Escape Reality Magic Dinner Show

3425 W 76 Country Blvd, Branson
(417) 334-0076

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Travis Hart

Great show!

Terry Wilkerson

The show features Las Vegas style grand illusions with just the right amount of comedy and audience participation! We happened to catch the show on an evening with a smaller audience, but Brian Ledbetter kept the show moving and everyone was amazed and amused!Brian's repertoire includes classic illusions from the Chinese Linking Rings to a very fast Metamorphosis, with many others in the 70-minute performance.If you're in Branson, don't miss this show! Combined with dinner, this was a great evening!

T Anderson

Excellent show. Fantastic environment and genuinely made us feel welcome..Great job!!

Catherine Bartley

The show was very interactive which we highly enjoy! I was even cut in half! They do not have a great selection of snacks or drinks. There is no alcohol on the premises due to the staff being under age.

Sarah Beaver

Never seen a real magic show, so I don't have anything to compare it to, but WOW was I impressed. It was amazing in my and families eyes. Funny jokes, cool illusions, audience engagement, and some things that really made you wonder how he did it! You also meet him after the show and we thought that was awesome. We ate afterwards and the food was pretty good too. Highly recommend, especially if you have kids with you!!

Timothy Allen

First of all this isn’t a dinner show. The marketing is very clever. Pay attention to the bottom of the description. It’s dinner AFTER or BEFORE depending on which Hughes brother show you watch. We waited 30 minutes AFTER the show before we were lead to the mezzanine that would have been perfect for watching a show while eating.Now for the food…Remember the last time you ate at the hospital? Well it was probably better than this. I’m pretty sure my chicken was actually sand molded into the form of a chicken breast…Every thing else was of similar quality.Finally the Magician Brian Ledbetter. It was just ok. I would probably hire him for my kid’s birthday. He seems like he might have done that previously. Very good with kids. There was no spectacle to his performance at all. Just straight run of the mill illusion gizmos. You might like it.All of this can be yours for $60-$100/per person depending on which ticket resale site ripped you off while purchasing!

Shalaunte W.

I really enjoyed this Magic Show. I thought the magician was very handsome, humble and charismatic. Smile breathtaking. He was very much into storytelling and relating with the audience. Music was very entertaining and suspenseful. The acts he performed were very astonishing and I really enjoyed the show. Seats were ok , I'm short and two tall men sat in front of me and my view was lacking but not the musician fault. The dinner was chicken , pork loin , green beans , potatoes and a dinner roll . Drink options were unsweetened tea and water. Dessert was a mousse. The meal was just ok. Food was cold and the wait to receive could have been shorter. It's still an ok show, give it a try . I did .

Stephanie pyatt

Show was great. Brian was very kind and impressive. Food was not worth it at all. Tiny portions and no seasoning.

Victoria Hayes

We went when we called we were told Ledbetter the magician would be there. We got the show and dinner. Ended up being a K West magician. The show was like what would be expected at a bday party with a local type magician he had some medium props. He was kind of funny did well with the children and audience. Not what I would call a top performing magician at all. Staff at theater were very nice. In to dinner we had chicken, pork loin, ratatouille, roll, roasted potatoes, green beans and a dark chocolate mouse with raspberries. My food was cold except for ratatouille and potatoes. Don’t expect much flavor very bland. Chicken seemed like it was steamed maybe. Now with all this I didn’t not personally pay for our tickets because it was a gift. If I had paid the $50 something a ticket I would had been very, very upset.

Sarah D.

Best illusions I have ever seen. We loved the show and the dinner was really good. It was a 3 course meal. Well worth the price.

Evelyn Cornelius

Wonderful illusions and very interesting. Couldn't tell how any sets were done. The magician Ledbetter was great. Would come to show again.

Shirley Martinez

Magician Brian Ledbetter was amazing. We had a 7 year old and a 13 year old. All of us loved it. We purchased a trick for each one of the kids, at the end of the show. Magician Brian Ledbetter even took the time to autograph pictures and pose with the kids afterwards. He won everyone's heart with the magic on and off the stage.

Cate Adams

Brian is a great showman, we enjoyed the experience. Lots of fun audience interaction. Dinner was what you would expect, pretty bland but it was well made and good quality.

M Carp

This is NOT the same show that everyone has rated so high with its founders. This one features a new fill in for Branson and I felt completely underwhelmed. A few of the acts were okay but nothing I would pay as much as we did. I'M so glad we didn't do the dinner. Food is AFTER the show not during! Okay for kids, but maybe more elementary age. Pretty disappointing honestly! I'm not one to leave bad reviews either...

Naomi Bulger

One of the best shows we’ve been to!! So fun to see the illusions and the magician was very fun and entertaining. DEFINITELY recommend the Escape Reality Magic show!!

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