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Brian P.

I have been a customer for about 10 years. They have a wide selection of kits from basic extract kits to complex partial and full-grain kits. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, if they're not busy with someone else. I never had to wait long for help with a question. I hope they keep the knowledgeable staff with the buyout of NB. It's a good brewing store.

Austin Eschweiler

Staff was knowledgeable and helpful, they answered my questions and had a wide variety of products.

Glen Shivers

I have ordered several times online; my shipment usually arrives before the date Midwest gave me. They have a great selection of products at prices that are some of the lowest I have found. I couldn't be more satisfied with Midwest Supplies!!!

Ken S.

Good selection, maybe not the best place for the beginner brewer. After using a $120 brew kettle for the first time, part of a $400 purchase from Midwest, the inside rusted and leaked to the outside. After talking to a welder I was told someone tried to repair a dent and applied to much heat and damaged the stainless. Was told it was a nice kettle if was repaired correctly. I called Midwest, after being on hold for 30 mins, I was told "bar keep cleaner" would stop the rust and fill the leaks and that was there only solution. I told a local home brew shop, where I should have gone the first time and stayed away from online shops, the story and they had a good laugh and now call me leaky.

Matthew Miller

Staff is reallly nice and helpful. The people who work here want to help you find what you need.

M A.

10% off order never showed up when I checked out. Tried several times to find the offer again...then, I closed down and emptied cookies, and the 10% offer showed up again. So I continued, but at check out, no 10% off. So I chatted and he was able to get me 10% off, but then I lost free shipping...even though my order was over $60.00. So, I had to call. She was able to get the 10% off and the free shipping. However, when I asked her why it wasn't just reflected when I checked out, she said there must have been a glitch. I'm not sure about the "glitch". Makes me feel like they just wanted my email address. Disappointed, because I've used this company for years and I hate this kind of sneakiness.

Brad Mills

They had everything I needed for a gluten free beer recipe including coriander seed and two types of orange peels! Very impressed at their selection.

Tim Berg

Love it! First!

William B.

While the quality of their products is good, they tend to have higher than normal shipping charges and I have had bad experiences with their customer service. Most recently I ordered some supplies over a week before I planned to do some bottling, after 6 days the were still processing my order, when I contacted their customer service to see what the delay was they said that it takes time and it should ship that evening and be delivered in another 4 days! I told him that 10-11 days is way to long to wait for an online order and his only comment was sorry your not happy with the time frame. Online shopping is only convent when your order is processed in a timely manner. From now I will save myself the time and expense and go to local brew shops. Thanks for the experience Midwest Supplies.

Emily A.

Very helpful staff! They take the time to answer your questions usually above and beyond what you expect. They offer a ton of free classes - which are actually worth going to! You end up learning a lot and can ask as many questions as you need! I've ordered over the phone and pick up in store as well as just gone into the store. Never had an issue. They also do CO2 tank switch outs!

Tony M.

I have been waiting over twenty days for a refund for a dented keg I received. I keep getting told the same story, that the refund is being processed or needs to be approved. Normally I have had good experiences here but this has become a joke.

Ray B.

I love this company. I have called them on the phone and got great customer service and when ordering products, it is quick and painless. Orders arrive in a timely manner and not damaged. Why not a 5 start then? Emails. I signed up for emails and it gave me a 10% off my first order code. Great!! But now, i get emails every single day. My inbox is littered with emails. I can appreciate you wanting to extend deals to us as customers but man I'm getting so many emails it's no longer funny and I'm going to have to unsubscribe even though I hate to do that.

Kelsey P.

Historically, the boy and I were NB shoppers exclusively. We stopped by Midwest on a whim, and were pleasantly surprised! We were just browsing, checking the place out. An employee stopped us and asked if we had any questions. He then proceeded to literally drop what he was doing (oops) and explain the hydrometers to us for 15 minutes. Ultimate recommendation? Not even the most expensive one. No up-sells or complementary but unnecessary items. Just the explanation we asked for. Love it. I draw the comparison to Northern Brewer because they appeal to a common audience and provide similar goods and services. Also they're owned by the same company or something? Product offering is similar, staff knowledge of the craft is stellar at both locations, and prices are comparable. Overall, either one would be a strong recommend.

Jacob P.

so it was nice that they had everything that i needed, but that being said, i find it absolutely absurd that i placed my order on the 15, and here it is the 19th and my order has yet to ship. I called today and just got off the phone with an employee who told me my order would ship out on monday, the 21st and that it would still be arriving within the projected window of 21-23rd. I explained my concerns to him and how i did not understand why it would take 7 days before my items would leave the store. He told me it was because i chose the ground saver shipping. In my experience, you pay for the shipping method, not the time it take them to put your 6 items together and get them out. I find this outrageous. if they can ship it out on monday and make the time window of wednesday.... then why could they not process my order on the day after i made it online, (wednesday) and have it to me by now. It seems illogical. They were able to process my card for payment in a reasonable time. Am I really expecting too much by wanting something I bought in a reasonable amount of time?

Kevin B.

I am a harsh critic of customer service. I am a hobbiest, so that means I use the internet for education, and love to peruse the stores. I have never gone anywhere BUT Midwest, because they've never given me reason. The guy today once again saved me countless dollars and work. They get 5 stars because they've earned 5 stars.

Michael C.

Dear Midwest, I am a new customer, and like it so far. While I can see when I walk in the door that the staff is starting to slip when putting orders together, I have caught it every time. The front door staff could be more attentive when checking the boxes and verifying the contents on the way out the door. Please, keep my business, there is a lot of competition out here. Thanks for the military discount!

Jennifer K.

The employees are very knowledgeable about their beers. They gave us some great recommendations on how to get our set-up up and running. They have honest about how the beer will taste and lead you in the correct direction to find the best kit for you.

Josh A.

Be very careful if you are looking for this place, it's tough to find, but when you do...jackpot! This place is AWESOME. I walked in to pick up two ingredients to make homemade mozzarella, liquid rennet and citric acid, which was tough to find in the Twin Cities. While I was there I found a handful of other items that were MUCH needed to make a successful batch of cheese, thanks to the uber helpful staff. They were very approachable, down to Earth, and INCREDIBLY knowledgable. Their help made a world of difference. The selection is top notch. Lots to pick from, it's a huge warehouse feel. I don't even drink and there was SO much there for me to look through. I can make cheese, kefir, kombucha, and some other things I've never heard of. The prices are great too. I looked online and the stuff I found was even more expensive than what I saw at MHWS, plus the shipping. I will certainly be back. Super glad with everything they provided and yes, the cheese turned out STELLAR!

Darrell G.

I only shop here at the retail store so I can't say much about the online shopping. I also only brew beer. The place can be a bit intimidating at first as you come in to what feels like a warehouse. They have on hand everything you'll need for brewing. As I have gotten more and more into home brewing they have been the source for new equipment and my go to for grains, hops, yeast, spices, etc. The staff are generally really helpful and knowledgeable. During the holiday seasons when they have extra staff it can be crazy and you may get the guy that doesn't have all that much experience.

T P.

Since my last review, I've had a few more pleasurable experiences with Midwest, so I figured I'd update. I've received a couple gift cards that compelled me to give them another shot. Lead times have been much improved, typically about 9 days from order to receipt. Accuracy has been spot on too, as has the quality. No damages either. I can't ignore past experiences, but recent improvements have earned them another star in my book.

Midwest brewing co.

St Louis Park, MN 55416