Jet's Pizza

333 W Eleven Mile Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 548-1210

Recent Reviews


Pizza is excellent call when you arrive and pizza is brought out to you due to current social issues service is great

Thomas Casson

This place is worth giving a shot. They serve large portions for fair rates. Regularly well kept and with fantastic ambience. Would recommend to others.

Adam Derrick

I keep coming back because I only have 2 of my top 3 pizza places in delivery range also I can walk there and back... Pizza at the park. Satisfying


This location is my favorite, the food is very consistent. I like that they do all curbside pickup so I don’t have to be in the small lobby where social distancing isn’t possible. Our favorite things to order are the deep dish with turbo crust with pepperoni or mushrooms and a salad. We like the antipasto or the garden salad. The medium salad is big and feeds my family of 4 and makes me feel a little bit better about a pizza dinner. At least they ate some kind of vegetable. My kids love the cheese sticks. I don’t recommend the NY style, if you want that choose another spot. This place is all about the detroit style deep dish.The staff at this location is very nice, even though they are always busy. Today I messed up my online order and the manager fixed it for me, even though it wasn’t their mistake. We are frequent customers (I really hate cooking on the weekends) and I appreciated how nice she was, even though I was the one who messed up.I definitely recommend this location, it’s great!

Kamala Pielmeier

The pizza is so good. We are from PA. So very time we visit our kids in Mi we ask them to get us Jets pizza.

Paula Lee

Always on time! Excellent courteous staff. Great food!

Ran Cheng

Ordered a large new york style pizza. Pretty sure it was made yesterday and just reheated. Not ordering from this location again.

Stephanie K.

Everything was super duper delicious but they forgot the salad dressing, utensils, and napkins.Definitely will order from them again. Delivery was on time, driver was friendly and wore a mask.

Jace Coleman

This place is great! Good rates, considerable dishes and the staff are constantly friendly.

cedric Queener

The staff is ignorant and rude. I ordered online for a pick up and they never specified not to enter the lobby. So when I mistakenly walked into the lobby to (PICKUP) my order the jerk in the back starts screaming get out of the lobby there is a sign on the door. And not one person was practicing social distancing or had a face mask on. I will never return to the store.

Joshua England

This place is great! Convenient prices, large portions and the staff are constantly very welcoming.

Gualterio Pettinger

Love coming here with my friends just for the pizza!It is delicious,and not pricey at all!

Jordon Scappaticci

Best greasy deep dish in the D, nothing hits quite like Jets.

Jeff W

Best bbq chicken pizza around

Steve Booker

Very fast, curbside service, coupons, what more do you want?!

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