo with the fries and drink. I asked them to trim the fat and please cut the meat up. When I got home with my order there was so much fat on the meat I have to peel it off which left me with less meat then I payed for. My fries were burned and the only reason I gave this a 1 star is because the pop was decent. I'm very disappointed because the gentleman even read the order back to me and it was completely ignored. I will not be coming back and for now on I will be going to Nicky D's for my corned beef sandwich.


The best fried pickles !! They are so awesome !! Love the corned beef eggrolls too !! They are always very pleasant.


This Bread Basket location on Dequindre in Madison Heights has the BEST deli sandwiches!!! I drive from Harper Woods to purchase the corned beef , roast beef for my husband and pastrami for me. The sandwiches are simply delicious and worth the extra miles!! I highly recommend trying their deli sandwiches!!

Denise Forsythe

I heard great things about this place. I decided to grab a carry out. I asked my roommates if they wanted something and said that they are supposed to be really good. So, I called and placed my order, she told me 15 minutes. I left right away because it was going to take me about 11 minutes to get there. When I got there I waited a few minutes for someone to wait on me, I told them I had a carry out. Since it was my 1st time there I was looking around. They have a small cooler with pop and desserts inside, I opened it up to look at the deserts and the bottom of the cooler was filthy. But the cheesecake looked awesome. As I'm watching them do their thing I notice meat sitting out in a metal bin. It looked like it was cold and sitting there for a minute. I'm still waiting for my food. It had been about 10 more minutes and I seen them take my sandwich bread that had cheese and sourkrout off the grill and place it on the cutting board for preparation of the next steps to make the sandwich. The lady whom took my order went over to the prep counter and leaned over the steamy bread and was getting the Coleslaw for my order. Seemed as tho she was taking forever. Needless to say my bread was getting cold. Then the guy who was making my sandwich put the meat on. I thought humm but it's not hot or even warm, but okay. Then they finally drop the chicken fingers and wings for my order. Umm, okay. So there sits my sandwich getting cold yet again.. another 7-8 minutes goes by and then they put the fries in the fryer. A couple minutes later and I see him taking the fries out and putting them in the container to complete my order. As I'm looking at the fries from afar, I can tell they are not done, but I gave the benefit of the doubt and just waited for my order. So I pay and she gives me my food and I open it up right away a take a look at the fries and as I suspected, the fries were NOT done and the chicken tenders and wings were OVER cooked. I said, I thought that I seen them not cooked all the way. She say to me, then why didn't you say something. I just say can you remake everything for me it's mine and my roommates first time here and I don't wanna give them this food, I wanna come back. (Why would I need to say something about the fries not being cooked, you are the professionals.. cooking my food so you should know when the fries are or are not done) so i.said I guess I'll just sit down and eat half my sandwich. So as I'm sitting there their phone rings and all I hear is... I don't know what you're talking about. She gets off the phone and says to her coworker.. that someone called and was talking about an order they supposedly called in. Anyways as I eat half my sandwich, I talk to them about my feelings and how I want to come back and that I appreciate them remaking it for me and IF my sandwich is supposed to be hot/warm, it is not. She turns and looks at me and says there's nothing I can do about it now. She turn back around to what she was doing and says I'm sorry. At no point did they apologize to me when I said something about my older not being cooked correctly NOR the time I waited for my order to be completed.... that's it. This review is long enough.

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