Keko.s Coney Island

26623 John R Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 544-9291

Recent Reviews

June Allen

It's a nice place to eat and keeping your distance in this restaurant is very good

Ruth Parmentier

Service & food were good. Wasn't impressed with the cleanliness of our table and high chair that was used.

Leslie Knack

Food. Was good service is good. Nice waitress was. Friendly. Specials. Are. Good

Lori Ferguson, LMT

Little disappointed in their chicken and hummus platter. May go back and try something else.

Michael Archambault

As always the service was great. never felt crowded or unsafe from the germs of others. No wait times. Will go again

Patrick Hebert

I got two Coney's and their loaded fries. Delicious. And fast, friendly service.

Alisha Sinclair

I've ordered from here a few times and the food was always good. Today was a whole different story. All four items were made incorrectly. My cheese sticks were burnt to a crisp, burger tasted burnt as well. The omelet was missing the green peppers and the cheese grits were plain, unseasoned with a small amount of shredded cheese on top. I understand times are crazy right now but this is just bad service. How do you mess up EVERYTHING in the order. I doubt I'll be back after this.

Noah S.

This place sucks. Went with my family and the place was trashed there was food on the floor also napkins and silverware! A waitress came over and said, "sorry about the mess but it's not our job to clean it" that was all I needed to hear....also the food came out wrong On 3/6 orders. Trash establishment and the staff needs a lot of training!

Jane Johnson

Love their coney islands! And the lemon rice soup, to die for!

Joseph Spezia

I've been eating at the restaurant for years. they have changed names and owners at least 3 times since i have started dining there. regrettably the service has declined. one waitress, she may even be a manager im not positive on the position or title she tries to maintain. Her name is/was Danielle. she is extremely rude, very slow if & when she came to check on us. I have NEVER been disregarded, and basically ignored other than when treated horribly as if this Danielle wou

Miguel Penaloza

Real good breakfast, and great service. Will be back to try other parts of the menu.

Kate Dickson

This is not my first time in that I had horrible service from the same waitress, I’m not to sure of her name but she was a heavyset Chaldean, never in my life would I recommend coming here especially if she’s your server food is great but she was absolutely horrible!

Elena Sanders

food was good but service wasn't great the restaurant was cold and the servers seemed disorganized will not be returning

Tyler B.

Keko's is my go to breakfast place. I try to go once a week on Saturday or Sunday. The service is super fast and the food is great. I get the breakfast for 3.49 and you just can't beat that price mixed with quality. 5/5 stars all day. ***Great ranch***

Frances Norman

Can not give you a good review. The meal was not good pop was flat. Had no problem with the cashier she was very friendly. But the meal I rate as a bad lunch with NO rating. Came from east side of Detroit because we where told the food was a bomb NOT SO

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