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Saumya C.

I stumbled upon this place on accident. As soon as we entered, the place looked amazing. It's well-kept and clean. It's a small Thai restaurant that is also serving food through the drive-through. We ordered a bunch of dishes my newest favorite was Khao Soi. The soups and curries were delicious. The food tasted so fresh. They have fresh coconuts on the menu which I can't wait to get back and try. Our server was super sweet and helped answer all your questions.

Marcy B.

This little gem happened to be near our hotel I Roseville and we got lucky! Upon entering, it looked like it might be more of a takeout situation, but we were led around the corner to a very comfortable, quaint dining room. Definitely lots of regulars, eating alone, talking amongst their tables, friendly. Staff was small, but great! Now - the FOOD! We were famished and it was about 8 pm, so we ordered most of the appetizer menu. Get extra peanut curry sauce for your Thai egg rolls, chicken satay like I did just because you may want to drink it! Lobster egg rolls weren't our fav, but very rich if you're in the mood. I nearly ordered a 2nd order of cream cheese puffs. We finished up with an order of green curry that was executed perfectly. Lucky if you can give this place a try!!

Landi S.

Don't judge a book by its cover! Interesting little building, but quaint inside. This was the best Thai food I've had in a long time! The Pra-rham Karta Special with fried tofu was amaaazing. The Thom Kha soup was also amaaaazing! The staff was wonderful and we enjoyed ourselves so much.

Tony Stoneburg

Service was quick and efficient got my appetizers very fast my dish was right behind that very good food thank you for the experience I will be coming back.Food: 5/5


I've been to the Karta Thai on Como Ave and this location in Roseville provided the same level of great service and high quality, delicious food. I had the red curry noodle dish and the food arrived hot with the perfect amount of spice. Parking is easy in the lot out back and everyone was very friendly and helpful in making menu recommendations. Thanks for a lovely dining experience and I'll be back!

Stacey S.

Just okay. My Pad Thai was pretty bland. My partner's pad basil was spicy and flavorful but the sauce was more like a soup consistency and the vegetables were huge. Hard to eat.

Stacy S

Requested the pineapple fried rice spicy and it was. Excellent presentation too. The Tom kha had tomatoes in it. I don’t like tomatoes in Asian food ever. It changes the taste of the soup dramatically. The satay was moist. The peanut sauce could have been more flavorful-it leaned very bland and a small portion. The coffee was strong. Overall the food was very good. I was very happy and I would return. They did turn up the spicy as requested which is always appreciated. The service was good as well for there to be only one person waiting.

David Wan

Went there for the first time today. The food was wonderful. One of the best pad Thais I've ever had. We also ordered a pineapple curry which came inside a fresh hollowed out pineapple!! The consistency and flavors of the curry was on point. Don't expect much in the decor department. It's an old burger king building or something like that. Pretty basic but who cares... the food is what matters.Service was friendly and fast.


Great food. Staff were friendly. Atmosphere was a bit quiet when I was there but I prefer that especially after a long day. Definitely recommend and Definitely will be back. Ate here when they were in Columbia heights and glad to find them here in Roseville as well. Still great food and service. Beef jerky and sticky rice are to die for! Pad Thai was flavorful. Red curry was great and flavorful. Fried rice, spring rolls, egg rolls, were all amazing as well. If you have not tried this place yet, you are missing out!

Kathleen Fetterly

Average quality, not impressed. I ordered pick up green curry & pineapple fried rice w/ chicken. The pineapple was not seared, the chicken was steamed. There were chunks of unseasoned rice, so it was lacking flavor. The green curry is a more forgiving dish and was fine. Still, prices for dining out are inherently higher, but the overall impression I have is to stick with nearby Chinese standbys that do a better job. FYI- credit card fee 3.6%. Prices were not given by phone before I ordered. I know they are advertised, but two entrees for $34.01, really not feeling the 5 stars.

Hayley B.

Friendly staff. Good food. Spring rolls were very good, I like that they don't have shrimp in them, thai coffee was too sweet for me but they always are--my friend loved it. The soup, forget the name but that was good. I liked the pad see ew with chicken. I think the booths are old pews from a church. Is this in an old Taco Bell? I'll never know. You can add no spice, little spice, or spicy. Oh and if you've never had mango sticky rice , it's my fave dessert at any Asian restaurant. And only the thai ones make it from my understanding. Coconut milk, sticky rice, mango. Sounds weird maybe but you should try it. Not the cheapest place for asian food but not overpriced either. I can't wait to come back.

Linda B.

A terrific place for Thai in Roseville, MN. I'm just thrilled to have discovered this little Gem on Perimeter Dr. A delicious lunch special with several choices for $10,.00. Unheard of. The Green Curry & add chicken Chicken is my favorite. I do plan to order the red curry next time. Light & crispy egg rolls, nice beer selection, friendly staff.

Tom S.

The food is still quite good. Well prepared and tasty. I was at the Rosedale location. Perhaps it was because it was very cold outside with nasty weather predictions . Perhaps it was be because it was 2 days before Christmas Eve. Whatever the reason, our party of 3 were the only ones in the entire restaurant to dine in. Makes me wonder about survival for many restaurants. Waitress was friendly and helpful in explaining spice levels but we had to take the check up to the front to pay. They seemed oblivious to our existence most of the time.

Julie Drennen

The BEST Thai comfort food this side of the Twin Cities (and maybe the best on *either* side of the Twin Cities). I regularly get the red or green curry (both amazing), and I love the drunken noodle, pad see iew, and pad Thai. Oh, and the lobster egg rolls will have you feeling like you're on vacation because you're treating yourself so good. This location (Roseville) has a drive-thru, which is neat. Just be sure to order ahead so you aren't that guy/gal holding up the drive-thru line.

Rachel Vadnais

Quick service and the food is super authentic! Between 3 people we share the pad Thai (Brown sauce) with chicken, drunken noodles, cream cheese wonton and Mango sticky riceFood: 5/5

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1889 Perimeter Dr, Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 756-7173