Jet's Pizza

333 W Eleven Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 548-1210

Recent Reviews

Jace Coleman

This place is great! Good rates, considerable dishes and the staff are constantly friendly.

cedric Queener

The staff is ignorant and rude. I ordered online for a pick up and they never specified not to enter the lobby. So when I mistakenly walked into the lobby to (PICKUP) my order the jerk in the back starts screaming get out of the lobby there is a sign on the door. And not one person was practicing social distancing or had a face mask on. I will never return to the store.

Joshua England

This place is great! Convenient prices, large portions and the staff are constantly very welcoming.

Gualterio Pettinger

Love coming here with my friends just for the pizza!It is delicious,and not pricey at all!

Jordon Scappaticci

Best greasy deep dish in the D, nothing hits quite like Jets.

Jeff W

Best bbq chicken pizza around

Steve Booker

Very fast, curbside service, coupons, what more do you want?!

T K.

Ordered at 7:26pm. Was told 15-20 minutes for pickup. Called back at 7:55 and was told someone will bring it right out. Pizza was brought out at 8:23pm. Being busy is understandable, but be upfront about it!

Todd Scheitz

consistently good pizza, they are doing curbside pick up now

Detroit Marauder.

I've ordered from Jets all over Michigan. Off hand I would say I've tasted Jets Salads and Pizza from over 25 places around Michigan. Most from the Detroit area but others from Western and Northern Michigan. The Jets on 11 mile rd. in Madison Heights is by far the best place of all of them. Salads always fresh, pizza's perfect. This is the hallmark place to order Jets food. If you were disappointed by Jets like I always am, Order from this place you will not regret it. I can't even eat other Jets salads... Eww.

Ankur J.

Placed order at 920 pm on 5/15/2020 and was told to come to pick up our small pepperoni pizza and small antipasto salad at 940. We promptly called and waited for 20 minutes as order after order was given to customers who arrived after we did. Called back and asked for a refund were given a haphazard sorry from the woman that picked up the phone that said she didn't take our order. Admittedly, I was pissed and cursed at the woman and I do regret that. Thanks for treating Beaumont employees that work with COVID patients all day with such promptness and integrity (sarcasm). Won't ever order from them again. I just hope I actually get a refund on my credit card.

Bradley Wells

Just had a great mother's day special, this Jets store hasn't let me down once! They also have a cheerful young lady who works the register, today she brought the pizza out to my Jeep with mask & gloves on, I don't know her name or I'd give her a shout out. Friendly service is always a big plus!

SayItStraight M.

Call me crazy but when I pay $18 for ONE pizza I expect the toppings to all be there. The entire bill was over $35 NOT delivered. The whole reason for a Mediterranean pizza is the toppings, right? There was honestly about one teaspoon of feta in the entire pizza. The taste was good, but come on. The pepperoni round was a grease pit. No thanks. I'll go to the new gourmet pizza place to spend $35. Btw it will not post the picture of the feta-less Mediterranean....

Kyle D

Normally very good but ordered a pizza with bacon there was hardly any Bacon on it. I spoke with the manager and he told me there was bacon on it but the other toppings were obstructing my view of it as if I couldn't clearly make out what bacon is

Jay Williams

Ordered $80 in food (I always cringe at the price when ordering from Jets) because my wife really wanted it. The missed delivering an entire pizza. I called them up, and they remade it and delivered about 30 minutes later, but they forgot the flavored crust.

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