Dairy Queen (Treat)

33170 Ryan Rd, Sterling Heights
(586) 795-3169

Recent Reviews

Will Priest

I'm buying a birthday cake for my dear brother who is coming up to visit. The man who helped me hooked me up with awesome text on top of the cake and even threw in some candles! Loved it

James Krotkiewicz

Much nicer than the caddy little girls at Utica and 15

Lisa S

Ordered a birthday cake online through this location and the next day they called to let me know the exact image I selected wasn't available, but a very similar one was. When I went to get the cake it was ready and looked great. Better than what the online preview looked like. Everyone I dealt with was very pleasant and helpful- both on the phone and in person. The cake was great, we'll definitely use this location again.

Saif Skhria

Absolute worst location you could ever go to. Please don’t waste your time, they always get my order wrong. The owner of this location is very cheap and he only hires children that are in maybe middle school or high school. I always see the workers on their cell phones and touching things; while they’re preparing your order. This location is highly unsanitary.

Bridget Smith

I bought an ice cream cake for my daughter's birthday. They decorated it beautifully, and even gave me candles! I would definitely go back!


This is the worst Hot fudge sundaes I have ever got. The owner is greedy, they charge more and more and you get less and less. Barely any fudge and when I said something they got an attitude. I’m going to the one on Dequinder and Thirteen mile from no on

Sarah Cheikhzen

Great service

Lydia Burns

Always great.

Audrey Smith

This Dairy Queen always has the absolute WORST customer service. I've given them 3 chances on three different occasions to provide better service and it seems to go down hill each time. I will not be spending any more money here, what good is having a nice treat when you walk out feeling disrespected? No thank you, good bye and good riddance.

Joseph M.

It's the best in our area and the service is so good that it's not good it's great also my dad is actually friends with the owner of the store and he's a great guy

Adnoral McKenzie

For what they charge, they sure don't give you a lot

Rosemary Evers

Very good service and very good ice cream.

Steve Barash

The best ice cream in the world

Amber K

Excellent customer service! Clean store. Delicious food and treats. All around great store!

Bob Campbell

Efficient fast and welcoming.

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