6500 Lyndale Ave S, Richfield
(612) 249-6438

Recent Reviews

Heather Michaelsen

I think the burned down wendy's on lake street currently gives better customer service than this one.

Krushall Kay

Food was a little cold like it had been sitting there before I even ordered it. If it was hot and fresh, I would've gave 4 or more stars..

Syd Bieringer

gets u in and out of the drive thru very quickly. always a good time.

tom Burt

Everyone working the Drive thru are really nice and unlike the My Burger across the street I've never found chunks of squirrel fur in my burger.

Alex Renner

The owner or manager of this Wendy's has an horrible attitude. I've been here a couple times and customer service is non-existent with this one. The rest of the staff has been always very nice. If you can't smile you don't belong in this industry.

Gayle Teske

Fast service and happy employees! Excellent food.

Luke Hoffman

Food was good but the cheese mad me a little sick

David S.

This food at this location is okay but they mess up orders frequently and always forget to give cutlery. If you order a salad you will not get a knife or fork, if you order chili you will not get a spoon and last time I ordered a baked potato I did not a fork nor the sour cream that is supposed to go with the sour cream and chive potato. I'm done.

Alfreda Boles

I love Wendy's back home on the menu I use to get the chicken club sandwich but I think here in Minnesota they call it the homestyle, if I remember right it's #7 and I love the chocolate frosty. Thanks for the good food.

L Carey

Excellent and tasty food, I love the mood the spot has, and the employees were friendly. I will definitely visit here next time.

Krystle K.

They aren't ready for breakfast. Only drive thru open at 8 am (fine) so asked how to order coffee w cream/sugar. They said I add it myself so I asked for a stir stick. Was told they don't have stir sticks and gave me a spoon. The cheese on my bfast sandwich was dry so I re-entered drive thru to ask for something to help. The only option was a side cup of "honey butter" because they don't carry regular honey or jelly. I had to ask for a knife to add the butter. The honey butter didn't melt or help the sandwich. The service was awful and so was the coffee and food.

Jan Rolfe

I've been to Wendy's plenty of times and had good service however this place was absolutely terrible! There was only two people already waiting for their food when we got to ordering.

Latyia W.

I asked for fresh fries they gave me the same fries from the old batch. I asked for everything fresh they gave me old food.

Jay Cee

Very slow service inside, even when restuarant is not busy with customers. Employees are rude and talk towards the ground when customers order. Managers are rude and are always talking on their cell phones. Food is sub par, burgers cold and nuggets served soggy. If you need fast food and are in this area consider Burker King, McDonalds, Popeyes, myburger, firehouse subs, or Leanne Chinn BEFORE coming here.

Mary Hanger

Great burgers! and I toss the bread cause I'm on a carb restricted diet.

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