Big Bowl

1595 MN-36 SPACE 685, Roseville
(651) 636-7173

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Iman Doh

treated family friends horribly. The server Gayle yelled and cussed out her guests and the manager sierra did not tend to them. Another server by the name of kaylee flicked off one of them. Horrible behavior and shocked by the disrespectful actions of all of these people. Food tastes well and have usually had good experiences but ALL of these people need to be fired

Alma R. Sánchez

Very delicious food, large portions, exceptional customer service, worth what you pay for.

Tom Anderson

Food was good, BUT, when I got the bill there was a line that stated surcharge $2.50. I asked the server about this and the only word I understood was COVID. There are just way to many small mama papa restaurants to eat at to take this. I will not eat here again.

Shayna burrows

First time going there it was really good wish we would of known about the big portions would of ordered less. Def shareable. Would go again

Julie O'Neill

We went there to celebrate a birthday and I regret we walked in the door!! Service was horrible! We sat at the table for over 20 minutes before a server even asked if we needed anything!! Servers had walked past us numerous times and no one stopped to see if we needed anything or take our order. We were nearly ready to walk out, but We finally got a server who was very short with us and relevantly took our order. When the food came it was cold. The server never came back to check on us. Difficult to get her attention, and it wasn’t because they were busy!! The items we asked for like a spoon or even the check took a long time to be delivered and had to be requested numerous times. Very disappointing especially when we had been looking forward to it for our celebration. I had been at the Southdale Big Bowl a few months earlier and the food there was delicious, the food at the Rosedale location was COMPLETELY different and didn’t help being served cold. Way to ruin a birthday celebration! The service was so bad I think we could have walked out without paying the bill and the server would not have even known we had left!! Won’t be going back!! ?

John P.

WoW what a trendy, stuck up place! Our waitress was very stuck up and while trying to be polite at the same time. I'm all for pride in where you work but man this is a Pei Wei style place and they charge prices like its a 5 star dinning restaurant which it is NOT! For my Mongolian beef and my wife tofu and my toddlers buttered noodles, it was over 5o bucks!!! We did not have any drinks! And the service was not that great! We had to wait as it appeared they were understaffed! Now my Mongolian beef was pretty tasty I will say. But the wife was not overly thrilled with her Tofu and my son did not care for the noodles! Over all WAY over priced and too trendy for what you get! Pei Wei is WAY better and much cheaper! I wont be back.

Paul D.

Poor slow service food was cold. Chased waiter down twice for help and water. Order was delivered accurately

Tracey F.

Still a decent place to grab dinner. The quality of the food seems to have gone down slightly since the last time I was in, hence the middle-of-the-road rating. Service still good, was seated quickly and food arrived quickly.

Alexandra L.

To be honest, I kind of forgot about Big Bowl for the last.... decade. Now, living near Rosedale mall, it's close by and we have started getting takeout from here and not going to lie - we have been loving it! So nice to do something more veggie heavy vs. pizza or other indulgences. Big Bowl's dishes feel indulgent but not over the top, with a lot of flexibility to make your order just the way you want it. I often do the Kung Pao chicken and egg rolls, and we've tried several other items. They all have been good and the servings are nicely sized - at least enough for one person and often we have leftovers the next day. The dumplings are also nice and they have a variety of vegetarian options too.

Grant Dahl

Great food, great service! I love this place!

Csaba Andrasfi

My wife loves this place. We enjoy the Chicken Potstickers as an app. We always get the Spicy Sichuan Beef and then something different for the second dish (this time I got the orange chicken and added the chili sauce to it to make it more of a sweet and sour/hot, was great). We like the spicy dishes and typically ask to make them a bit more spicy. Definitely go with the fried rice. We ended up getting a dessert this time, the Chocolate Fudge Cake, which was awesome, we will definitely save some room next time to have it again.

Patra Za Bader

The “Hostess” was very indifferent.Been coming to Sarna’s since it opened and have mot experienced such indifference ever!Horrible. Also our server was awfully cool. Slighty more attentive but not nearly as indifferent as the “Hostess”. She could have cared LESS!

Jennifer Ray

I arrived at big bowl for dinner with my daughter we waited on a table 30 mins when it came around 5:30 I was told there would be a wait I told (Cbod busier I guess) I would be back then and when it came back he said I needed a reservation did it and they let in ppl b4 me that wasn't there

Adam Janecke

I have eaten here only twice before but my most recent visit I really enjoyed what I had. I order their build your own stir fry with kung pao sauce and it was a large portion of food. I actually had leftovers so it could easily be two meals for most people. Service was great and the wait for the food wasn't long, probably because it was around lunch time. I would recommend this place to others who want some good stir fry. Also their pot stickers were really good, I could eat like 50. Definitely order some of those!

Nikhil Balani

Good food, dessert. Green curry was not up to the mark but other items were good. Loved the dessert Mango Cheesecake

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