Tim Hortons

28775 Dequindre Rd, Madison Heights
(248) 544-8770

Recent Reviews

Joseph D.

New and IMPROVED! This location just reopened under new ownership, and they have been great so far! Very consistent!

Ajay Latif

Slow service, messed up coffee several times in past 3 years. Trashy looking manager

Ryan Blohm

This location hasnt been open at all recently even though it clearly says that they are open nobody is ever there

Steven E.

This location tends to be consistent with regard to Tim's standards with the possible exception of customer service standards. It's a tiny little shoppe; Let's call it intimate. There are just a few tables. Since I'm not here for a working lunch and doubt I've ever used their WiFi, it doesn't really matter. I can report that everything from the bathroom to the alarm system is above expectations. When you're a cookie cutter shoppe (small pun intended) you won't stand out from the other Tim Horton stores. The food and drinks are as they should be. The people here are a bit slow and aren't terribly friendly. Their location makes it almost impossible to make a left on to Dequindre rd. Better you should make a right then a u-turn or turn around in the mall parking lot. Poor customer service, lousy location and restaurant size knock this review down to a two. BACKGROUND: If you're new to the world of Tim Horton's, Tim's is currently Canada's largest "quick service restaurant chain". The bake shops are Canadian in origin but can be found in about a dozen states in the Eastern/Midwestern U.S. They are also represented in a few foreign countries such as Ireland, The Philippines, Qatar and even China. Yes, they are best known for coffee and donuts but offer quite a bit more. A small selection of breakfast/lunch sandwiches, soups, paninis and wraps. Baked goods include donuts, cookies, muffins and Timbits, their signature bite sized donut holes. STEVEN E. weighs in: It's a matter of apples and oranges with me. Visit a Tim's and you'll understand it's a totally different animal than a krispy creme or a duncan donuts. I review TH locations by comparing them to other TH locations and TH standards. 2/20

John Tockstein

They did not have the ability to serve Ice Caps, and this issue had come up in numerous time in the past. Normally the food and drink are great, and that why I go back.

k. williams

Follows instructions very closely however didn't wrap the food

Lena Willis

This Tim Horton's is the worse!!!! BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! How are they running a coffee shop without a business phone. The phone is disconnected.?

Katie Williams

We just went there at 8:14 pm. They have no food because they “close within the next hour”. The guy was extremely rude and didn’t have any explanation as to why. But people inside were eating? Lol okay Tim Hortons ? if I didn’t have to put a star, I wouldn’t. Don’t want my service, I’ll take it somewhere else. Maybe Starbucks has some food?

Japonia Drayton

The store is unorganized two ppl on store only one helping customers had to wait 15 mins for a cup of coffee

Michelle Dee

This location is out of control. The woman who took my order informed me for the 4th week in a row their iced cappuccino machine was not working. I asked why wouldn't they just put a sign up so people aren't waiting in line to find this out? She rudely asked if she could "help me or not" so I continued to order. Before getting other details out about my bagel, she rudely spoke over and asked me how I wanted this bagel. At this point, this woman is being very petty, like it is

william lollis

Service was really bad. Received the wrong order and staff argued with me that it was right. Ended up going next door for breakfast. This is an easy pass, the was unbelievably rude.

roni eshayaa

Just bought a small one and one with hazelnut shot and i asked the girl is she really had the shoot in there she answered with full confidence that it is after i drove 9 miles away i found out there wasn't any hazelnut in there ! And the number they have in the website is out of service to! Very bad they charged me for something they didn't provide

Ninos Shiba

I would kindly advise you to go to a different Tim Hortons location (i.e., 12 Mile and Mound) and here's why. I went through the drive-thru yesterday morning and when I drove up to order, the woman team member was very unprofessional. She was not speaking professionally and had her microphone on talking and laughing with her other team members when taking my order. When I rolled up to pay for my order, the woman completely forgot my order lol. She stared at me and blatantly asked, "What you order again?" So I told her and 6 minutes later she took my payment and gave me my order. I noticed through the window that several others were just standing around, talking, and laughing. Two gentlemen on the team were sagging their pants. I am never going back to this location again. If you want better service, go to a different location. If you want to experience what I experienced, which lead me to write this review, then go to this location.

Amanda Moores

Staff was rude and makes it feel as if you’re an inconvenience. We were rushed.

Vinny G

Lady working behind the counter has her kids running through the back, behind the counter, through the dining. What a disaster.

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