Green Lantern Pizza

28960 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 541-5439

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Lovely Endearment

Pizza was amazing. Wish I got the person's name that cooked pizza that day. Ordered the meat lovers with extra cheese and there were plenty of toppings and cheese. Some pizza places say extra cheese and lack greatly! Pizza was also hot and fresh. Employee brought my pizza to my vehicle due to practicing CDC guidelines, greatly appreciated that.

Mohammed Ahmed

Service was good got our orders taken quickly and the servers were attentive. The reason why I have to give this place such a low rating is the food! The wings were soft and soggy something that you’d get from 7/11. The pizza was okay. Overall place is nice service is nice but the food is mediocre at best.

Tad Lee

OG pizza, very mom-pop. Great pizza loved by all who eat at Green Lantern, a must if you're in the area.

Harvey V.

rainbow haired bartender is the only wait person ....we ordered a salad and a large pie ....rainbow never went to check on our pizza while it sat in the pick-up window for 10 minutes,when she brought the pie it was burnt....we told rainbow we aren't paying for our salad we ate and pepsi's and left ....we are finished with the lantern again....

Jamie Towers

Me and my man went there. We both got a individual ?. Also we got a side of coleslaw. It was mad with vinager. I put some on my pizza. We both loved it. Brought back tons of memories. Uses to sit at the bar as a kid with my grandpa. He would have a beer. He would get me a coke. They would have free pretzels and peanuts. Then my moms family wous get together and have their ? and sub.

Bruce Shepard

Always good and with such a small place all the pizza's flying out that door tell you something good is in that green box. Love it!

Aaron T.

Not overrated. Some of the best pizza around but let's be honest they have some strong competition as well. This place is great and I will always come back.

Vivian Adams

Food is always amazing

J B.

I went to the Clinton township location today. I did a dine in order for a large pizza. When done I had 4 pieces left and asked for a box. Well I accidentally left the pizza on the table and returned 5 mins later and was told the pizza had been thrown a way!Really? Ya couldn't hold it somewhere behind the huge bar for 15/20mins etc..?I spoke with the manager Randy....who told me "sorry bro"! You'd have to buy another pizza! I've been coming here for years since a kid. They could have as a courtesy offered to remake me a small pizza to compensate for my loss. Instead the manager Randy was awfully rude calling me "bro" ever other word like I was one of his homies! How unprofessional. What kind of manager talks that way to a customer.....without any apologies and professionalism. When I asked for the owners information he just said his names "TJ" and barely at the business. He just comes and goes and didn't have a time I could reach him. Randy couldn't provide me with a phone number or time. Unreal.

Kay hubbard

I went here yesterday, I ordered the large three topping pizza with some bread. The pizza was very delicious. I also ordered a Greek salad, and a half of sub, and a corn beef sandwich. The salad was phenomenal. I wasn’t too crazy about the corn beef sandwich, but the food overall was good.

Judy Stafford

I was out of town visiting the grand kids.we ordered some pizza to go in a salad. I wasn't all that crazy about the salad it was okay, but that pizza was amazing!!

jaco jeff

Phenomenal pizza and other delicacies! Curbside pick was great. Food is always a winner. Yummy!

ItsPure Vlogs

Amazing, pizza was great, bread and salads were the best. Awsome service and wait was small. Overall best pizza place ever.

C B1983

Paige is very Nice I was there today. She offered the best Service. I love Green Lantern they are way better than other pizza places


I went back to Green Lantern with my friend for the first time since last year and they still are the best service was great and our waitress Page was awesome definitely will be back soon

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