Red Lobster

ACROSS FROM LUTHER CADILAC, 2330 Prior Ave N, Roseville
(651) 636-9800

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Gina Nelson

Our waitress was very nice and very attentive. However, I was very disappointed in my lobster. The presentation of the food was pathetic…just thrown on a plate without anything else. The meat was tough and dry and I didn’t enjoy very much. Very expensive for the quality of the food.

Jill Barrette

I have ordered from this location for delivery, take out, and dine in on a few occasions each and haven’t had a bad experience yet. The dine in service is friendly and quick about service, I don’t recall having to wait on a refill ever, and my serve was just about burning his hands on our plates so that we wouldn’t have to touch them ourselves. Their crab legs are done very well and the crab is never left sticking to the shell. It's a nice place for a family friendly fresh tasting seafood meal, a vast menu selection, and a solid overall value.


I went for my birthday celebration. I had the surf and turf with the New York strip. While the food was very tasty, the lobster tail was incredibly small. It was so disappointing. They charge a premium price for this meal, I was expecting a decent size lobster tail.(Our waiter Emmet was fantastic.)

Joanne Witte

Food was excellent. The down fall for me ; they didn't offer any water. I had to finally ask for it. And the new revised menu didn't have any pictures of the food. I don't go to Red Lobster very often. A picture would have really helped me to decide what I wanted to eat. So my daughter had to look up the pictures of the food on her phone. ?

Simon Jones

The food was superb, our barperson was also superb, shame on me though I can't remember her name however I was there 24th of June 2022 and she is originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, great service, great food, great conversation with staff. I have waited ages to go to red lobster so happy it didn't disappoint and that I chose the branch I did. I 100% recommend this place !!!

The Frank Factor Show

Service was really good. Seafood was hot and tasty. Had the Lobster, salmon, shrimp w/ rice and bacon mac & cheese.


Great experience. We came in for the teacher's promotion. It was excellent. Brought friends with us who had not dined at Red Lobster for years. They were very impressed and will be back. Thanks.

Alexandria Shipley

The manager was amazing. Wonderful person. The server / waitress was extremely rude. Didn't get my order correct. Rolled her eyes and was just not listening. The food was AWFUL . Over salted. Lobster tasted like soap and my salmon was overcooked. Never again.

James Kohtala

My wife and I had the create your own combiation...we both ordered the steak with scallops, etc.The biscuits were fine, the salad , the baked potato and the steak!However, the the scallops which were supposed to broiled in a garlic butter sauce were floating in liquid, the smallest scallops I've ever seen and had a distinct fishy flavor!To the management's credit they did lower the cost of our meal, however when you go to a specially restaurantWhich in this case specializes in sea food, the loss of the seafood component of our meal left us both nonplussed and unsatisfied!

Elizabeth Buege

I had a very good experience at the Roseville Red Lobster today! I was with a family group of six people celebrating a birthday. There was a short wait, but not bad for a weekend. The food was excellent--I have some dietary needs, and I was able to use the allergen menu online ahead of time to identify some good options. I had the sesame soy salmon bowl, and it was amazing!Most of all, though, I want to give a huge shout-out to our server, Ashley. One member of our group brought a cake from home, and she was very accommodating and proved a knife to cut it. Ashley was very familiar with allergens for one member of our group who had a lot of questions, and was very patient with all the particular requests she received in that exchange. Not only that, she was so on top of what everyone had ordered that she noticed the small mistakes from the kitchen before we did and got the orders corrected immediately. I'm so thankful for her patience, friendliness, and attention to detail! She was also kind and patient with our squirrelly seven year old. Thank you, Ashley!!


The meal was a group of friends of my father They are getting smaller due to age being a factor It was nice to see ties to my father and get to spend some time with some wonderful men from another era Bobbie provided us with wonderful service Food was very good and all that were there had a wonderful time

Jim H.

So, my wife calls and orders two bowls of sop and a dinner salad for pick up. Great - ready at 7.20. I arrive at 7.23. They don't have an order, so the counter person goes to look. When he comes back out, he doesn't say a word to me but starts wandering around the lobby and bar area. Others waiting for orders are equally confused. People waiting for tables are wandering the lobby. Trying to exercise patience, I wait until 7.40 when someone finally comes out with the order. I guess a couple bowls of soup and a small salad are quite a test for this restaurant. I won't be hurrying back. BTW and just FYI - $23+ for those three items.

kimberly velez

Dining in is always a good experience. We like when we sit where we get Vicki as our server. She is hard working to get us what we want and prompt and very helpful and knowledgeable.

Tina Flowers

Roseville, MN Red Lobster is my favorite. The service is great. One small downside is that I don't always get fresh times they tasted like they had been reheated....they are best when freshout of oven. Outside of that really enjoy dining here!

Keith H.

Was looking to get an order of one of their favorites delivered. I chose carefully from their app and expected to get a lot more than what I got. They offered a create your own 2 entre selections for $20.99 which I ordered figuring I'd get enough to last me a few meals. The order received was a standard order of Walts for which RL charges $16.99. Only a 4 difference, but I feel that $4 was taken with a gun. RL conveniently does not explain the create your own selection contains 1/2 the regular order. What else are they hiding? Won't be finding out ANY time soon. Manager was totally indifferent to the cost difference and offered no solutions when pressed.

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