Marco's Pizza

1280 4th Ave E, Shakopee
(952) 445-8660

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Dennis Warne

Go to pickup my pizza from Marco’s to find out when I arrive the pizza was never made.Yet again. The one person in the store couldn’t even own her mistake as she checked around and nothing was made. She goes to the machine that’s prints the order out only to rip off the receipt and say oh. And yet still says don’t know what happened. Just own your mistakes. No apologies or nothing.

Bob Mueller

9:26 pm at night. Called and said they couldn’t deliver any pizza tonight because the driver went home. Ok, said the other pizza place gets our business. They did’nt care. Buy buy Marcos!

Jacob Mascorro

I have always ordered Pizza Hut, Dominos, And Papa John’s, but wanted something different this time. I decided to try Marcos Pizza, and first of all it was a pleasant experience. They have very friendly staff, and Anthony (manager) offered a great variety of toppings and styles. Best of all, the pizza was amazing! I went with managers recommendation of Pepperoni Magnifico, which my family Loved. This will be my go to place for pizza from now on. Thanks Anthony and crew.

Niki Mackedanz

We stumbled upon Marco's on accident. We were staying at the EconoLodge and walked to Pizza Hut. But they didn't turn their lights on and just seemed super sketchy. We walked on and found Marco's. They gave us an incredible deal, some free wings and let me tell you, this pizza was AMAZING! If I find myself back in Shakopee, I'll be stopping by again!

David Kaiser

I stop by to see a friend who recently started working there and and as I was waiting for them started started having a conversation with the manager and let me tell you That It is getting Noticeably less & less common nowadays For not just a service industry but the working part of society in general to Have somebody with That's specific type of social skills who is Seemingly in a very positive Energetic mood and has no problem Not only interacting with customers but initiating conversation and and ways to ask it's to ask what it is that he is that he may do for them as a customer He was a very cool person who uh provided an environment that meant that I not only not only We'd enjoy going out to eat or pick up a Order of take out from but but also I would very much very much enjoy working well working with that type of person person especially as a manager Or owner Replace great food great staff

ashli smith

Pros: The food is Delicious! My Pizza bowls are always so good and hot.Cons: One of the workers didn't have on any gloves when he was making the pizza after he rubbed his hand on his shirt and went to ring my order up. I looked at his fingernails and they were dirty. For that reason I will not be returning. But if you don't mind that the food was good.

Jon Agrimson

2 pizza deal was on point along with the cinnamon bread! Great taste with friendly staff.

Tamara Sprole

"Dine in" is a joke--one table. IMHO this does not quality as dine in. Just take that off your list of services! I added the fifth star because the pizza was great and because of Melissa. She treated us like a champ.

Tom H

Great pizza, the salad and cheesy bread were excellent too! Awesome prices!

Marla K.

Yummy good pizza and great prices/deals. Fav: old world pepperoni Love the crust options - turns it into a breadstick with parm or garlic sauce. Nice friendly staff and accurate orders! Big fan!!


I lived in Shakopee nearly half my life and tonight was the first night I’ve ever been to Marco‘s Pizza for pick up in store. Employees or the gentleman working the counter A+ for service, prices also A Plus, quality of the pizza cooked perfectly I could only recommend that they upgrade the quality of the toppings, they seem pretty bland but besides that overall I think it would be a great pizza

Joe Birk

Do not order pizza from here. Our order was completely messed up. Worst of all the taco pizza had rotten lettuce on it. Breadsticks not thoroughly cooked. No manager on duty to talk to. And best of all they cannot refund my money because we “touched” the pizza. They can only remake it. As if I want round 2 of that disaster

Scott M.

Pizza was good when we ate it on a take out the first time. Staff is courteous and polite However..... Their business model/management is amateur at best. They only will cater to those in their town no matter how close you are. 7 miles is too far for them to deliver so they don't need any more business I guess. I do know they have delivered further than 7 miles if you have an approved address which brings me back to who the hell is running this business? Maybe some day they will realize they would have double the business if they utilized a logical delivery system instead of zip code only as I said they wouldn't deliver 7 mikes out!

Lisa J.

LOVE this pizza place and staff are incredibly kind!! Very reasonable prices! Especially if you use their app for rewards. Use the coupons offered and their hot deals section. Our family life is extremely busy! Marcos has been providing one dinner a week for our family and they do not disappoint. Super fast delivery, very generous with toppings and they are so fresh!!! Was not crazy about the pizza bowl thing. Basically just pizza toppings in a dish. For someone who only likes toppings you'll love it. Flavor bomb. Thank you Marcos for providing many swift, affordable and tasty meals!!!

Ashlynn Heil

My family and I are visiting from Missouri. We ordered Marcos and had it delivered, and we ordered 2 subs and wings. One of the subs we ordered was supposed to be meat and cheese ONLY and we specified that multiple times, and it came to us with everything on it. We called Marcos as soon as we realized the mistake and the said they would refund our card. We told them we paid with cash, and they still tried to tell us they could give us in store credit. As I mentioned we live out of state and we told them we won’t be in the store again. They kept trying to convince us that they would refund the credit but they wouldn’t be able to bring us the right sandwich (how we ordered it) . Again, we paid in cash and we don’t live here so there’s no credit to refund? also, the person taking our order seemed high. Just not a good experience at all…

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