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Samuel H.

I normally NEVER leave reviews on any establishment. This McDonalds has to be the WORST when it comes to customer service. Not only was I being rushed when placing my order. I didn't receive all the food I ordered at the window. I didn't realize it until I was down the road. I called this place to see if I can come back and get my items that were not given to me. I told her I didn't receive a receipt because the young lady on the register told me they ran out The manager told me " if you have no receipt I can't help you at all bye" I stopped her before she could hang up and and address her poor customer service! Also didn't give me her name at all saying ( it's against the rules to pass out my name to a customer) I eventually come back to the restaurant and I get asked for the managers named that helped me ( obviously don't have it due to her lying about not giving her name). What blew me away the most was the fact that these employees under her charge had the AUDACITY, to give me my milkshake that was sitting out for over an hour as well as my burger and fries. I highly recommend this establishment to be re-introduced to customer service classes since the employees at this location have clearly lost their minds. In short for those that actually look at reviews. Do not eat here.

Ted Jung

Drive through staff sounded like he is under influence of drug effect and would not take order with proper manner.

Jake Johnson

Worst service. Horrible store manager. If i could give 0 stars i would. Food was cold and when i called in none of my concerns were resolved. Never come here if you want fresh food. I go out of my way to not come here

Heather Sinclair-Wilson

They need new people and teach the workers better manners

Kristina Shamiwn

Horrible food. Mary told me i had to bring my food back. I had 5 more hours of work to go to. With no food and my order wrong. She said i had 1 day to get order replaced or i had to call the main office which no one knows where thar location is to get my money back. I don’t know what kind of business they are running. Horrible experience. I’m going to tell everyone i know not to come here. Completely got my order wrong.

Jeremy N.

Only did drive thru, but the service and food was pretty good!We stopped here after a trip to Harbor Freight across the street but the inside look a little busy so we passed on it and went into the drive thru. Typically, I am not very keen to drive thrus, but I didn't want to wait in a long line inside.We got through pretty quick and our food was proper. It was a bit strange when we got to the window because the person in the window didn't really speak to us and the two burgers we got were a bit slanted in the wrapper, but everything was hot and tasted good so we were happy with that!It looks like this McDonald's just got a remodel done, so it looks pretty nice on the outside and inside.

Tooni Marie

If I could give ZERO Stars I would!! Usually I dont complain but this is the 3rd time I've been here and had the same experience. I order the same thing every time I come... my food is NEVER the issue. My issue is with the unprofessional & rude worker that takes the order through the drive thru and also takes your money. She is very rude. I can understand having a bad day that I get! but clearly this wasn't the problem. Because I've had the same experience now for the 3rd time. Some people aren't meant to work with the public and she is clearly one of those people. Customer service is a must and she has none. If u hate your job so much FIND ANOTHER ONE!! Dont be rude to the customers that are visiting the establishment. Cuz without the customers your business would be NOTHING!! Management needs to do a better job hiring people who will be dealing with the public. If they aren't a employee with customer service skills then either DONT HIRE THEM or Throw them on the grill where they dont interact with customers. Seriously if I have this same experience the next time I come I won't be back!!!

Mike Williams

McDonald's sucks. Don't eat there. It's very bad for you. I'm loving it!

Jackie Herring-Prescott

Messy food, just slopped together. Good hot fries

Timothy Vigneau

Cold fries, and the cheese wasn't even warm on my burger

James Saunders

I gave it 4 stars only because I can't go inside and eat this whole covid19 is just way out of hand

Sarah J.

I have never seen this disrespect The talks in very disrespect way and I called the manager abd he came he kept staring with out saying anything! Bad place !!!!!!

Frank Jannaro

Fries where nice and hot but cannot say the same for the cheeseburgers.

Jonas Gee

Not bad McDonald’s and the staff are good but they haven’t figured out mobile orders yet. I use it so I can quickly take my lunch break but every time I try it doesn’t work for them and it ends up taking longer. Never had a mobile order problem at any other store.

aylane bourouba

My kids love this place. They miss it a lot on this pandemic periode.i think it is the first place they want to go after all this.

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