Shooters Sports Bar Grill & Casino

1600 Avenue D, Billings
(406) 252-6220

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Barbara Mcgregor

Savannah Hood, the red head casino worker was extreamly nice. i was in the casino for like an hour and everyone who walked in was greeted and given exceptional care. honestly i never met a nicer casino worker. however, the only reason i gave 4/5 stars was because their boss, a tall dark bald man, kept yelling at her for being on her phone. even though everytime i went up to her or looked at her she wasn’t. he was very rude, and got up in some customers face asking if they wanted a membership and they repeadly said no but he kept getting up in his face and i could not belive it. they need to fire this man. absolutely unprofessional. i feel so bad for all the workers who have to deal with him. i think if someone says no, that means no. not to scare them off. anyway, savannah doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment. she deserves much better. casino was very fun!

dexter baker

Had a ball no drama just funAnd beautiful bartenders definitely going back soon

Janette Kingston

Every weekend they play the same music. It's like they're in a early 2000s time capsule. I wish they would play some new stuff. Most of the people that come there are a range of different ages but I know there is some good music out there I just don't get why they don't play it. It's like the same thing every time we come there. And I will say one thing, one shot of liquor for $10 is a bit steep. Seriously like what's the deal with that. Another thing, you need to change that carpet out or whatever is there. The bathrooms are outdated as well. I'm sure you can afford it so please do some renovation I think you could get better business if you do so. Unless you like to stay mediocre ?

Malisa Stark

The owner immediately told me to take my hood down as soon as I walked into the place like I was a criminal about to take over. It was nearly 10° outside. Later, after I was done at the casino, I went outside to smoke a cigarette and he came outside shortly after. Then he tried to be funny or cute or whatever, and said he had a shovel inside to shovel to keep me warm? Nah, I don't think so. Casino attendants were fairly good though!

Glen Wilson

Owner mike morgan is childish and only thinks of him self. Sad “businessman” id go to a different bar

George Hammon

Yikes. Always something bad going down at shooters and long waits for drinks. Music is usually way to loud

David Walker

Yikes! Went here to watch game. Waitress didn't even know a game was on. Felt dirty. Smoky. Didn't stay. Not good.

Cody Roberts

Friday-sat its popin. Dj, dance floor, tons of people. (MIXED CROWD) So every body just chillin havin fun No beer tub, so 20 minutes+ wait foror a beer. Lots of girls. Quite on sunday, so cheep wings and NFL! It worth it to go on weekends cus the waitresses are Soooo smokin hot. Wearim minni skirts, see through dress with the thong showin OMG!

Daniel Cain

Dump.. I should say dive.. if you're looking for a black eye or an std then this is you're bar?

Kee Sung Kim

The barkeep Rocks. She hooked a brother up with free water. I made ramen with it.

Dustin Gebhardt

Been here the last three days. The DJ never did a sound check so it was wayyyy too loud. Today they had a new dj who was great. Had an awesome time till the owner showed up and started his best attempt at MCing. Would have been a great night without him.

Nick Nicoll (Polar Bear)

Beautiful bar tenders (and handsome ones if you're into that LOLOLOLOL). The regulars are my kind of people!!


Laureeen is too busy tweeting nonsense to run a decent restaurant.

Shannon Kathryn Waisanen

We had a great time. The staff was polite and accommodating we will definitely be coming back. The only negative thing was no chalk for the pool tables

Manuel Bright Wings

Pool games are lit!!! Dance floor too!

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Shooters Sports Bar Grill & Casino

1600 Avenue D, Billings, MT 59102
(406) 252-6220