Sammy Lanes Sweets N Treats

5581 76 Country Blvd, Branson
(417) 334-4191

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Sierra Navarro

I'm only giving one star for now on this because I was really upset when I showed up at 8:30pm last night (a Saturday night) and they were already closed and cleaning up :'(

Godstime Banks

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the taffy they make/sale is wonderful, you can taste the flavor of the taffy. it is not like other taffy where you have to guess the flavor. my favorite is the Pina colado. there is also watermelon, apple pie, grape, blueberry, mango, rum, raspberry/lemonaid. my Daughter, loved their muffins, she said they were moist and delicious.

Anna Crites (Out of Body Massage)

The ice cream was so good and the girls serving it were friendly and polite. They have fudge and old time candy. The store was decorated for Christmas and had a cheerful vibe. We stopped here before heading down to The Trail of Lights.

Josh Evans

Best ice cream we've found in Branson!

Lisa Gibson

Amazing pumpkin pie ice cream concoction!!! Sweetest employees...

Vicat Mauricio

It’s okay. My family came up to Branson, MO for a family reunion and happed to come i on this sweet shop our kids begged us to go to.The establishment had a very retro feel and cool props everywhere that gave it a 30s-40s candy shop look. There was wooden barrels everywhere full of classics candy and they even had one of those old Cola Cola refrigerated lockers near the front of the store.The ice cream and coffee were just “okay” at best. I had a double shot of espresso and I could tell that they didn’t use the Hughesy quality coffee beans to make it. Again, the coffee was okay but not great.The kids loved their ice cream, and most kids do, but when I tasted it, it just tasted like any other ice cream you could get from the store. There was nothing special about it. I guess I was going to get ice cream that stood out a little more.There was only one person serving a line of people so it took a while to get our order in. This whole area attracts the older demographic so it can take them a while before they decide on what flavor ice cream they want, and with only one person serving the stores, you’re in for a wait if there’s a line.This an okay place, I was hoping for a more authentic and higher grade snacks and coffee I guess.

Brandon Holt

Great ice cream and friendly staff!

Farrah McEntire

We drove way out of town to have a banana split pictured on the reviews. They don't have them or very much at all. Worker wasn't nice about it.

Colgate Guy

The place looked nice, but their icecream selection was lacking. They ony had half their flavors available, and the only ones they even had were not the best. It was all also overpriced. It was around 6 dollars for one person to get icecream, which is a problen when im with a group of 7.

Farrah M

We drove way out of town to have a banana split pictured on the reviews. They don't have them or very much at all. Worker wasn't nice about it.


Sammy Lanes Sweets ice cream is super good and flavorful. The employees are super nice and there is a nice scenic area right there as well. They also carry various fudge, taffy, etc for others who aren't into ice cream. The whole family liked it, so it was a hit.

Macey S.

Sammy Lanes Sweet N Treats is the cutest little sweets shop! The ice cream and fudge are delicious and they have some adorable merchandise for sale as well. I want to visit again and try the coffee. The sign near the entrance is worth the read to learn about the history of the building it's housed in.

Jack Franklin

1. They were out of 80% all their ice cream. Hard to run an ice cream store if you don't have the product.2. We showed up at 7:20pm. Even though everything online says they closed at 8pm, we were told to get out by 7:30. (No signs on the door or in the store had their actual hours on it) High school kids running the place said 'Jesus Christ' under their breath when the 2nd half of our party showed up 5 minutes later. We were forced to eat outside on the steps. A different group showed up at 7:40pm and by then the 'workers' had already left. Hard to run an ice cream place is you aren't open.3. The ice cream itself was OK, but well over priced. Hard to run an ice cream place if any national chain is better....


This was our first visit to Sammy’s, and the kids really enjoyed their ice cream. Cake or waffle cones available. The fudge was good, too. Taffy available by the bag. Did I mention air conditioning? Enjoy!

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