32811 Stephenson Hwy, Madison Heights
(248) 588-7909

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Food was fresh and hot

Otis Flywheel

Slushie machine seems to always be down, you guys need a new maintenance department haha.

Ted Jung

The worst branch in town. Bunch of weirdos working there chatting and giggling when customer is waiting 30 minutes for a simple order. Just go to the one that is 4 minutes away.

Michael Payne

They have the very best ICE TEA ever.

Turo Alvarado

Busy, but fast and accurate service

Nancy Cipielewski

went through the drive-thru ordered a McChicken with extra lettuce and a medium Diet Coke order came to $2.96 I didn't get a receipt from the cashier cuz I didn't think I need it one got up to the window where they give you the food he didn't have my order he lost my order then he has me at 4 receipt I told my didn't have one then he asked me what I ordered and I told him it wasn't he act like I was stealing something I ordered a McChicken and extra lettuce if I was going to feel something sure in the hell wouldn't be that and then he proceeded to wait about 10 minutes then give me my McChicken not in a bag and a large regular Coke I'm a diabetic so I couldn't even drink it you should check your drive-thru horrible customer service

Jim Jack

Wasn't to pleased when i opened my double 1/4 pounder with cheese & saw major grease in bottom of it & also bottom of the bag !!

Kathleen Fleming

Fries were fresh. Meal served quickly and tasted really good. What a difference from 12 and John R. Their staff serves soggy disgusting fries. Orders are messed up 80% of the time. I will make the extra drive to Stephenson's McDonald's from now on ! It will be worth it!!!!!!!!!

Arleen Long

The worst service I have ever had. The girl at the window did not say one word to me. She held her hand out for my money without saying a word. My food was stuffed in a small bag with my fries hanging out, did not get any napkins, or even a thank you. It's getting worse every time I go there. You need to get workers that want to work.

Apryl Paris

First the fries were cold.... then the Manager was less than managerial! The first problem was my payment: I paid with a $10 bill and the change. Rather than the cashier tell me that the change was incorrect, he instead handed me a bunch of singles and more change. I phoned to tell the manager, and to also complain that my fries were cold. Her (Allison) answer was that they don't communicate things like that to customers; they just take what they hand them. Rather than see this as a teaching moment for her cashier, she turned it into a teaching moment for me (for what???) and I was never even apologized to for the cold fries or the miscommunication over the payment. There are other McDonald's that do so much better, and have better managers, and their staff is better trained. I will have to patronize them instead.

Lish Lish

It's sad that service anywhere outside of Detroit is great. Food was freshly prepared. The associates had wonderful personalities.

Timothy Hamp

The ? guy gots to go. Thought i was eating chips.

One Low

"Do you want dressing with your salad"❓'I have never had salad without'And they are demanding $15.00 per hour ❓

Joshua Wood

They forgot my kids chicken nuggets and it was too late to go back cuz I trusted they would do thier job. the food that was remembered was decent.

Sirena Phillips

Very nice people and cheaper than regular stores

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