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Recent Reviews

Don Thompson

Midwest Supplies is the very best place for all of your home brewing supplies, and hydroponics! I have been ordering from them for years and they have always been excellent to deal with. 5 stars and they have earned every one of them.

Shawn D. Bronson

Excellent customer service and response time. Have been ordering my supplies here for years. A recent order that recently got messed up was quickly replaced along with the additional supplies I used from my personal stash of items. Thanks guy. Rough times during Covid 19 but glad we’re able to make some brews during this period. Cheers. ✌️

Jeff Huber

Kind of done with Midwest Supplies. I have been a loyal customer for almost 15 years. I will not be ordering from them anymore. Their customer service is non-existent. A recent order of two all-grain kits only came with hops and yeast for one. They have also been charging me a municipal tax to a town I do not live in. When you text or email them you are not sure if they have received the text/email. Noe response for several days. They have lost any future business from me. I am sorry to pull my business from them but they have done this to themselves.

Collin Gibbs

I have now placed 3 different orders at this Midwest, and each time I have been beyond satisfied. I even accidentally placed a duplicate order, and their customer service team was very friendly and easy to work with while I got the error corrected. I would absolutely recommend them for all your home brew needs.

johnnie carter

Poor customer service, No phone service only text or email makes it nearly impossible to get to help you need.Been a customer for years and was very happy .Had a problem with a order and got a 30 dollar gift card and can not use it because says its not valid .They say its good .I have tried many different times stil says its invalid. Never had this problem with any other gift card anywhere.

Maxx M.

This review is for the grow portion of Midwest Supplies - 4 stars - a great local source for gardening supplies and equipment. Now that Brew & Grow is gone, I decided to checkout Midwest. They're conveniently located a block or two off of Highway 100 at Excelsior. The store is huge. By just looking at the store itself, it seems like they're about 2/3 brewing supplies and about 1/3 growing & hydroponic supplies. I'll probably come back again because of the selection and the prices. I was pleasantly surprised by the prices. The prices on most items are the same as on-line (minus shipping, of course). A local option (without needing to pay shipping) is really nice for big heavy things like cases of products, large trays, etcetera. I noticed that some other items, like bulbs, are a lot more expensive than buying them on-line. Some of them were nearly double what I would pay on-line. I only have 2 gripes with Midwest... First, they don't answer their phone - really - I'm not kidding. If you call with a question, the message directs you to e-mail your question and then it hangs up on you. Weird. Second, the store is very hard to find. It's in a huge, long brick building that used to be a giant printing shop back in the day. Midwest Supplies is in the far back, indicated only by a big maroon colored awning. When I left, I noticed a white placard sandwich sign near the sidewalk, buried in the snow. But now that I actually know where they are, I'm good-to-go. Thumbs up. -Daddy Maxx Retro


I've been coming to this place for years. They existed long before the craft beer and hydroponics/home grow explosion made these hobbies so mainstream. And as such, these guys (and gals) are experts. And so happy and eager to share their knowledge with anyone, regardless of skill level. So often specialty and craft stores such as this one, have employees that come off as snooty or as though they only have time for customers privy to their secret club handshake....that is NOT the case here. Once, I even left the store wondering where I knew the guy from that helped us out...bc only someone familiar would be so kind and friendly (he even suggested sending pictures and our opinion of products).

Caitlin Osborne

Easily the best customer service experience I've had in a long time. Extraordinarily knowledgeable staff who are genuinely interested in what they are selling.

Thomas Pfeil

I recently placed and order for a recipe kit and some additional supplies. One item - bottle caps - did not arrive with my order. I've been unable to reach customer service to try to get the problem resolved. I sent an e-mail but received no reply. When I call their phone number I just get a message saying to send an e-mail. I will not order from this company again.

Robin Krause

I've been purchasing beer making kits and supplies from Midwest for about 5 years. Recently I needed some customer service assistance for a product I purchased 5 years ago. They were very helpful and stood behind their product the whole time. It was absolutely outstanding customer service. They are definitely getting even more of my business.

Fred L.

Am new to homebrewing and a friend suggested Midwest. Have ordered a few starter kits (mine and presents). The first order of 2 kits took some time to get here, but came through at 9 days from when the order was placed. I placed a second order Tue last week (7 days ago) and right after placing it, needed to change something. Tried calling to speak to a person, but you cant. Finally txt'd, no reply then emailed and received a reply the next day. They were very nice and assured me no problem, but that was the last I have heard from them. Conclusion... nice people, poorly managed company. I gave 2 stars with the benefit of the doubt that all is well with the products i have and that my order has shipped and i just didnt get an email, will see. (after reading some of these reviews, thinking I need to open the kits that I am giving as presents this Christmas and make sure everything is there ?)

Jessica C.

Awful service, didn't send the right supplies, can't get a hold of a manager. Email only, no phone number, can't talk to a real person. no response or waiting days for a response. Spent $1500 only got about $1000 worth of order. Don't order online! Still waiting for the right supplies 2 weeks later!

Bill Plutt

5 stars HOWEVER as of late it has gotten very frustrating contacting Midwest Supplies. Twice in the last week their phones have been shut down with instructions to email or text. I was going to place orders but had questions. Hence, I was forced to shop elsewhere. I have been a customer for 9+ years. The staff is terrific and extremely helpful when I'm at the store. I hope they return to answering the phone.

shawn gabriel

I go here for all my brewing needs, last time I was there got some yeast that was expired, contacted customer service about it and they mailed me out a new package right away.

Vita Hall

First time making my own wine. These folks have it all. customer service!! and they helped me by text when I had questions!! My wine is done and TASTY! So happy ! Will do this again , soon!!

J. Murdock

I developed an interest in home brewing. From the classes I was able to make an informed decision to start with Kombucha and go from there. The variety of classes is great if your have an interest in cheese, wine to brewing just sign up and check it out.

Peter Stoutenburgh

Love the staff and their facility. Superb selections, consistency, and service.

JL Nothere

I developed an interest in home brewing. From the classes I was able to make an informed decision to start with Kombucha and go from there. The variety of classes is great if your have an interest in cheese, wine to brewing just sign up and check it out.

Sid S

Came in for the Kombucha brewing class. Was taught very clearly and all questions answered. Highly recommend.

Brian P.

I have been a customer for about 10 years. They have a wide selection of kits from basic extract kits to complex partial and full-grain kits. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, if they're not busy with someone else. I never had to wait long for help with a question. I hope they keep the knowledgeable staff with the buyout of NB. It's a good brewing store.

Austin Eschweiler

Staff was knowledgeable and helpful, they answered my questions and had a wide variety of products.

John McGowan

The home brew HQ. Nice to finally visit the people who ship me wine making tools. Big warehouse with friendly staff.

Jeffrey Fette

Very helpful staff best $

Glen Shivers

I have ordered several times online; my shipment usually arrives before the date Midwest gave me. They have a great selection of products at prices that are some of the lowest I have found. I couldn't be more satisfied with Midwest Supplies!!!

Ken S.

Good selection, maybe not the best place for the beginner brewer. After using a $120 brew kettle for the first time, part of a $400 purchase from Midwest, the inside rusted and leaked to the outside. After talking to a welder I was told someone tried to repair a dent and applied to much heat and damaged the stainless. Was told it was a nice kettle if was repaired correctly. I called Midwest, after being on hold for 30 mins, I was told "bar keep cleaner" would stop the rust and fill the leaks and that was there only solution. I told a local home brew shop, where I should have gone the first time and stayed away from online shops, the story and they had a good laugh and now call me leaky.

Brittany A

A lot of options to choose from to make your own beer or wine. My husband and I picked a kit to use. You can make your own too, they have fresh grains and hops. Kinda hard to see on main road its tucked in the back of the parking lot.

Matthew Jensen

I have been getting beer supplies here for years. They have good prices and the sales are good too. The staff has been helpful for everything but cheese making. They sure know a lot about beer and wine though. Check your beer kits for all the parts though, sometimes you can leave with something missing. Never fun to drive back mid brew.

Matthew Miller

Staff is reallly nice and helpful. The people who work here want to help you find what you need.

M A.

10% off order never showed up when I checked out. Tried several times to find the offer again...then, I closed down and emptied cookies, and the 10% offer showed up again. So I continued, but at check out, no 10% off. So I chatted and he was able to get me 10% off, but then I lost free shipping...even though my order was over $60.00. So, I had to call. She was able to get the 10% off and the free shipping. However, when I asked her why it wasn't just reflected when I checked out, she said there must have been a glitch. I'm not sure about the "glitch". Makes me feel like they just wanted my email address. Disappointed, because I've used this company for years and I hate this kind of sneakiness.

Brad Mills

They had everything I needed for a gluten free beer recipe including coriander seed and two types of orange peels! Very impressed at their selection.

Tim Berg

Love it! First!

William B.

While the quality of their products is good, they tend to have higher than normal shipping charges and I have had bad experiences with their customer service. Most recently I ordered some supplies over a week before I planned to do some bottling, after 6 days the were still processing my order, when I contacted their customer service to see what the delay was they said that it takes time and it should ship that evening and be delivered in another 4 days! I told him that 10-11 days is way to long to wait for an online order and his only comment was sorry your not happy with the time frame. Online shopping is only convent when your order is processed in a timely manner. From now I will save myself the time and expense and go to local brew shops. Thanks for the experience Midwest Supplies.

Emily A.

Very helpful staff! They take the time to answer your questions usually above and beyond what you expect. They offer a ton of free classes - which are actually worth going to! You end up learning a lot and can ask as many questions as you need! I've ordered over the phone and pick up in store as well as just gone into the store. Never had an issue. They also do CO2 tank switch outs!

Tony M.

I have been waiting over twenty days for a refund for a dented keg I received. I keep getting told the same story, that the refund is being processed or needs to be approved. Normally I have had good experiences here but this has become a joke.

Ray B.

I love this company. I have called them on the phone and got great customer service and when ordering products, it is quick and painless. Orders arrive in a timely manner and not damaged. Why not a 5 start then? Emails. I signed up for emails and it gave me a 10% off my first order code. Great!! But now, i get emails every single day. My inbox is littered with emails. I can appreciate you wanting to extend deals to us as customers but man I'm getting so many emails it's no longer funny and I'm going to have to unsubscribe even though I hate to do that.

Kelsey P.

Historically, the boy and I were NB shoppers exclusively. We stopped by Midwest on a whim, and were pleasantly surprised! We were just browsing, checking the place out. An employee stopped us and asked if we had any questions. He then proceeded to literally drop what he was doing (oops) and explain the hydrometers to us for 15 minutes. Ultimate recommendation? Not even the most expensive one. No up-sells or complementary but unnecessary items. Just the explanation we asked for. Love it. I draw the comparison to Northern Brewer because they appeal to a common audience and provide similar goods and services. Also they're owned by the same company or something? Product offering is similar, staff knowledge of the craft is stellar at both locations, and prices are comparable. Overall, either one would be a strong recommend.

Jacob P.

so it was nice that they had everything that i needed, but that being said, i find it absolutely absurd that i placed my order on the 15, and here it is the 19th and my order has yet to ship. I called today and just got off the phone with an employee who told me my order would ship out on monday, the 21st and that it would still be arriving within the projected window of 21-23rd. I explained my concerns to him and how i did not understand why it would take 7 days before my items would leave the store. He told me it was because i chose the ground saver shipping. In my experience, you pay for the shipping method, not the time it take them to put your 6 items together and get them out. I find this outrageous. if they can ship it out on monday and make the time window of wednesday.... then why could they not process my order on the day after i made it online, (wednesday) and have it to me by now. It seems illogical. They were able to process my card for payment in a reasonable time. Am I really expecting too much by wanting something I bought in a reasonable amount of time?

Kevin B.

I am a harsh critic of customer service. I am a hobbiest, so that means I use the internet for education, and love to peruse the stores. I have never gone anywhere BUT Midwest, because they've never given me reason. The guy today once again saved me countless dollars and work. They get 5 stars because they've earned 5 stars.

Michael C.

Dear Midwest, I am a new customer, and like it so far. While I can see when I walk in the door that the staff is starting to slip when putting orders together, I have caught it every time. The front door staff could be more attentive when checking the boxes and verifying the contents on the way out the door. Please, keep my business, there is a lot of competition out here. Thanks for the military discount!

Jennifer K.

The employees are very knowledgeable about their beers. They gave us some great recommendations on how to get our set-up up and running. They have honest about how the beer will taste and lead you in the correct direction to find the best kit for you.

Midwest Homebrewing and Winemaking Supplies

5825 Excelsior Blvd, St Louis Park, MN 55416
(952) 562-5300