Big Bowl

1595 MN-36 SPACE 685, Roseville
(651) 636-7173

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C Peterseb

Went here before taking in a movie. Ordered vegetable fried rice and egg rolls with peanut butter dipping sauce. Didn't take all that long, maybe 10 minutes for the meal to arrive. The egg rolls were delicious. The fried rice came on a plate big mound of fried rice. Was almost a bit too much to eat , but was able to finish it and went off to the movie a little stuffed. Very clean inside the restaurant. Table had been wiped down before I got there, no greasy film or signs of left over food. Had a booth called 21.1. Did however notice a gouge in the table. Only thing I found to disapprove of. My experience at this restaurant was very positive. Waiter was Larry/server 222. Very attentive, made sure I had everything I needed for a good meal. Fried Rice and egg rolls was around 25.33 , $8 tip came to $33.33.


Mixed feelings. The egg roll app had a moldy taste to it. Multiple eaters at the table thought it might have been the cabbage. Not sure. Ever open up something in your fridge that's turned hairy green and has that earthy smell to it? That's how the egg rolls tasted. Both orders were the same. The main course was fantastic. Had shrimp in their green sauce. Spicy goodness. Decent portion size. Slightly overpriced, but it was shrimp, which has increased lately. Dessert was extremely overpriced for the portion size and wasn't that great - mango cheesecake. So, I'm on the fence. Would I go back? Maybe. Would skip the app and desert. Service was friendly and reasonably quick. Atmosphere was good. Men's bathroom was clean.

Deborah Kemp

Big Bowl restaurant is one of my favorite places to eat. The location I ate at is in Roseville, at Rosedale Mall. So convenient. Great menu with so many options, all of them can be tailored to your wants or needs. They do have a hibachi option, so you can totally customize your eating experience. Plenty of on-site parking and handicapped accessible. Kid friendly. I am pretty sure if you appreciate delicious made to order Thai and oriental dishes, you won't be disappointed. Go.!!

Jay Bodam

The place was buzzing with people, very busy although our waitress did a good job checking on us during our meal. Found the portions extra large, but for me not 100 percent what i was thinking it would be. My meal was wrong when served but they did correct it and brought me another plate.My soup was hot, but again not what i thought it would be... oh well.We had fun catching up and enjoying the company.

M A.

One of my favorite restaurant for Thai/Chinese food. Always fresh and delicious--highly recommended!

Sherrill Luebesmier

Although I don't even think you deserve 1 star. A friend of mine who is a Mom and a Grandma and a well dressed elder woman, was treated so rotten on Sunday Mother's Day. She had called the night before talked to a lady that said yes she needed a reservation but told her to come on anyway and they would find a place for her. When she got to the restaurant both the kids and the manager at the front counter told her they couldn't seat her she told them she talked to someone the night before but she didn't get the woman's name. Well they told her that she could sit at the bar and wait how rude she doesn't drink was well dressed and told she had to sit at the bar I would never come to your restaurant ever.

Cristina T.

Just had a friend pick me up Mongolian Beef. I have ordered this entree here several times. $21.00 for the smallest amount of tiny pieces of some kind of meat with no flavor at all. A huge amount of some gummy rice that was truly awful! Tiny pieces of green onion very soft and over cooked. Don't know what the heck happened to this place but I can't say enough how terrible this was. Some kind of really cheap meat product. Absolutely nothing like the huge flavorful pieces of steak that they used to serve. Did I mention $21 for a meal that was rice and tiny meat like things! Looked like cat food. Wish I could do zero stars. Will never go back there.

Luna Maldonado

The manager was a little off and didn't seem like he wanted to be there but the waiter was awesome. My cocktails were poorly made and my Calimari tasted like it came from a freezer bag. Otherwise things were fairly good.

Serenity Silvers

Big Bowl offers fresh Asian food with a great bar option! We love getting a pitcher of sangria to share and the Sesame Peanut Noodles are a must!

Rebecca Erickson

Pad Thai vegetableAmazing! Great service and the Ginger drink really good too!

R M.

First time at this business and it was EXCELLENT, first off the pad Thai was delicious the sauce was zesty and acidic just perfect and the hibiscus lemonade was so good and refreshing! Now our waitress was accommodating and courteous very welcoming environment . I highly recommend this place pricey yes but as like everything else in this country the food and service are worth it the good times are free!

Greg Garritty

Met with some customers for lunch. All of us enjoyed our food very much. Of special note was the Hot & Sour Soup and the Pot Stickers. The Pot Stickers are insane! I miss the days when happy hours were still a thing at Big Bowl. They need to start them back up.

Iman Doh

treated family friends horribly. The server Gayle yelled and cussed out her guests and the manager sierra did not tend to them. Another server by the name of kaylee flicked off one of them. Horrible behavior and shocked by the disrespectful actions of all of these people. Food tastes well and have usually had good experiences but ALL of these people need to be fired

Rosy Sánchez

Very delicious food, large portions, exceptional customer service, worth what you pay for.

Alma R. Sánchez

Very delicious food, large portions, exceptional customer service, worth what you pay for.

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