25170 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park
(248) 967-6288

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Joanna Loney

I am obsessed with this location. First of all they’re open 24 hours which is wildly helpful for late night workers. Second, as a vegetarian, I’ve never had this many options at a fast food restaurant and it is AMAZING. It’s because they’re dairy-kosher that they have so many vegetarian “meat” options, and even though I don’t keep kosher it has been a godsend (no pun intended??)

Luxury Chaos

I don’t even drink Dunkin as it is but I tried to give them a chance this was by the WORST location I could have ever gone to. SLOWER THAN MOLASSES. I left the drive thru and came in because they were so slow only to be inside for another 20/30 minutes and then my drink was still Nasty. i got the birthday cake signature latte and it didn’t taste anything like birthday cake and the guy didn’t even put my sprinkles on. I had to ask him for them. 0/10

Joel Zuzelski

Staff was quick and polite. However, they only had vegetarian options for their sandwiches. The veggie sausage patty was undersized and underseasoned. The entire sandwich was devoid of taste.

Tricia Johns

We asked for bacon egg and cheese breakfast wraps and they put this weird cheese in instead of actual bacon…

Nicholas Adams

The most flavorless breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had. I wish I could get my 10$ back. Veggie based proteins are the only option on their menu here and they all taste like paper. My bagel egg and “veggie bacon” sandwich only had a single strip of “plant based protein” ripped in half to cover the surface area. Maybe if there was more than one piece of protein I would have been able to taste something. A simple pinch of salt and pepper would have made this sandwich somewhat palatable but it’s too late now. All I taste is dissatisfaction. Also the soda fountains don’t work or they don’t have one. Was given a bottle of soda. You’re better off just grabbing a donut from this location and maybe get your sandwich from somewhere else. Speedway has better sandwiches and they are a gas station chain.

Davis Herr-Williams

This place is always open, the bagel bites are amazing and the guy who works nights is the best fast food worker I have ever experienced. He’s a national treasure and needs to be protected at all costs

Elizabeth Sanders

The drive-through speaker was hard to hear on. But the staff really made up for it. Excellent service and the ice cream was really great too. Overall great experience .

Steve Litwin

I have either a love or hate relationship with this Dunkin Donuts. It's the only Kosher certified Dunkin in the country and the food is either really good or it's really lousy. What I had last time was tuna salad on a bagel and it was terrible. They got rid of the lox sandwich on a bagel which I found to be very good.

Rachel Andrzejewski

I ordered a hazelnut latte. There was no flavor! And the whole bottom of the cup was filled with ground espresso.

La Trice R Herring

Service always pretty quick. Coffee seemed freshly brewed even late in the morning. The butter pecan wasn't that sweet so would add sugar next time perhaps.

Angela Patrice Williams

The inside of the restaurant was filthy, I understand that there is not alot of sit down traffic but you should still keep it clean. Of cost the donut and muffins were good.

Amy Montalbano

I’m never the person to write bad reviews, but this one was worth it. Rudest, most aggressive staff I had ever encountered. They charge for water cups. Go to the Starbucks next door, they are much more reasonable.

Frank Novak

Gave me a large coffee with a bad lid. Found this out when I picked it up out of my cup holder and over half of it it ended up all over my car. I called this location to speak to a manager but nobody has called me back yet. I’m fortunate it didn’t burn me.

Kevin Miller

I've made a habit of stopping by Dunkin' donuts every Sunday to get me a strawberry banana smoothie. They're the best!


I called so many times they didn't answer. I ordered donuts and i asked for 6 donuts they gave me 3 and they picked my flavors for me.

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