Mi-Sant Kitchen & Bakery

1881 MN-36, Roseville
(651) 444-8107

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Giselle S.

Finally made it to Mi Sant after a recommendation from a friend. Oops rolled in at lunch. They were very busy. I decided to run another errand and then pickup lunch. Soooo tried to order on their website. That was a no go because it would not allow a payment method. Phoned in order and SUCCESS!! Spring Rolls with shrimp and peanut sauce...score 4 They were fresh and crunchy with lots of greens and smaller shrimp than I'm used to. Bulgogi Banh mi with all the fixings and jalapeños to take it to the next level. Score 5 Lemon Grass Banh mi Another winner. Very fresh, tasty and filling. I'll be back for the pastries!

Alex L.

When you walk in, you are greeted by racks of freshly baked baguettes waiting to be filled, and cute dragon shaped baguettes on the counter. The croissants are delicious- perfectly delicate layers inside and crisp flaky outside. There's apple, strawberry cream cheese, Nutella, coconut, ube, taro coconut and more. I got the special bowl, which is filled generously with salad, rice, pickled carrots/daikon, pork, egg roll and fried egg. Like a disassembled banh mi. The rice noodles at the bottom of the lemongrass chicken bowl were nice and chewy. If you're not sure what to get, take a look at the favorites poster with accurate pictures.

Morgan L.

I ordered a little of everything from their food and drink menu and was more than happy with every single item! Their prices are fair and the quality is outstanding, highly recommend.

Chey G

The best butter croissant I have had in the MPLS , St. Paul area! I just heard about this place last night and could not wait to get in.The Vietnamese coffee is also yummy and I can’t wait to try more items on the menu! Every thing is fresh, and the place smells so good from the bakery! I will be frequenting this place!!

Jade Cain

Stopped in for lunch with a friend today. Staff was super helpful in helping us pick out our items. We split the shrimp spring rolls. She had the classic banh mi and I had the Beef bowl with noodles. Everything was perfect. The sandwich was huge and the bread was perfect crispy on outside and soft inside so your jaw wasn't sore afterwards. The bowls are deep like others have said so it really was filling. The spring rolls are individually wrapped in plastic which is a nice touch for later-day snacking ;) Thanks so much!

Esther J.

I love this space. It's spacious, well lit, and clean. Service is great here, super friendly. They also have wifi and it is a great place to do heads down work. Would also be a great place to meet with friends as well. The restaurant is divided, half is a cafe, half is in this greenhouse structure and is really pretty. So lets talk food. I had their classic bahn mi, royal milk tea, wintermelon slush with boba and strawberry cream cheese croissant and one other one croissant. Their classic bahn mi is really good, not exceptional but good. Their Vietnamese bread is crispy on the inside and super soft on the inside, to the point that the crust cracks as you hold and bite into it. I do agree with the other reviewer that there's not enough meat and stuff in the bahn mi. But the flavor is good, might not be as spicy (with jalepenos) as most bahn mi's I've had though. Their royal milk tea is soo good! However, I was told that there was no caffeine in it the first time I went and being pregnant I ordered it and drank the whole thing. The second time I went, I asked what non caffeinated drinks they had and noticed they didn't mention royal milk tea and the cashier said it probably did have caffeine in it. :( I was very sad to hear that :( and the reason for the four stars. So instead, the second time I ordered wintermelon with bubbles and it is a slush. It was too sweet and if you like slushies, go for it but don't get it with bubbles. The bubbles were hard and crumbly because they were frozen and clumped together so that they didn't even fit through the straw. Would not recommend the bubbles. Another reason for four stars. Last I want to review the croissants. I thought the strawberry and cream cheese one was really good. However, my husband said it was too greasy. I would try it for yourself to decide if you like it or not. Once I have my baby, I'll definitely be back for the royal milk tea and bahn mi (it was yummy enough to try it again!) and a croissant. :)

Rose J.

Amazing sandwhiches, bread, and croissants. Best Bahn Mi in the cities. Service is stellar!

Karin Berdal

Today was my first time there and it did not disappoint! I ordered the Beef Bulgogi Bánh mì (with kimchi) and the flavors were phenomenal ? perfectly crunchy crust, yet soft, well thought out flavors and textures - just perfection! ??I also ordered a Lychee Green Tea with Boba - highly recommended ❤️I took home 2 croissants (1 chocolate, 1 coconut) and I just wish I bought more ?? I will definitely be back again and again!The decor, light and airy, clean atmosphere is just a delight to be in - I could sit there all day! ?

Jill H.

The Special Banh Mi is delicious, but the lemongrass spring rolls were amazing. They were by far the best spring rolls I have ever had. Also, we ordered takeout and I really appreciate that all of the food was in environmentally friendly packaging- no styrofoam or plastic.

Anna Busterud

good food and clean and good places to catch up with special ones

Robyn L.

So glad they opened a location in my neck of the woods. I believe they converted an old bakers square, and they did an awesome job. Ample modern seating with a fresh feel and great windows in the very front. There is a lot of variety to their menu. This time, I had a coffee and a croissant which were both amazing. They have everything from bubble tea and baked goods, to spring rolls and bowls. Staff was friendly and attentive. I came in on a Tuesday afternoon at 4:30 so it seemed they had a lot of staff for me being the only customer, but as dinner time rolled around they got busier. I also thing it is very new and still gaining awareness from a customer base. I can't wait to come back and try their spring rolls!

Gina Smith

Finally stopped in here and was floored! The remodel is gorgeous, the smell is amazing (even through my mask!) and the croissants were, no joke, the best I’ve ever had. We got a Vietnamese coffee which was strong and delicious, a bacon egg and cheese croissant, and a chocolate croissant. I’m almost considering driving back there to get more croissants. Can’t wait to go back for lunch.


Newly remodeled, very nice atmosphere. Food was fast and tasty. I saw some pictures of their bowls from Google and was worried about the portion size - the bows didn't look very big from the top but they are pretty deep so you get a lot of food.

Julie T.

This place is so good and highly recommended! I have been here twice in the last month to get takeout and croissants for breakfast. The restaurant is beautiful, spacious and clean. There are also lots of parking available. I love their noodle bowls so I have actually ordered the entire pork and beef selections on the menu. One thing I like about the Vietnamese style noodle bowl is that they do not need to be warmed up in a microwave for it to taste good. It holds up its freshness and tastiness. I work outside at a festival for 8 hours over the weekend so I pack these awesome bowls in my cooler and I have a darn satisfying lunch. Even the other artisans out there are giving me the stink eye every weekend because I have such awesome lunches. I will bring them some in the future. I also love their multiple flavor of croissants - butter, taro, Nutella, chocolate... I have tried them all! I am all for supporting bipoc small business. I wish them continuous success and I will be part of their journey for many many years to come.

Melissa Lim

I visited on a Thursday afternoon and there was no wait to order. I had the Thai tea and it was okay. I also had the egg roll salad and it was really good. I would definitely get it again. There was plenty of parking in their lot which was convenient but the location itself was a little inconvenient to get to. There was plenty of seating inside the restaurant. Seating in the “greenhouse” area/ front of the restaurant was super cute.

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