Edamame Sushi

31632 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 597-4500

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herlina Sioson

We ordered crispy pata . It came chopped up. Maybe they chopped it up I think because It was overcooked ,really dark brown and very hard . It was so hard You can’t bite on the meat . Spoiled my lunch and craving for a really good crispy pata . Won’t go there again and won’t recommend the place .

Layne Holloway

I admire this spot! They offer sensational meals, their menu is rich, The cook in that spot is an expert, I love very much eating all their dishes. The dishes are consistently tasty, the attitude towards the visitors is efficient. I go often to this restaurant and I was never unhappy. I recommend this place.

James Martin

Very elegant and convenient restaurant. They offer big portions and for inexpensive prices. We enjoyed the menu a lot and the waiters were super welcoming and chatty. Recommended.

Sumina Bhattarai

Best food ever. I visited with my friends for himalayan dumplings and noodles. That was fabulous. My favorite dish here is sisig?. The staffs here are friendly with warm environment. You guys should visit once for the delicious food??.

Ted Jung

Sushi chef definitely knows what he is doing. I enjoyed the salmon roll and Godzilla

Rick L.

I can usually just eat anything...even if something at a restaurant wasn't all that tasty but still edible I'd finish it. The food I ordered here was just plainly inedible...not that I was looking for authenticity with the Filipino cuisine but the sisig wasn't even close to what sisig is I don't know what it was...the pancit canton was salty nasty, adobo was tough sour browned meat. I don't even want to waste anymore of my time writing about this place. Not sure if it was an off night, but wow...I felt like I was being punk'd or something!!!

Pat Warchuck

Went today with a couple friends for the first time. We each had a different ramen dish. The ramen we each had were great and very filling. Also had their spring rolls, which was almost egg roll-esk. And tried their gyoza (fried), and it was good too. Also had tried the Dragon and Godzilla sushi rolls. Everything was good, would go again.

Aaron B.

I wish I had reviewed this place years ago when I originally found it, then I would have given 4 stars easy.Now, there are new owners, and they've changed things. To an extent that might make sense, but in my opinion a lot of their food previously tasted really good, and now so far I've tried two dishes that taste worse.The broth on the ramen has changed, it's not as rich and deeply flavorful as before.Yesterday I got the combo fried rice which I love, and sure enough, something changed again, it seems with whatever liquid/sauce the rice was fried in. Again, same problem, not as rich and tasty as the original. This was more bland and as if they really skimped on the seasoning/oil/whatever it is that MADE it taste so good.I'm hesitant to come back to try for a third time. Did they ruin the Volcano? The Hawaiian noodles? Who knows?

Russel Kurland

This spot is my favored. I visit many restaurants but here I go the most. The crew is very professional and the cooking they cook is so tasty. I would always prefer to have a decent dinner in this restaurant. I recommend this place with pleasure.

D Glover

Surely a spot worth stopping over, the food is great and fresh, the cost is reasonable and it is regularly well organized in here. Highly recommended.

big bob bear

Been coming to these guys for about a year and let me just say you will not he disappointed, the service is excellent and the food , the food is absolutely amazing !thanks guys for doing a great job till next time

James Taff

I sent my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The the cooking is great and the crew is very friendly and cooperative. Every time we go to this place we enjoy a lovely evening. highly recommended.

Richard Hayes

I just loved their food. I always get great customer service there. The place is well kept and the workers are always helpful. Would recommend to others.

Marlon N.

They are now open!!! Sisig and Crispy pata for the win!!! Sarap!!! Dont forget to tip

Kristyn V

I like the veggie options for sushi here: fresh, tasty, and well priced. I also love the garlic fried rice!It doesn’t look like much from the outside in an unassuming strip mall, but it’s worth it to dine in (in the future) or carry out!

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