113 Will Garrett Rd, Toomsuba
(601) 632-4006

Recent Reviews

Kimberly Thomas-Bevans

They were awesome from the time I walked in til I left


Always great service at this Arby's. Even while they were unloading the truck of supplies. I always stop here because they're always smiling.

Wendy Carney

Decent food not so friendly

Benji B.

Came in about 5:30 for some dinner after a long drive. They were quick to take my order and had it out within about 5 minutes. The roast beef sandwich was hot and juicy and the fries had jUst come out of the fryer. Was very pleased with the taste and quality.


This is the 3rd time they asked me about sauce and I didn't get it. Why ask if you aren't going to put it in the bag? I only got a turkey slider today, but my boyfriend and I usually get much more. At this point I'd just as soon not order here again, because they don't give you horsey sauce when you order it. Very unhappy with the service. I could deal with one time, but the last 3 in a row? Someone needs to be retrained

Martha Sharpe

We were traveling from Augusta to Shreveport and stopped here for Dinner. Was greeted with very friendly staff all smiles and very attentive. It’s so hard to get good customer service these days. I would like to recognize Kim. Great Employee

shamba lynn

Arby's has a good choice selection such as healthy meat.The moxarella sticks are horrible.Prices are reasonable.


Ultimate BLT delicious

Neal Cagle

hey Arby's Toomsuba,A lack of au jus with a french dip is a game changer.I'm local and it was a better Arby's before the rebuild

deon331978 .

Ultimate BLT delicious

Nicholas salisbury

Great place to eat

Dave Rosenthal

Went into the store there were so many flies it look like B-52 bomber is descending over Germany. I waited for five minutes no one showed up to take my order. Poor management as usual with all these fast food places.

Jose Sanchez

Pecan chicken salad sandwiches sold out all the way from Louisiana..... smh what a joke, cause they still advertise it, I dont see limited time only.

Patrick Isbell

New look and feel of arby's location is well thought out. However when a new location has machinery that is out of order it leaves me not wanting to come back. I canceled my entire order because menu items could not be made. Staff was friendly so I gave it 2 stars

Diane Alvarez

Visited around 9:20 pm 7/6/19. No one else was in line but the cashier ‘Shunna’ was having trouble opening the register so I had to wait. After several minutes she got the drawer open and I thought she was going to take my order but I was mistaken. She pulled out some money, moved to a different register and started counting one’s. At this point there were other customers in line but NO orders being taken. There were several employees just standing around laughing. After a couple more minutes, I walked out. When you are traveling 900+ miles you don’t want to have to wait just to place an order! Terrible service!

Serrano Serrano

I ordered the chicken nuggets they where cold. My Co driver had a hair in his salad disgusting. Uuugh

Jessa H.

Quick, clean, good food.

Mike P.

I was out visiting hospitals last night and hadn't had dinner so I wing by Arby's and I just don't think I can praise that team enough. 9:45 and they were probably more courteous and helpful than any sit down restaurant I have visited. Great teamwork, great food, value for the money, friendly staff all were 5 Star. I hugely recommend this place!!!

Nancy Neal

The best apple and cherry turnovers that are any where around. No comparison to any where else

Kyle Robertson

How about change your listing that this location is closed

Irene Goddard

Very clean lot. Plenty of places to park around 4pm. Cashiers very friendly & helpful & always smiling & greeting me as I enter. The showers were nice & clean with good water pressure. The restaurant was also very clean, fast & the cashiers very friendly too. Very pleased. Overall excellent experience! Thank you!

Patricia Heykoop

Great service fast and friendly. Food was great.

darton mcphatter

I only had their chicken sandwich and the smokehouse brisket sandwich, they are both pretty decent when comparing to competitors.

Tracy Lancaster

Past visits were great. Truck stop is closed for remodeling

Nieki Woullard McLoughlin

It’s an Arby’s. A little slow to serve but otherwise fine.


the food was fresh hot. the service was great. I really enjoy this fast food place. I would consider this a great fast food place to stop at while travelling.

Mia Boulay

The food was good and the customer service was good can't ask for much more.

AppIt Games

Simah Naylor she was the one taking the orders she is by far the nices and most professional and respectful lady i have seen in a fast food restaurant all was respectful and nice but she stands out in the good way. I most definitely see a manger or branch owner in her future. Hopefully Arbys will see the same.

kelli conde

This place was horrible! Half of our food was wasted because of how badly it was made. We got our food too go. This place doesn’t even deserve one star! Horrible service! We will NEVER go to another Arby’s again!

skate on

ordered roast beef I received some kind of gray meat. Never again. Well, not this location.


We ate here while staying at the nearby KOA. We ordered fish sandwiches, roast beef and cheddar sandwiches, and loaded curly fries. Everything was hot and tasted great!

Clay Culver

Took my money, forgot all about giving me my food! Gotta be the worst ever.

Adrianna Reeves

I stopped in to this Love's/Arby's combo the first week of December. Service was good. I ordered 2 Arby Melts and a small curly fry. Within 4 hours of eating, I was horribly sick with food poisoning. If you eat here, try to order a meat that you can be sure is heated thoroughly.

Jeffeory H.

This Arby's is located inside a TruckStop and offered their delectable sandwiches 24/7. Finding this place was like hitting the jackpot. Our son just loves their roast beef sandwich. Traveling with a child that does not like fast food is rather difficult. There is no grab and go he just won't eat. Arby's seems to be a safe solid choice for food. I ordered the crispy chicken sandwich with potato cakes. The sandwich was made fresh along with the potatoes. The little ones roast beef sandwiches hit the spot for him as he ate all of the meat. The staff were friendly and the overall experience was pleasant. The only thing I didn't like is that this place could use some extra cleaning.

Yer Blues

Every time I order biscuits and gravy (which are clearly on their menu) they gave me some excuse. The first time they said it would take 7 minutes in order to deter me because they obviously found it to be too to tedious a task and then told me it was because it was past 10 (too late which it was 10 till, in reality). So I tried a few days later to call in advance (around 6:50 am) in order to make sure they'd be ready in time to which they responded that they simply couldn't (i.e. wouldn't) make the requested order. I told them I'd take my business elsewhere. Also, their drive through reeks of human feces. Disgusting and computer unprofessional business. Avoid at all costs.

Michael Appleby

About Arby's; The place has great food, but often this restaurant has smelly dumpsters in drive through. Get a whiff of it and you will almost gag. Wind and dumpsters at toomsuba Arby's is quite fierce. Anyways, I sat down once or twice and experienced a lot of flies. Now, an occasional one is unavoidable in a larger, public restaurant but a constant buzz is not fine. It means the restaurant is very dirty. Often the tables and floors remain dirty, obviously management lacks structure to keep entry level cashiers and cooks cleaning. It's not easy in fast food, but it could use improvement. The food is overall fine and I enjoy the Reuben and roast beef. Recommended for quick stops, sitting down can be determined by looking at the floor, tables and atmosphere.

Dustin Baker

Recommend they get an exterminator, what's the first thing I see when I go to get my lid and straw for my drink? A big freaking roach crawling all over them, told the workers, they didn't seem to concerned about it, just went and killed it and said it's a large building, makes me wonder just how many more are running around the back of this place

Kay Nester Watson

I live in Toomsuba and would love to tell you that this location is great good even but NO IT IS SO BAD THAT THERE ARE NO WORDS to discribe it. I have tried to callandspeak with someone but they never answerthe phone, just rings and rings. I tried to go onthe website to "contsct us" sorrythatisnot avaisble either. I willnot be eatingat this Arby's or any other oneever again.

Elizabeth O

OK, it's an Arby's in a truck stop, which I find handy when traveling. I have always gotten great service here. And they seem to have a featured sandwich which looks interesting. The Angus steak and portabella was nicely seasoned and covered with gooey cheese. It was out of this world! And normally I do not eat fries, but Arby's curly fries are the best in the business. This always a good place to gas up in the middle of nowhere.

Allen G

PLEASE, have someone going through the dinning room from time to time cleaning the tables. Oh...and why is the sweet tea behind the counter when ALL the other drinks are out in the dinning room. And could the person cleaning the tables also fill the condiments?