Celina's Bar & Grill

623 W Eleven Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 439-6422

Recent Reviews

Tony Sipes

Its a lovely place to be friend ly service grat food good time s. Ida go agen.

Nick Menzo

Food was good bar was fun. Out door space was nice.

Rhiron Tolentino

Love the staff and owner is a great guy ??

Dennis John Lopiccolo

I just all around love the place, the food is quality and taste amazing.. Service is top notch i just cant wait until the next stop!!!

steven silber

Good food. Little pricey for portion size (maybe due to coronavirus). Service good.

Alex Naife

Waitresses are super nice. Has that small town feel to it but a great setup for sports and entertainment. My new favorite place! -Alex


First time going here and I will definitely be back. Everyone one friendly and nice. The food and service was great!!

Will P

Has been a favorite of mine for years. Have seen a couple of Super Bowls here. Good specials. Great staff. Shout out to my favorite bartender Tricia.

Aura Alice

This place should have NEVER reopened after the Governor's restrictions were lifted on bars. No Security on site. They NEVER had Security and never will. They've already had loud parking lot brawls. I watched an argument from the patio escalate from a couple guys. Then the one got beaten tonite by a group of several men joining in. The violence has got to stop. We are still recovering from a global pandemic. Never coming here again. So disapointed that the staff let this happen. We called 911, someone had to. Beware of your safety at this suburban bar.

Sundernassicsonrw Weekes

Awful experience last night. I ordered chicken tenders to go and was told the wait would be 15 minutes. Took nearly 30 minutes to get to me and the place wasn't even busy. After paying $8.49 for tenders that were priced on the web for $6.99 I realized they weren't tenders at all but rather big chicken nuggets that got soggy because they died in the window before reaching me. So I left $0 as a tip. Woke up this morning and realized the waitress must not have been happy with not receiving a tip for a takeout order because she there was at least an extra dollar taken out. I'm not going to call the police over a dollar but I am going to express my extreme displeasure all over the internet and begin a boycott of this establishment. Hope the buck was worth it!

Jordan Bakeman

Love this place. Every Friday they have a great New York strop for 9.99 every Friday.

Robert Francis

This was my first visit here. The food was really good. I enjoyed the band. The service was a bit slow for the amount of people in the place. I will return.

Joe Howarth

I'm not at all impressed with the food menu. Salad lacked, Silders were poor quality beef. Beer selection was lacking.I guess if your just looking for a local bar it's fine but if your expecting a little more for your money best go elsewhere.

Heather Quayle

Unpretentious, good beer selection. Prices are much lower for craft beer than the trendy places in RO and Ferndale and you actually get a pint glass! Friendly service and great food specials! Live music on occasion. Not a trendy place, but highly recommended!

James Jones

Friendly environment, decent food. Drink specials, good service.

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