Que Huong Restaurant

30820 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 588-0998

Recent Reviews

Jordan Reyes

Owner was very kind and accomodating, cozy atmosphere and I can't wait to return. Left my phone here and they had it when i returned! They substituted the meat for Tofu so I was able to eat something!

Marla Pendleton

If I could give this place a thousand stars I would. The food and flavors are a dream! I have a many pho dishes and these flavors make my mouth water. This is a fall and winter staple for my husband and I. Or whenever we have a craving for pho. The seating area is small and sometimes there is a small wait but it is worth it. I wish I had a picture to share but everytime I get the food I have no self control ?

Harley Neal

Would absolutely recommend eating here. Exceptional atmosphere, flavorful dishes, awesome customer service. Keep up the good work.

Mike L.

Que Huong is by far the best Vietnamese restaurant in Michigan. I am really picky when it comes to the Pho broth and Que Huong definitely has the best tasting broth! The owner is very nice and sometimes he'll remember what you usually order. The Bun Bo Hue is a must try if you would like something spicy. Also, the Banh Cuon is very good as well.

Lina Yi

Consistently good food, especially the pho and banh mi. Personally best pho in Michigan and of course great service. The owner seems very hardworking and humble too.

Ellanora Foreverbeauty

Cheaper than other pho restaurants. Small shop with a public restroom. Great food & Great service

Kelly H.

Best pho in the area fast service as well!! There avocado smoothie is also to die for. Reasonable pricing!

Sarang Kang

I've always been a fan of Que Huong. They're consistently delicious and dependable to have the same server 99% of the time. He has a great memory and a quippy but friendly disposition that makes my visits always familiar yet not so comfortable that I linger for too long. Lol. Today was a surprise that it was open, and evidently they've been open since June. Their dine in precautions are adequate, with a large bottle of hand sanitizer at the front and with many less tables than they have had previously cuz it was always cramped. I'd say it has a capacity of four 4-people parties and one 6/8 people party, but I didn't ask them so I don't know what their practice is.

Danielle L.

Best Vietnamese food! Great and friendly service. Good portions and price for quality food. Bahn mi and pho (#8) are good options as well as their iced coffee.

Sophia G.

I have eaten in person, and ordered takeout from this restaurant. It is my favorite place to go for Vietnamese food, and especially their Pho is to die for! I have also ordered their rice dishes, which are flavorful and very filling. Their prices are great for the amount of food you get.

Darren I.

Yummy yummy yummy. If you want amazing soups and Vietnamese dishes that will rock your world this is the place. Small place so you might have to wait. It will be worth it when you get the flavors your little taste buds have been waiting for!

Jennifer C.

Grabbed some takeout from here last week. We ordered two of their special combination banh mi and one of the sliced beef and meatball pho. Food was pretty good. The banh mi was huge, but the baguette was not as good as the ones from little saigon market. Nonetheless, it is something I would order again. It was definitely worth the price. Pho was pretty good and had good flavor. Overall, solid place to grab some Vietnamese food.

eve k.

Everything came out quickly and was delicious!They do have vegan options and they are "soooo good" according to my vegetarian friend.They currently have plexiglass between the tables due to COVID-19 which makes me feel safer

Kristine DLR

Best in food & customer service! I'd be posting food pics, but they were soooooo good that we ate most of it up before I even though about taking photos. So here's their latest menu instead! The place was clean, new renovations done to comply with Covid-19 guidelines, and super friendly people will make sure you get everything you need. We ordered everything, ate in-store and got the take-out order along with the bill. I look forward to coming back next week!

Tom Brandon

Legit, this is my favorite spot to hit! Great food always quick.

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