The Honey Baked Ham Company

2401 Fairview Ave N, Roseville
(651) 631-8211

Recent Reviews

Delicia Knight

My boyfriends company ordered turkeys for everyone for Xmas. We decided on the Cajun turkey. It says the turkey is fully cooked, but to cook it for a couple of hours...( I thought to make sure the turkey was hot throughout) well I cooked it for 3 1/2 hours. The turkey was NOT done...very disappointed because I love the ham here.

Charles Gill

As soon as I walk through the door, I was greeted with a very happy employee! It was great, really lifted up my day.

Mpls. Uwe

The smoked turkey is even better than the ham.

Jessica Desoto

Very friendly atmosphere. Very cute eating area. And the ham is excellent.

Alexander Marshall

Nice and friendly staff, high quality sandwiches!

Jonah Hamilton

Very nice workers

Patricia Roland

My sandwich was delicious perfectly made.

Marcel Nienhuis

Best ham I’ve found. Serve it cold!

Hannah Ackerley

Delicious spiral ham and the soup packet was ok too!

J Rothstein

Easy to order. Friendly staff. Quick service. Good food made fresh.

Brandon Golden

The ham was amazing. The smoked turkey sandwich I purchased for lunch was exceptional. The staff was friendly and very knowledgeable. And the store looked very clean and smelled like cured meat heaven.

Robin Edgerton

Best ham ever. Spendy but worth it for special occasions. I always buy the bone in, that way I can make pea soup too!

Gary B.

Website is broken. Totally unavailable. Totally and completely broken. Probably temporarily so.


We picked up half of our Thanksgiving meal here and were mostly satisfied. We got two honey baked sliced turkey breasts, and most people agreed it was the best turkey they have ever had! The pumpkin soufflé was really really good as well. We got three containers of ham salad and served that with crackers. Excellent! The Tuscan broccoli was okay, but on the bitter side. The mashed potatoes were not good. They were like milky buttery soup. We actually had to toss those. That part was disappointing. I ordered online and picked a time slot to pick it up, and all of that went smoothly.

cheryl ambruse

Very good ham. Can't go wrong with it

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