Sam & Louie's Italian Restaurant & New York Pizzeria

1595 Grand Ave #240, Billings
(406) 894-2122

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Sean Lucas

I've ordered food from Sam & Louis's before eating in the restaurant today. But after my experience there today has made me never want to give them my business anytime soon. Me and my girlfriend we're wanting to find a place to have lunch. We were in the area and thought we'd like to try Sam & Louis's and actually eat at the restaurant. When we got to the restaurant it was a little later in the afternoon. So, they weren't busy. Which was the only good thing out of the whole experience. We seat in a booth in the corner with our back to the bar and kitchen. The waitress was a little pushy before we order our food. Kept bugging us to put our order in. We were trying to figure out if we wanted individually entrée or share a pizza. We went with individual entrée. She ordered tortellini and I a meatballs hoagie ( picture attached ). My food was WAY burned and had to ask to have marinara with a meatball hoagie? My girlfriend's food was very lackluster and cold. And now when we need our waitress she was no way to be found until it was time to drop the check. And didn't stop to let us ask a question about our food. Just mic drop and walked away. She overcharged us for a side salad and when I asked about it she said " yeah the prices have changed. " but she didn't mention that when we ordered and there was nothing on the menu that said " prices changed "? And when I asked her about it she just said " I'll get the owner ". Ok? Now she's made me feel like I was being a " Karen ". The owner show up let him know I wasn't upset, I just had a question about the price? He took care of the price difference and I paid for our meals and wanted the hell out of there. If you have an opportunity to go to or order from Sam & Louis's? I would suggest you pick some else and have a better experience.

Kendra Gorman

The cheese bread was badly burnt. The cowboy burger was dry, not juicy at all. The waffle fries were not crispy or seasoned. And my fettuccine was cold. First time eating here, won't be back unfortunately.

Jazmine Knopp

Went for lunch with my husband and 2 kids.Our server was very sweet and kind. I understand there are things out of her control. My daughter and I both got the wrong order and my husbands food was very burnt. My son was the only one who could actually eat his food. We waited for almost an hour before just paying for the one meal and leaving. I understand being understaffed and we had nothing but patience but that was the worst experience I've ever had anywhere.

Riley Fynes

My Favorite place of all time is Sam and Louies. I love the food. The Stromboli was great. The pizza is amazing too. If you want authentic Italian Food go there. They won't disappoint I promise

Tanner Six

The waitress was friendly and attentive. The food was sub par at best. My calzone had ash caked on the bottom. When I asked about it, I was told it was from the brick oven and that's how they all came out. This was repeated by the manager. After a few bites she asked how our food was and I told her I could taste the ash. She offered to have remade. I declined because I was tired of wait and ready to leave. They took the calzone off the check. My girlfriend wanted to take the other half of my food home for her pets. After boxing it up I could here the oneof the kitchen staff complaining about us taking it home. I decided against confronting him directly about his comments but I did address the manager regarding the matter. All in all I will NOT be returning and do not recommend Sam and Louie's in Billings.

Summer Tate

My little family and I decided to give this place a try for the first time. I wish I could say it was good and we'd go back but it was AWFUL. My fiance and I both ordered the spicy crispy chicken sandwich. Let me tell you that you could literally get better from KFC. The patty was comparable to the ones you get from bk, Wendy's or McDonald's dollar menu. This was a 13$ chicken sandwich with fries. I ordered pasta for our kids, and again what a joke. The waitress was unfriendly on top of poor food quality. If you want goof food and friendly environment, I'd look elsewhere.

Kevin S.

Decided to try this place for the first time. It took a full half hour for our salad to come. Entrée arrived about 15 minutes later. We could see into the kitchen and the staff looked very young and confused. The final turn off though was when I went to the restroom and found one of the cooks in there in the stall asking the manager to bring him some Pepto-Bismol. Food was good but not sure I would go back

Kathleen Seagreaves

Just this week I was a First time customer to this restaurant and ordered a lightly baked pizza to take home. Pizza was burnt! Absolutely will never order anything again! Sam's & Louie's deserves a minus five rating!

Robert Schillling

I'm very disappointed with the food. It took an hour to get my appetizer that came the same time as my entrees. The appetizer was hotdogs buns... The spaghetti was feticcini noodles. I will never return to this establishment. The server was the best.

Matt Davis

A very good place for some NY style Italian food. The server was very nice and attentive. All the food was delicious but I would recommend the meatballs and Alfredo. They have a robust menu so I plan to go back and explore it a few more times.

Katie Collins

Wanted some Italian food, our server was great wish I could say the same for the food. It's clear their staple is pizza and it looked like that was the only thing people were ordering as takeout.We ordered lasagna and spaghetti, lasagna had very little or no meat and the spaghetti ended up being fettuccine due to a kitchen problem was undercooked. We can say the bread sticks and red pepper flakes were very tasty. House salad is unremarkable.Overall overpriced for what we received. Sad, it looked like it would be good.

Jeff Baker

Ordered a large pepperoni pizza that had no flavor, on top of under cooked dough. Raviolis we’re under cooked and cold, along with the cold , under cooked, no flavor chicken fettuccine and to top it off, the over priced calzone was, one of the worst I’ve ever had. GAS STATION FOOD HAS MORE FLAVOR and don’t expect management to resolve your unsatisfied experience anytime soon.


The chef must have had a hot date on Valentine's Day because he sure as heck wasn't in the kitchen! Some of the worst Italian food I've ever had. Pizza was undercooked, sauce overly sweet and very faint. Cheese was barely melted. The wings, although tasting good, were a joke. The smallest wings I've ever seen, Just embarrassing. The hard boiled egg was also miniature as well. Are you serving quail?! The chicken parmesan tasted like a dessert, the sauce tasted like prego but more watery and sweet. Pasta overdone. I will not be eating here again nor will I endorse this restaurant. If you want Italian food, look elsewhere.

Timmi King 2019

Todd and AJ made this experience great! Traveling with a team of over 15, it’s difficult to find places to accommodate all of us at a decent price. They made it super easy and helped us fill up before the national tournament tomorrow. I would highly recommend it!


Great food but I'm sad to say we got DIRTY GREASY dinner plates for our pizza. Looked like they used hot dog buns for the meatballs and cheese bread. Poor presented meatballs withe tinfoil holding the cheese. Where's the bowl???

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Sam & Louie's Italian Restaurant & New York Pizzeria

1595 Grand Ave #240, Billings, MT 59102
(406) 894-2122