Sam & Louie's Italian Restaurant & New York Pizzeria

1595 Grand Ave #240, Billings
(406) 894-2122

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So tasty and amazing!excellent service and atmosphere!location is accessible and welcome as it's not entirely way out for us.great stuff.I've had everything here at least once and it's all excellent! Thumbs up for sure!good selection of beer and wine also.

Javier Aleman

Ordered via GrubHub. Ordered a Calzone. Came on time, but was cooked poorly. The top was burnt, the bottom was very raw and doughy. Came with no napkins or silverware. Very disappointed based on all the reviews.

Kyle Bistline

Food was real good. Server super friendly but seemed understaffed with food taking a while to come out. Large menu with lots of items

Zach Ewan

A nice spot to grab a great pie. Friendly folks in there also. If you want good pizza in billings, stop in.

Ryan Chang

Todd and his staff were so friendly. Sam and Louie's has a great family atmosphere with even better food. The service was fast. We got the veggie pizza, and that was the best we have ever had. We will definitely be coming back again soon!

Erin Desmarais

I’m going to give this place benefit of the doubt and assume our fluke of a take out order was just a rub of bad luck. With so many positive reviews I had high expectations (which my husband warned me about). I selected 6:30 for our take out to be ready. Wasn’t ready until 7pm. Annoying to say the least. I’m fine with a 15 min delay, but 30min?! The food was mediocre at best. Calzone was the worst I’ve ever had—could it be because they forgot the side of marina I asked for? Possibly. My son’s slice of cheese pizza looked as if someone took a bite out of it before putting it in the box (wish I snapped a photo before trashing it). We were all really put off by that—they didn’t even include the side of applesauce. My husband ordered the Hawaiian pizza which looked fine, but where’s the sauce?! Barely any pizza sauce on the pie…maybe that’s normal for this place?I’m annoyed by it all, thus my 2 star rating. I even tipped really well. May give this place another go in a few months. If you do give it a try, do so with zero expectations.

Donna Harrell

Great atmosphere. Good service. Fresh ingredients, vegetables used in pizzas, calzones etc. Very good.

Graham West

Not very fast but the food was sure good!

Evonne Llewellyn

Not crowded, fast service. I highly recommend the chicken and sausage, cheese tortellini alfredo. Big serving so took a third of it home. It came with a salad choice as well. Awesome!

Josh King

Delivery only review. Delivery is not to be trusted. My last order from them turned out terrible. Food was in poor shape, items missing that we ordered. Chicken Alfredo without Chicken. Salad without dressing. My Calzone was more like meat soup - it looked like it had been dropped on the floor before being put in the container. Sauce sides were missing. Nothing was correct. The food seemed to not taste like I remember also. Maybe you wouldn't get this kind of treatment if you ate in-house. I would NOT trust this place to get your delivery correct.

Jeremy Blankenship

I usually really like this place. Tonight I called and ordered a Salad to go the gal told me 10 mins. I showed up 15 mins after calling and it wasn't ready which I was ok with. The part that upset me was the young gal helping me asked the kitchen how long until my small order was out and she got yelled by a female in the he kitchen. "We haven't started it. If you haven't noticed we are busy and dine-in customers get priority". I felt bad for the gal as she was yelled at just asking about my order. Then 45 mins later my salad was finally ready. I love thier food but the way the employee was treated and then waiting 45 mins for a salad didn't exactly make me feel good about the place. Thank you young lady for putting up with the heat from the kitchen tonight.

Forget Me Not Tattoo

I just got spaghetti and it was so over cooked I could mush it all together into a ball if I wanted. I tried to eat it cuz I’m starving but this was so gross I couldn’t stomach it. Really disappointed. I keep trying and it just never works out

Ellen Moore

Poor service, only one of the four tap beers works, out of macaroni, out of cheese sticks, served one of our party their salad 30 minutes before the other 2 entrees were served. If they have air conditioning it is not on or working. Used to be a good place to eat. ☹️

K Harper

The gal who answered the phone was a bit rude. I understand it's a chain, but this is definitely not NY pizza like it suggests in the title. I have lived and worked there, so generally speaking I was highly disappointed. The tomatoes were sliced too thick, etc.

R Matthews

So many better options for good pizza in this town. Everything here tastes highly processed.

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Sam & Louie's Italian Restaurant & New York Pizzeria

1595 Grand Ave #240, Billings, MT 59102
(406) 894-2122