Empire Cuisine & Market

232 Marschall Rd, Shakopee
(952) 658-6548

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Hoshun Lam

Hidden gem! Ordered the family platter which includes 3 types of meat, rice or pasta, salad, and a few bananas. Really enjoyed the beef, goat, bbq chicken on top of fragrant rice.Really good stuff and worth a try if you’re curious!

Tim B.

This place was awful. No menu to look at, their 2 big screens were blank. No prices weren't on anything, nor any labels as to what the heck it was. The clerk spoke very poor English. He said if you want to know the menu, google it. Their TV was blaring some foreign soccer game. The food Gyro wasn't too bad but was slathered with some white stuff (sour cream?). There were very few identifiable vegetables, except onion. The lamb meat was better than expected. The bread part was hard to cut. I also had some kind of a no name dough ball which was spicey. Would like to have tried something else but no way to know what they even offered unless I memorized it from online. The bathroom was a total mess why bother washing in such a pit. Most of the patrons looked to be from north Africa or ?? You're in America why not learn some English? why not publish a menu? I'll never return to this dump.

Crimzy xD

Amazing food, best place to dine at, and I recommend all my brothers and sister to go

Chrissy Felten

Delicious and generous portions. The hot sauce is marvelous

John Muir

Big portions, good food, and super friendly staff. What more could you want? I've eaten here many times and will again.

A B.

Very tasty takeout! Ordered a beef shawarma thing & the goat meat. Both tasty, the shawarma thing was great heated in air fryer.

Nicole F

ThinkTechAct received $16 million in federal food aid funding in 2021. More than $11.5 million of that money went to various companies affiliated with a firm called Empire Cuisine and Market, which was founded in Savage, Minnesota, in April 2020. And millions of those dollars were actually used to buy real estate in Minnesota and Kenya, the search warrant alleges.

Sam Z

Do not support this company-- they are accused of stealing money from the government-- according to the articles coming out this location was apart of the FEEDING OUR FUTURE- Disgusting! Shut this place down! The people of Shakopee should not support this business.

Bette Murphy

I went to the "Empire Cuisine," for the first time today and what a find! The food was excellent!!! I ordered a dinner to go for my husband and he loved it as well. We will be going back again and again that is for sure. Try it out, you will love it!

Carlos Ramos

Food was delicious and everything was cooked perfectly. Goat meat was falling of the bone it was perfectly cooked. customer service was on point, the guy taking orders was very helpful. we got our food promptly after ordering all nice and hot.

Deklan Armstrong

Good food, good variety. Decently cheap. One of the few places to get a good gyro and the tea and rice is very well made.

Bern F

I have ate here and the food is very authentic and is the best. If you want great Somali food this is it!! Wow!!

Oromo Osama

Great food great people and best off all their service Is very nice welcome guys try it

Christina Motel

East African cuisine! Empire is a great way embrace other culture in the community. Many traditional delight & a few American classics. So everyone has a little variety for everyone.Burgers, gyros, smoothies, coffee..Worth trying something different..

cogito antebellum

Worst place I have been too in awhile. The fries were cold. The gyro I had, somehow had a chunk of cartilage in it. Which with a gyro should be impossible. The drink I pulled from the cooler had dirt or something nasty on it. Got a starter that seemed something like lefsa, which came to our table when me and my father were close to done with our meals. And on top of that the gentleman that took our order set our food on the counter in a to go bag, giving the signal we just were just supposed to leave. Without the lefsa we ordered. All around bad experience.

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