Quán Ngon Vietnamese Bistro

30701 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 268-4310

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Bernard Davis

This places is a real gem the atmosphere is so nice and sweet plus the food hits the spot for sure.

Codie Nicole B.

Love coming here!! Have been here a handful of times now and have yet to be anything else but great! I have only ordered bahn mi from here but the food is always fresh and I love how they ask if you want veggie on or on side. I can't always eat it right away so certainly helps keeping it tasting fresher longer! Love the grilled beef #124. Need to explore the rest of the menu, they have quite a variety of pho here as well!

Lam Nguyen

Very rude waitress. Older middle eastern lady is super rude. Need to learn how to communicate better with customer. Food was decent. Won’t be coming back here because of the service

Jay Masters

The food was bland and not the best. If this is the only thing around then sure but there is literally another pho place in the same plaza. The other place isn't great either. The only reason I came this way is because I keep forgetting that my favorite place is closed on Wednesday. ( This was written during the pandemic were everyday feels like Monday)I sat down and the service was a little slow for it to be so empty. But also im sure some people really hate it when people bother them.

Kyeong Na

Neat. Soup is little too sweet.

Jerome A.

I know, I know; there's more to Vietnamese food then Pho, fresh rolls, and grilled pork chops, but why fix what ain't broke? I love all three staples and can usually tell a lot about a Vietnamese joint off those three things.So that's what we did, got all three to feel Quan Ngon out and here's what I thought...Grilled beef fresh rolls: I was assuming the grilled beef was going to be... grilled beef. Rather it was more like a sliced sausage, which still tasted good but I can't imagine it being better than a grilled piece of beef. Standard fillings including a fried egg roll wrapper inside which added a nice crunch. Came with a sauce that I did not use, rather sticking to the salty sweet fish sauce that came with my grilled pork.Pho with brisket, beef slices: my brother got the #24 and he found the broth sweet and herbaceous. Not one of his favorite broths in the area but it served its purpose. Ample amounts of noodle and beef will leave you fully satisfied.Grilled double pork chop over fried rice: it's a full on meal when it comes to this plate! Comes with trwo chops, fried rice, sunny side up egg, pickled veggies, lettuce, tomatoes, dipping sauce, aaannnddd a cup of broth. I found the chops to be a bit thin and dry, though still very tasty from the charring on the grill. The fried rice was a real highlight, as I usually just get white rice. I've been to a lot of Vietnamese restaurants in the Warren/Madison Heights area, and I mean there's a lot! While this place doesn't suck, Quan Ngon also don't reach the pantheon of Vietnamese Restaurants in this area.As for me, my favorite is of all-time is still Little Saigon. Unbeatable broth, and gargantuan beef and pork chops. But that's another review for another time...

Eric Persha

Outstanding as always. Hands down the best place for Pho in town.

Damon Sanders

Good food and a very welcoming staff.


Good food, wish more time in between course

Jennifer L.

Started off with the pork summer rolls that were really delicious, which is a rare find at Vietnamese restaurants.Amazing pho broth that's slightly sweet and aromatic. Also got the special braised duck leg with egg noodles that was so tasty. The duck is a big chunk of soft meat that is worth the price. Flavor kind of reminded me of chinese duck wonton noodle soup, except the broth had much more depth. Highly recommend this place. I think it's the best pho place in the greater Detroit area so far!

Kevin Michael

Foods awesome staff is super nice one of my favorite pho spots for sureee.

Clara S.

We dined in for dinner and the place has good ambience for an Asian restaurant. We ordered number 2 appetizer, 20 pho soup and 106 noodle salad with grilled chicken. Everything was good and will come back again. I forgot to take a photo cause we ate it all! Note: the place was not busy cause most take carry out due to pandemic. They have a QR reader for the menu but it didn't work for some reason. They gave us hard copy of the menu.

Christina H.

My favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Metro Detroit. We are regulars here and will continue to support this business. The staff is friendly and helpful. The food is delicious and you can get certain dishes that other Vietnamese restaurants don't offer. One of the few that makes banh xeo (not pictured) and hu tieu kho (usually a noodle soul but this one is served broth-less). The food is always pretty good and tasty.

Serena L.

I eat here about twice a week to about four times a week. I ususally switch between their bun bo hue or their com tam and occasionally I'll order something different. I love how clean they are and how great the service is.


Waited 1.5 hours. Still no food. Not coming back here again

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