Zeman's Bakery

25258 Greenfield Rd, Oak Park
(248) 967-3905

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Norman S.

somewhat decent onion rolls however would be really good if they put more onion in the rolls.. they put very little onion in the onion rolls. used to get a roll called carraway horn with salt on it.. don't seem to carry this anymore... it was my favorite..norman schwartz

Trevor Dean

My aunt used to be in sales for a bakery supply company back in the 1980's and 1990's...she has often mentioned, over the years, how amazing Zeman's poppy seed coffee cake was. Last month, I visited my aunt and surprised her by bringing a poppy seed coffee cake from Zeman's. She was thrilled and it truly was every bit as good as she remembered!!


We went to the bakery on Sunday and both ladies were very nice. We purchased several baked goods and they were dry and hard. There was one item that was soft and delicious. I'm not sure what it was called but it's triangular in shape with fruit in the middle. We should have just purchased a dozen of those as opposed to a variety of different bakery sweets.

Sophie S.

20 stars! Shoshana is my hero because she sent a delicious 7 Layer cake (like the kind Bubby would make) and cinnamon buns to San Diego! Out of this world! Thank you!

louis a

2 rude young female employees, giving me and my friend dirty looks, we are Jewish seniors, how unprofessional...won't be going back, they're selection wasn't that great anyways

Angela Pedraza

If I could give this 6/5 I would. The chocolate wagon wheels are the best! Best 7 layer cake and marble cookies and best of all it's dairy free! My fiancee introduced me to this place and now it's our Sunday tradition

6 PACK Family

Setting outside right now eating a fresh hot cheese Danish!!!!! Nice friendly staff. Great selection...And that cheese danish? YUM

Lorelei Arabella

We picked up several different pastries. The cinnamon swirl rolls were fantastic. Not too sweet and the cinnamon was very flavorful. Also got a load of challah bread. So good, I've been eating it right out of the bag.

Carol Masters

Very disappointed in this bakery. I searched everywhere for a chocolate babka. Finally, called Zemans and they accommodated. I prepaid and when i picked it up i didn't look in the box. When i got home and couldn't wait to try it, i was stunned. It is not a loaf, it is a round, it is mostly dry cake, not the think layers of pastry with chocolate in between. I was planning on taking this up north with friends but will probably leave it at home.


They made some beautiful and delicious custom cakes for my family's special occasion. They were really easy to work with and we loved the results!!

William Hackett

An established bakery that after many years in business still bakes superb bread. Their Caraway Rye is beyond delicious.

Pamela Johnson

Chocolate Bear Claw was really good and inexpensive.

Jennifer Green

Love this place. Can't get enough of it. Everything we've tried has been fantastic.

Ted Grossnickle

Had an outstanding experience placing a small catering order (~150 items) for an event.They had an option for mini pastries, which were priced excellently and still quite a decent size. We tried a couple dozen of a few different items, and everything was superb quality and visually appealing.The mini fruit flan tarts received rave reviews from everyone, and the cinnamon pull-aparts were a simple, classic addition to the spread of full-flavor pastries.It is also a major perk for event planning (considering attendee allergies) to know they are a Kosher and nut-free kitchen.Will definitely be a returning customer!!

Ted Miesen

They have the best tasting and texture bread, we buy bread and pastries there and they are always delicious!

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