Russ Kendall's Smoke House

149 Scenic Dr, Knife River
(218) 834-5995

Recent Reviews

Max Well

It's a must-stop if you're going past!

Lee Witte

Best smoked fish ever.

David Roth

Smoked silver salmon was great

Emily Johnson

A family favorite! The smoked salmon is to die for.

Dave Stites

I can never remember what kind my wife wants, salmon or trout, so I always have to get both. True story. They're both great.

Wallace Mattson

I'm a local and I love this place. They ship during the Christmas season.

Jesse Cowdin

It was amazing

Bruce Gustafson

Always a great selection of smoked fish

Emily Abernethy

Very rude and unprofessional customer service. Not sure if it was the owners behind the counter (older man and woman) but the man had a very rude response to a simple question. Also, when we got the fish home, it was mushy and not smoked the entire way through - ended up having to throw it all out. Would not return.


I don't know service was fine got the lake Superior trout seemed fine. I don't know much about smoked fish though.they do charge a 3% fee for credit cards but at least they have signs up that tell you that

Tim Roeschlein

Love this place!To avoid any disappointment, understand that salmon naturally has less fat than a trout so it's going to be on the dry side once smoked.Lake trout are a much oiler fish and you will find those to be moist and delicious. Grab plenty of napkins!My top choice has to be smoked steelhead. Steelhead are a cross between a salmon and a rainbow trout.The oil content is perfect. More oil than a salmon and less than a lake trout. It also has more of a salmon taste and texture. It's not as widely available as trout or salmon and it tends to be more expensive but well worth the price.I hope my review gives you a more informative choice the next time you visit!

Alison Bronwyn

This place was so good that we went there the next day to get more. Truly the best smoked fish I've ever had


Great local Northern Minnesota spot to purchase smoked fish. The Lake Superior lake trout was delicious

Anne Towner

We picked up some amazing trout and salmon here. Absolutely delicious

curtis schuler

Arguably the best smoked fish I’ve had

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