9 Mile Garden

9375 Gravois Rd, Affton
(314) 390-2806

Recent Reviews

gregory kramer

Clean ....great environmentEven emptied trash cans during band performance

Vicky Alvarez

It's a great idea. The layout is nice and well thought out. The lines for certain trucks and on weekends can be long but it all moves along well. Can't wait COVID-19 to be over so that more people can sit and enjoy it. Seating is limited right now. Bring your own chairs or blanket to put down is your best bet.

michael crutcher

This was a great idea and a great addition to the community. Usually only 4 or 5 trucks present at a time. They change the food trucks around continuously. Check the website ahead of time to see which trucks are there. Live music on weekends. Artificial grass is odd, but actually a good idea. Real turf would never hold up to the use and traffic.

Christine Davit Collins

Great food! Great music! I appreciate that they had a lot of safety precautions in place so we could have a safe, fun night out. It’s been too long since we’ve heard live music!

Jeffrey Fell

Great outdoor food garden with a stage for Bands, screen to view movies or sporting events, and an indoor bar area that serves local brews. Check their Twitter for daily food trucks as they rotate each day and meal. Great place to bring your family or pup or a date. Usually have an ice cream option as well so don't stock up too much on the delicious dinner items. Meals typically around the $10 mark. Some trucks are more or less expensive depending on your order. Beers inside are around like $6, give or take. Regular drinks also sold inside but I haven't purchased one yet so I couldn't tell you the prices. Haha.

Dave Tate

Great place. Good selection of Food Trucks!

Kelly Gorman

Great environment! Tons of food and drink choices! Enjoy the space and the ambience.

Jen Chatfield

This place is so great. Have been hoping for a good truck garden in STL for a while and this place delivers. Plenty of outdoor seating, plenty of trucks, and tons of local beer on tap. It's really done well. Would love to go for a movie when they reopen!

James Caprio

Such an awesome place! Luckily I’m only a couple blocks away so parking is never an issue. Definitely a great way to spend an afternoon with the wife and kids.

Matt Heilich

Great place. Rotating lineup of food trucks and a good beer selection inside. Food truck lineup is posted daily on Twitter.

Billy Moran

Really great idea. The location is a little odd, tucked into a strange shaped plaza. But hopefully this development will aid in restructuring the corner and make it a little nicer. Bands on Fridays, movies on Saturdays, and various other family activities plus, they have a nice size bar on the grounds for drinks and if you want to get inside. And the trucks are currently there for every lunch and dinner time.

Andrew Bachmann

We were finally able to check this out and we were so impressed! We got there right at 11 so parking and lines for the food trucks weren't an issue. There could have been more tables with umbrellas. Bathrooms were super clean and my 3 yr old daughter loved the toddler sized toilet. Canteen had a great selection of beer and the AC was cranked to give a nice break from heat. We will definitely be back for more!!

Tim Ransom

Great concept! Several rotating food trucks and the Canteen has a huge selection of local beers on tap. Went there for lunch but will definitely be back to check out dinner service with live music.

Cam Craver

My wife and I showed up today to check it out and were very disappointed to see that social distancing measures were not being maintained. The place looks super cute and has potential but sad to see that they failed to take precautions during these times.

Dean Little

9 mile is cool concept The disappointment came when we arrive and a food truck that was on the schedule was a no show. Then placed an order for 2 Cubans sawnwhiches with Havana cuisine and waited 45 min for our food. Both complaints are not 9 mile fault by any means. Beers ran $8. Water was $2 plus tax. Definitely would recommend. Maybe we will have better luck with the trucks next time.

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