600 West Twelve Mile Road, Madison Heights
(248) 544-0168

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James Draper

Lid was not secure on my coffee and now I need to clean my cars center console. Card reader was handed to me with a $5 tip added to my drive thru single coffee order. If I had bad vision $8.45 would look a lot like $3.45. Coffee tasted sour. Could have been a rain issue hitting the tip button but I will not return.Food: 2/5


Every time I order at this Starbucks, the wait is excessively long, even off peak hours.They seem to focus almost exclusively on the drive-thru and almost completely ignore online and dining room orders.Very slow and disorganized compared with others Starbucks in the area.

John Keith

I could grow the coffee beans, build the machines and building, hire staff, raise kids, die, come back to life, all before I get my drink. Remarkably the slowest part of anyone's day. And sometimes I hate to sat it because I waited so long.... but the drink will literally be made wrong and now I'm just here with the stink face like yea it's SooOooOo good -___- Be better dog, we're all poor and have no time, so wasting both of those here is not good. Big Sad.

Amanda Zoratti

Very friendly and helpful! a little slow but worth the wait. We don’t come here often but our orders are always tasty when we do!


Woah I could treat myself more with their delicious drinks, but too pricey for routine visits.

Robin Odowd

The Barista took the time to help me choose my coffee drink that went well with my sugar plum danish. Both were delicious. The store is clean and the staff are professional and kind.

Aaron Lanza

I get that they are busy but they seemed very unorganized and no communication (unless socializing with eachother) on orders. Just a line of cups, the staff was friendly place was clean just took longer than expected for 1 drink. I have worked for Starbucks before myself and I understand it can get hectic but the lack of communication on orders was a bummer.

Sandra Ivaniuk

I demand an apology from one of the female baristas whom back in the spring of 2020 asked me to pull up my useless mask when the shop only had 3 more patrons sitting unmasked sipping coffee while I was trying to make faces to my newborn.

Amy C.

Friendly staff with not a long wait. Store was organized nicely so that I was not tripping over furniture like in some stores.

Rosaleigh Wyman

Such good service and drinks! The inside was so cozy and colorful.

TBONE-Noble Presents

I miss working working here with the rest of the awesome staff, loved the job and the customers!

Liz Parker

This place and the drive thru workers have gone downhill. Ordered a venti, received a grande, paid extra for whip, no whip, the drink spilled all over just holding it because they don’t take time to put the lids fully on.

Amy L

I love this location! Everyone is always super friendly, drinks are on point and the Dad jokes at the window when you show up early for a Mobil order (oops lol) are an amazing way to end my experience!

Holly A.

Holly Ayers is bad at her job. She has run every store in her district into the ground. All the employees dislike her, she's fake, and she wears terrible sweaters. Corporate America will literally hire anyone as long as they are ignorant and do whatever they are told.

Kaushik Raju

One of the best Starbucks where I spent working half a day. Employees are very polite and helpful :)

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