Chicken N Eggroll

805 36th St SW, Wyoming
(616) 531-9134

Recent Reviews

Bethany Flores

This place is amazing. Highly recommend everyone try and get a macaron too.

Mariah Diaz

The best Chinese food in the area!!! The owner is such a sweet lady! Me and my family always enjoy the food from here!!!!:)

Jamie Simons

My family has ordered our Chinese from chicken and egg roll forever! Love the food and I love the wife that works here. She's always so nice and is always smiling!

Tammy Ward

Best food ever. This is the only place I order Chinese it's amazing

Sherrie Wagner

The food is always a touch above average. However, they overcharge every chance they get. They are local, so we gave them the benefit of the doubt several times. when questioned on her overcharging, she is a extremely rude. When questioning the prices listed to what she actually charges, she blatantly lies and is super rude about it. The $3.00 for soup listed on line is supposed to be for a small but she said med. 6.99 and large 9.99. When I asked about the price she showed me the small size which is actually their sauce container. Won’t be back and do not recommend.

blue king

Tried to order take out the prices are ridiculous I asked for general toso chicken with for chicken egg rolls and she still like $25 then I asked for a side of rice shrimp fried rice she said $5 extra for large and $3 for a small like I've never paid that much at a Chinese restaurant never they need to really look at those prices because I think she was trying to get over on me and I wasn't having it. Let's just say I went somewhere else.

Jeanna McAlary

GREATEST EGGROLLS IVE EVER HAD!!! Hands down this is a hidden gem. Haven't eaten here in over 20 years so I was skeptical, they did not disappoint. it was better than I remember.. Will be back very soon!

Shirley Hill

This restaurant is clean and has excellent food. The owners are nice and polite. The prices are great. Always delicious food.

George Nyeste

Had not been here in years and stopped in on a whim. Food was just, ok.

Jake Garlick

Staff is friendly and very covid conscious. Food is average. They are quick and friendly. The food lacked a wow factor, and flavor that hooked me to want to keep coming back. Prices are fair. I will stick with Ichiban or Family Wok for my Chinese fix. However, if I am searching for Veitnamise cusine then I will try them again.

Sabrina Prisk

Every time I order food it seems to be better than the last. The owners are sweet and efficient.

Janie Hoonhorst

Holy cow Batman!! Their food always comes hot & fresh. My mouth waters on the drive home with our take out order. Food is the best in town! Will recommend to anyone. Staff is very helpful and courteous when I speak with them.


I contacted the owner and mentioned the dishes I purchased were extremely salty and that there were no vegetables in the fried rice, and there was no fried egg. The BBQ meat was extremely dry. I was being honest and not being rude. She just called me and yelled at me over the phone. Very unprofessional.

Lolita Sleet

It's the best! Very DELICIOUS food. All the time!!

Michael N.

A Chinese restaurant locally owned by a couple for decades! Great customer service, and respect for the cuisine. From the sound of it, it sounds like the only workers here are the owners and it shows they put time into their craft. They currently aren't open for dine-in so if you'd like to try their food you must order to-go. The food is a bit more on the expensive size compared to other restaurants, but we do have leftover big enough for another lunch! We loved the crab rangoons and it had a nice crunch to it as well as ample filling. Sweet n Sour is the same flavor you'd find anywhere else. The Egg Drop soup was nice and hot, and even had some bits of chicken in it which is surprising considering it's only $3 for a cup. I tried the Hunan Shrimp and it came with white rice. Very filling, with a traditional recipe. Shrimp are small but very juicy, and plenty of vegetables to fill you up on! My fiancée tried the General Tso Chicken and said it was delicious and tender. The chicken is chewy, which is different from the typical crispiness you'd find at Panda Express or some other franchise, so it depends on your preference on how you get orange chicken! She was completely stuffed and made a comment on how she thinks she has enough for lunch AND dinner tomorrow. Overall if I'm spending a few more bucks to get Togo food here over Panda Express and it's going to be more food AND going to a local family business, I feel it's worth that premium. Highly recommend giving them a try if you can, but be prepared for the food coma!

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